Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 262

She’s Hiding the Truth

Charlotte’s inadvertent words made me feel a little guilty.

In her eyes, Adenauer and I were a couple, and we were very close. Going to him with this kind of
question was simply a matter of course.

He was an excellent psychiatrist, and he was a professional in psychological problems.

The problem was with me!

I didn’t know how to face it.

“Don’t take your friend’s words too seriously. He is not in a good state now, and he will inevitably lose
control of his emotions and say some hurtful words.”Charlotte misunderstood me and patted me on the
shoulder to comfort me, “Between friends, there’s never anything you can’t do. There is always
something you can do, even if you are far away.

“Thank you, Charlotte, I feel better.” I hugged Charlotte.

Although she misunderstood, she was right.

Even with the six hour time difference between me and Nick, we were best friends anyway.

There was always something he could do!

“It’s time to work. Let’s get down to business and talk about it over lunch.”

I was greatly relieved and quickly devoted my energy to the job at hand.

At lunchtime, I took out my phone, hesitated for a moment, and sent Adenauer a message.

Me: Are you free after work? I think I might need your help with something about one of my best

After a while, Adenauer contacted me.

Adenauer: At your service, my lady. I’m so glad you asked me for help, and I hope everything goes

Seeing his moving response, I felt happy, but more guilty for Adenauer.

He had always helped me unconditionally and stayed by my side, but I had hidden things from him over
and over again, and even…

Maybe it was time to tell Adenauer everything.

It doesn’t matter if he would forgive me, he would be willing to help me or even he would scold me and
tell me to leave, I was willing to accept any outcome.

Me: Are you going to work overtime?

Adenauer: Not today, but I made an appointment with my clinic designer to meet at home. It will take

about half an hour. Then I will go to your house to see you.

Me: I think I’d better go home so you don’t have to run 14 72 around. Adenauer: Fine, then I’ll make
you a cup of coffee too. After you know everything, you might regret making me this cup of coffee. I
thought so, but still responded with a smile emoji. It was early in the afternoon. Charlotte expressed
great understanding for the fact that she was not going to work overtime today. “Don’t worry. With me
here, our babies will be fine.”

Charlotte assured me and watched me leave.

I drove home first after work. I thought about it and decided to bring an unopened package of Hacienda
La Esmeralda coffee beans. Cinder had given me these beans especially when I left the United States
because she hoped I would remember the taste of happiness. But I thought that she mainly wanted her
not to settle me in Germany and never come back to the United States.

And now, this happiness was the best gift and the only gift she could give to Adenauer.

When I rang the doorbell at the Adenauer house, she quickly opened the door to greet me.

“What is this?” She saw the bag in my hand.

“Here is the taste of happiness for you.”

“Your appearance is already a taste of happiness.” Adenauer teased me and kissed me, “I guess you
haven’t had dinner yet. Come in, dinner will be ready soon.”

This wasn’t my first time at the Adenauer house, but it felt like the first time every time I came.

His house was very clean with a minimalist decoration style. Green potted plants could be seen
everywhere, and their leaves were well maintained.

Decorative Mondrian-style paintings hung on the wall, making the house somewhat deserted.

There was a record player in the corner of the living room, and a few records of different styles were on
display. in the cabinet next to it, and the main styles were country and vintage.

There was also a laptop and some professional books on the coffee table in front of the sofa. They
must have been worn by now and I hadn’t had time to put them away.

“Your coffee”. They brought me a cup of coffee.

I picked up the coffee, turned around, and followed Adenauer into the half-open kitchen.

The aroma of steaks was already permeating the kitchen counter. Adenauer deftly flipped the steaks,
then added some rosemary.

It wasn’t long before a simple but delicate dinner was prepared.

I sat down at the table and wanted to say something before picking up my knife and fork.

“Let’s finish dinner first. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.”Adenauer
interrupted my thoughts first: “My steaks taste amazing. Don’t you want to try them first?”

“Well.” I suddenly remembered our visit to the French restaurant the day before yesterday, “Why didn’t
you remind me of my terrible dark circles in the restaurant the day before yesterday?!”

Adenauer laughed out loud: “If I did, wouldn’t I have to wait another half hour to have dinner with you?
Or even worse, what if you refused to enter?

“You’re always right.” I opened the steak a little awkwardly and took a bite, “Wow! It’s their loss that the
Michelin restaurant doesn’t have you.”

I sincerely congratulated him!

Then I looked at Adenauer, “I’ve always had this feeling before, but now it’s even stronger.”

“That?” he asked with a smile.

“Are you an AI? Artificial intelligence? How can a normal human being be perfect in everything like
you?” What was even more unbelievable was that such a perfect man was still single in his thirties!

This was so unreasonable!

I looked into his eyes, “Are you perfect?”

“Are you serious?” Adenauer smiled from ear to ear: “It is possible that he has too much filter on me, so
he thinks that I am omnipotent. If he looks at it with a normal mind, he will find that I am no different
from the people walking down the street.” “Look, it’s your other advantage, modesty.” Thinking that this
could be the last dinner with Adenauer, I tried to lay the groundwork.

The fun dinner hour was over. I began to wonder whether to tell her about Nick or confess everything to
her first.

“Now, you can tell me about your friend.” Adenauer walked towards me with two cups of fresh coffee in
his hands.

I drank my coffee, sat on the sofa, and introduced Nick’s current situation. Nick was gay, my
undergraduate and graduate classmate, studying at Harvard, living with his famous professor
boyfriend, likely experiencing LGBT discrimination from a peer on a new team and high-pressure
academic environment.

After listening to my introduction, Adenauer crossed his legs and raised his head thoughtfully for a

“What I am going to say next is mainly for reference.”

I nodded quickly.

Adenauer met my eyes and his expression changed from relaxed to serious, “I think this friend of

“His name is Nick.”

“I think your friend Nick is hiding the truth.”

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Chapter 262

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