Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 256

No One Cared
Olive POV:
With a loud bang, the door slammed shut, the force of it reverberated across the room.
I knew without looking that Aaron had left in a fit of rage.
At the bathroom door, I closed my eyes, seeking refuge in silence.
I took deep breaths, trying to calm my out-of-control emotions. “Olive, don’t cry,” I whispered to myself.
“Stay strong. The one he loves is Lukita. That lair is not worth your tears.”
I repeated these words silently, wishing to be strong.
And it really worked.
After five minutes, I opened my eyes and held back tears.
“Good job!” I nodded mentally before turning around and entering the bathroom.
“ I was supposed to go back to the table, follow
Breakfast and then going to work renewed.
I turned around to leave, but something stopped me in my tracks.
I looked in the mirror, looking at my fictitious hair, fair skin, emerald eyes, and flaming red lips.
It had been a long time since she had worn such exquisite makeup.
As I looked at my reflection of her, my eyes went to the washing machine behind me.
There lay a wrinkled and messy sheet. It was a coincidence that the sheet Charlotte had prepared for
me had the same pattern as the one I had brought myself.
If Aaron had gone in to get the shirt himself, he would have seen the blade and confirmed that the
dream he remembered was real.
I shook my head, trying to dispel the thought.
“Let it be a dream,” I said firmly. “That’s the best ending I can hope for. I just couldn’t play with Aaron.”
If he found out what I had told him last night, he would have a million ways to torture me.
Lukita was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. No matter how humble I was, I would never allow

myself to be someone else’s substitute from beginning to end.
Last night, or rather this morning, after he forced me to do it for the last time, I had lay in bed thinking
for a long time.
I should have felt it because of the fight between Aaron and Vincent in the past.
A girl had appeared claiming to be Aaron’s girlfriend. He couldn’t remember his name, but he knew it
wasn’t Lukita.
She had red hair and green eyes, just like the woman Aaron could not let go of in his heart.
It was reasonable to assume that the woman he liked was also a redhead with green eyes.
Aaron had made it clear that he didn’t like blonde hair and now he knew why.
As I looked in the mirror, I finally noticed the tears on my face from her.
All the pretense I had been clinging to in front of Aaron

collapsed at this time. I lost my strength and sat on the cold tiles, crying to seas. I cried for half an hour,
letting out all the pain and frustration that had been building inside me. Before I left the bathroom, I had
put on my makeup again and put all that pain behind me. It wasn’t an easy task, but it might not be as
difficult as the real problems. I looked at the clock and realized that it was an hour past the start of
office hours. The employee and the new president of TWH, who had previously met in the US, were
late. Even worse, my research assistant was the most gossip-savvy person in the entire company. It
was hard for me not to worry about her finding out what was going on between me and Aaron. And with
his ability to keep secrets, he was sure that within a week, the rumor about Aaron and I would be
circulating throughout the company. I ran to the office and stood in front of the laboratory, feeling guilty
and angry . I didn’t know what excuse I was going to use for Charlotte! The dog had served as an
excuse yesterday. “Or I’d rather use Balu.” I muttered. “Balu? Is something wrong with your dog?”

The sudden sound behind me scared me so much that I almost jumped out of my skin.
I turned around and saw Lester looking at me with a surprised expression. “You scared me.”
“I’m sorry, but you scared me first.”
Lester looked toward the door of the laboratory. “So,

“Uh… I’ve been late two days in a row.” My voice went out.
Lester laughed and said, “Relax, I can guarantee that no one will make fun of you.”
With that, he opened the door and turned his side to invite me in.
Lester was right.
After I entered, not a single person looked up. Everyone was focused on the task at hand.
“Today, the project is officially moving toward final animal testing,” Lester kindly explained to me, and I
did a double take.Every
time a newly developed drug entered final animal testing, the whole team cheered up.
After all, any abnormal reaction of the animal could mean that the project in which we have invested
countless hours and efforts would have to be torn down and redone,
I went to my cubicle.
It was great that even Charlotte was too busy “operating” the mouse group. She It’s the one we were in
charge of to wonder why I was late.
I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly got into the slot.
Time passed quickly. I didn’t even feel like it expired when Charlotte came to call me for lunch.
“I heard about your feat de ella last night. You accompanied Dr. Chloe home, stopped the practice of
domestic violence, and helped her obtain favorable evidence against her husband de ella for domestic
abuse and child abuse
. “ Charlotte was so lively and knowledgeable again: “I really didn’t expect this kind of misfortune to
happen to Dr. Chloe.”
He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. “It’s good you were there, and it’s good that she decided to
get divorced.
I replied with a smile, relieved.
This was wonderful! He didn’t pressure me for being late this morning.
But my celebration didn’t last long. When the elevator opened, I saw the second person I didn’t want to
“Good afternoon, Dr. Woods,” Aaron’s secretary, Giancarlo, greeted me with a smile

. Trout, I’m here too.” Charlotte came to his side of him.
“Good afternoon, Miss Charles.”
Charlotte smiled contentedly, but immediately afterwards, she fixed her eyes on the man.
“Mr. Trout, why hasn’t our new president come to lunch with you?”
Alarm bells went off in my head.
God! Why was this elevator going down so slowly?
God knew how hungry she was and how much she wanted to drag Charlotte to the coffee shop right
“Mr. Morris didn’t come to the office because he had something to do today.”
Finally we reached the first floor.
Before Charlotte could ask her next question, I took her hand from her and smiled at Giancarlo. “Let’s
go to lunch. Goodbye.”
With that, I pulled Charlotte out of the elevator with quick steps.
“Olive, what” Charlotte looked at me in confusion.
“Nothing. I’m just starving. I remember you saying last time there was a new dish in the cafeteria that
tasted good. What was it?”
Charlotte was still a little confused, but her attention from her was effectively amused.

I secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
“You are acting a little weird today.” Charlotte’s comment made me nervous again.
“How is that?”
“I can’t name it. By the way, is it because of Balu? How is it?”
Looking at Charlotte’s innocent eyes, I suddenly realized that maybe I was too shy.
The company was so big, with so many employees, and a lot of people didn’t know me.
So who cared if he was late at the same time as our CEO?

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