Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 255

Waking Up from Sleep

Aaron’s View:

As my consciousness slowly returned, I groaned in pain, covered my head, and turned around.

I felt like my head was about to split!

What had he done?

The memories of the previous night came back in fragments, and I felt a wave of shame and regret
wash over me.

I had been drinking alone at the bar until I lost track of time. The women had come and gone, but I
couldn’t remember their faces or names.

I opened my eyes, squinting at the bright light, and tried to make sense of my surroundings.

After adjusting to the light, I found myself lying on a sofa.

What was this place?

Pinching my head, I stood up and looked around. It was a strange and disturbing feeling, as if he had
stumbled upon someone else’s life.

My alcohol-soaked brain was running terribly slow, but I could still tell I

was in a clean, sunny house, clean inside, with a faint scent of bacon and cheese in the air.

Along the path of the tempting scent, I bowed my head and saw the face I had been longing for.


She was sitting at a quaint white dining table with a delicious freshly baked sandwich in front of her.

“This is your place?” Clearly, my brain hadn’t started up yet.

Olive gave me a look and rolled her eyes. “Now that you are conscious, it’s time for you to go.”

My mind immediately regained some clarity, but the subsequent memory fragments only served to
plunge me into further confusion. What were all these memories? I lowered my head, closed my eyes,
and continued to review these disjointed fragments from memory. The night before, Olive suddenly
materialized at the bar and broke the glass in my hand, insisting that someone had talked about my
drink from her. Vouchers Then she had started to leave. Despite my drunken state from her, I managed
to keep my grip on her hand from her as I staggered behind her. He eventually made me leave the bar
and get into a waiting taxi. After that, the memory sequence disintegrated. I thought I had experienced
a dream. In that dream, Olive and I made love passionately and uninhibitedly. I hadn’t even used
protection, and I had freed myself into it again and again. “Do you think this is a dream?” In my
memory, Olive’s expression of hers was a mixture of anger and sadness. So, wasn’t it a dream? I
looked down to my current position.

An armchair.

As far as I can remember, our love encounter had taken place in bed.

I opened my eyes and looked at the woman who now seemed so distant. “Did I sleep on this sofa all
night? Didn’t you bring me to bed?”

“Do you really think I’m as desperate for you as those women at the bar?” Olive’s cold gaze pierced

It was difficult to reconcile this person with that of my fragmented memories. Had it all just been a
dream? I stood up, but the unusual fatigue of my body from her reminded me that something was
wrong. While I had never consumed so much alcohol before, I was no stranger to waking up with a
hangover. However, I had never felt so exhausted as I did at that moment. “It felt more like an excess,”
I thought as I reflected on the events of the night before. Despite my reservations, a spark of hope
reigned in my heart as I looked around the room and fixed my eyes on a locked door. My intuition told
me that was the bedroom, and I walked straight in that direction. However, my actions were quickly
interrupted by Olive’s irritated voice from her. “Hey, what are you trying to do? Stop!” He exclaimed,
appearing in front of me just as my hand reached the doorknob.

“The second son of the Morris family doesn’t have the most basic cultivation?”

She looked at me, but I detected a hint of guilt in her eyes from her.

That wasn’t a dream!

We definitely had sex last night.

“I’ve never loved a man so deeply, Aaron.” Olive’s words echoed in my head, and my blood began to
pump with excitement.

If what had happened last night was not a dream, it proved that she had said that.

She was deeply in love with me.

Determined to confirm her feelings about her, I stepped forward, almost pressing myself against her.
“I’m sorry, but I have to make sure of one thing.

Olive tensed, which only made her more charming and cute.

I lowered my head, trying to kiss her, but she walked away from the door before she could make

This was my chance to prove that what we had was real.

I didn’t hesitate to open the door.

But what was before my eyes left me speechless.

It was the same bedroom of my memory, with identical furniture and other items. The sheet was the
same, but it was spotlessly clean.

“It can’t be…” My heart sank like a stone in my chest.

“I remember this bed,” I said as I turned to Olive, hoping to find some answers on her face from her, “I
was lying on it last night.”

But Olive remained expressionless.

“Of course you were,” he said, “You threw yourself off the couch and tried to vomit on my carpet.
Remember, alcoholic? But you didn’t think I would let you sleep in my bed, did you?”

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