Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 252


“Be careful…” I held Aaron and opened the door with difficulty.

The light was on. Under the warm light, two shadows were tightly intertwined on the ground.

With a howl from the sofa, Aaron was thrown onto the sofa by me. I took a deep breath and relaxed my
arms with difficulty.

A drunk person seemed to weigh a little more than usual, especially when it came to a man.

I looked at Aaron who was unconscious on the couch, feeling a little complicated.

“Don’t think so much. I’m kind by nature anyway.” I said to myself before leaning forward, lowering my
head and unbuttoning Aaron’s shirt. The collar of his shirt was already wet with vomit and alcohol, and
it smelled bad.

Just as I unbuttoned the second button, Aaron’s hand suddenly grabbed my wrist.

I was startled and raised my eyebrows, trying to explain, but found that I was not awake at all.

He just frowned and changed his posture.

The house was so quiet. I watched Aaron’s eyebrows from him and wanted to stroke his forehead with
my fingertips, but ultimately I didn’t.


“Olive, don’t do unnecessary things.” I quickly helped him change his dirty clothes, covered him with a
thin blanket, turned around and went to the bathroom.

It wasn’t the height of summer, but bringing him back was enough to make me sweat.

After taking a shower, putting on a light pajamas, and turning around to enter the room, there was a
sound of heavy objects falling to the floor and a painful groan in the living room.

I quickly turned on the light and walked over, only to find that Aaron had fallen to the ground shirtless.

“Calm down.” I moved him back to the couch. Just as I turned around, there was another groan.

As I turned around, I found Aaron falling to the ground again, curling up in pain.

I had no choice but to take him to the bedroom. Then I took the pillow and walked to the sofa in the
living room.

“Water… water…” Aaron’s unconscious murmur and the sound of him about to vomit came from

“Watch out for my bed!”

Aaron hugged the toilet and vomited again. He vomited all the acid in his stomach and fell weakly to
the ground.

clutching his stomach from him.

I’ve never seen Aaron so vulnerable.

He had always been confident, calm and even arrogant in front of people. Seeing him so weak and
pitiful now, I couldn’t

Avoid feeling sorry for him.

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