Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 250


Drunk Aaron was always in the spotlight. I didn’t look around but still saw him as I raised my eyes

He was sitting by the bar counter, and the s*xys beauties were constantly attracted to him as if he had
magical senses of smell.

I paused and, without realizing it, hid behind Chloe.

Chloe noticed my small movements of hers and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Although I had said it, I inevitably felt annoyed.

Aaron and I had had a fierce fight this morning and we parted up on bad terms, so I didn’t want to meet
him and hoped I could get out of here right now!

“Thank you, Olive. I miss everything here.”

Chloe took me to the bar and asked the bartender for two cocktails with


Then, he continued, “Muriel didn’t let me go to bars after we got married. But it’s in a bar where I met

him! How ridiculous it is!”

She took the cocktail from the bartender, drank it, and laughed.

Well, I had missed the best time to change bars.

Fortunately, Aaron didn’t notice me.

There were quite a few people in the bar. I was sitting to Chloe’s left de ella, so her body de ella
blocked me.

After a quarter of an hour, I couldn’t help but look in her direction again, and then laughed at myself. I
was too conscious of my ego. Many beauties surrounded him, so he must not notice my presence in
the distance.

A cocktail glass had loosened Chloe’s tongue, so she began to tell me what she had suffered in her
miserable marriage over the years. When he looked at her, he always saw the man in the distance out
of the corner of his eye from her.

The light was dim and the music was romantic. The scene suddenly reminded me of the past with
Aaron. After the first impulsive and absurd night, we meet again in a bar.

From afar, I had seen my boyfriend Vincent kiss another woman in public. The wine that day had been
spicy, bitter, and mixed with tears, so it tasted bad. But Aaron had suddenly appeared. He put his arms
around my waist, forcibly brought me from the corner to Vincent, and helped me teach him a lesson.
He still vividly remembered how they had fought then.

Although he was still in a corner now, there was no longer his s*xy voice from behind or a broad
shoulder he could rely on. I had regarded myself as a treasure then. But now, it broke my heart and
made me cry.

“Cry if you want.”

They gave me a glass of Margaret, which Chloe had ordered for


When I stared at the glass filled with blue liquid, everything seemed to have returned to the bar in my
memory. Unfortunately I had also drunk a cocktail then.

“Sometimes, I suspect that love is the biggest lie woven by human beings,” Chloe sighed, lowered her
head, and then swallowed the alcohol in front of her.

“Did you have any problems with Lester?”

Chapter 250 Getting Nervous

I could see that she was worried about something.

She pretended to be relaxed and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you know?”

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This answer exceeded my expectations, so I asked, “What happened?”

“We haven’t been in touch recently. This is our decision after a discussion. After all, I must fight for
custody of my son.”

Chloe lowered her eyes, looking a little lonely.

When he was about to ask, there were suddenly some cheers in the distance. As I looked, I saw that
the women around Aaron laughed. The glass in front of him was empty, so the waiter passed him

Chloe was also attracted by the applause and turned to look. Seeing Aaron, he said, “He seems to be
the new CEO of TWH. The Morris Group’s…”

Chloe looked at me again, turned to me, and sighed, “That’s flashy.” Thanks to Charlotte, our entire lab
had seen Aaron’s ostentatious face. “I heard that you and Charlotte bumped into him yesterday as you
were leaving work.” Chloe looked me in the eye and continued, “She said they knew each other.” She
subconsciously wanted to cut me off from Aaron, so I said, “Yeah, but I don’t like it. What did Charlotte
say? She “She said that she made fun of herself when she left work and that our new boss treated you
especially.” Charlotte was a nice but gossipy person, and I was used to it. “When she was doing my
PhD, she sponsored our project.”


I jerked my chin in his direction and said, “You can see what kind of person he is at a glance.”

Chloe immediately understood what I meant, so she nodded knowingly, she looked at Aaron with a little

disgust in her eyes and said, “Playboys don’t deserve true love.”

I paused, feeling a sting in my heart again. But I couldn’t refute her words because she had nowhere to
defend it. After all, now we had nothing to do with each other.

As I was about to finish my cocktail, Chloe suddenly got a call from Muriel.

As soon as she heard the music here, Muriel on the other end of the phone went into a rage. Chloe’s
face instantly turned pale as she said, “She’s your daughter! Don’t you dare hurt her!”

After hanging up the phone, she immediately took her bag and apologized: “I’m sorry, but I can’t
accompany you anymore. That l*natic intends to harm my daughter! I must protect her!”

“It’s too dangerous for you to go alone! I will accompany you”.

So, I went with her without hesitation. Along the way, I continued to comfort her.

He had secretly blamed Chloe’ for her love affair before her. But after meeting Muriel, I thought she
shouldn’t be blamed at all.

She was a hypocritical bastard! If she hadn’t followed her to her house and turned on my phone’s video
recording function ahead of time, she would have hit us!

782 Vouchers The police and Chloe’s lawyer soon arrived. After learning that she had recorded
Muriel’s violent behavior, the lawyer immediately said that she was confident that Chloe could win
custody of the child. “Thank you so much, Olive,” Chloe said, hugging me tight with red eyes. After
saying goodbye to her, I hailed a taxi. It was late. I felt comfortable when the afternoon wind hit my face

through the car window. Walking past the bar, I suddenly thought of something and said, “Stop it.”
Then, I paid the taxi fare and went back to the bar, telling myself, “I did such a great thing today, so I
have to celebrate. Also, the cocktails here are good.” I hadn’t come back for him.

lawyer soon arrived.

Then, I

It was really late, so he must have left with the as s*xy girl and gone to a nearby hotel.

As I was thinking, I caught a glimpse of Aaron again in the crowd out of the corner of

my eye.

He was still drinking here!

I looked at my watch. It was now half past eleven. In other words, he had been drinking for five hours!

Soon, a blonde with big breasts and heavy makeup approached him. Then, she pressed her large
breasts onto him with a smile. While she was conversing with him, she secretly added something to her

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