Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 244

The Morris Group had sent a young man to work as the new CEO of TWH and coincidentally, the
second son of the Morris family landed here a few days ago.
It was too much of a coincidence for him to be here and not be the elusive new boss.
“Olive?” Chloe yelled, snapping her fingers in front of my
I snapped back. “Hey?”
“What do you have in mind?” Chloe gave me a smirk: “You are also from the United States, right? Do
you have any idea who the new CEO appointed by the Morris Group is?
“Correct!”Charlotte chimed in: “I heard from the PR people who picked him up at the airport that the
new CEO flew in from Manhattan and that you also lived in Manhattan. The circle is small and you
have met it before.
Charlotte quickly leaned closer to me, making me instinctively step back.
“Do you know her name?” I couldn’t help but think of Aaron. God! I swear it was the last thing I wanted
to see.
“I don’t know, but I suppose he could be someone in the Morris family. As far as I remember, they have
several children, and one of them is quite famous in the United States.
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As she said that, Charlotte clasped her hands together and looked up with starry eyes.
“I heard that he is handsome and very talented. I really want him to be our new boss.”
“Keep living in your fantasy world,” Chloe sneered. “How could a talented son from a rich family like
that end up with us?”
“That’s true.”
I didn’t join in on his talk, just smiled vaguely.
They were both right, especially Chloe. There was no reason for Aaron to be the new CEO of TWH.
He was already engaged. Why would he leave Manhattan for a remote place like this?

But that’s where he showed up.
So was it him or not?
Back in the lab, he still couldn’t get this question out of my
“Olive?”A sudden blow to my shoulder startled me.
I almost jumped out of my skin. My hands were shaking and I almost dropped the sample on the floor.
“Watch out!” Charlotte quickly dropped the folder she was holding and reached out for her hand, her
face pale with fear. I got out on time and managed to grab the sample in my hand.
I was shocked by this close call.
Charlotte took a deep breath, her chest heaving, and she looked at me curiously. “What about you?
You’ve been acting strange since this afternoon. The former Dr. Olive was never distracted while he
was doing experiments.”
“Very sorry.” I felt mortified.
For Aaron’s sake, I had neglected my work and almost ruined a very important show.
This was definitely not how
a professional investigator should behave.
“Are you OK?” Charlotte asked me with concern.
“Yeah,” I started to explain, but quickly changed my mind, “I just got my period, but I forgot to bring my
“My God! Why do not you tell me before? Caramba! Can’t!

Charlotte looked at me with wide eyes, like she was from another planet. She ran back to her cubicle,
pulled her usual painkillers out of her bag, and handed them to me. “The medicine may not work as
well right now, but you should take one. My God! Or you can simply call it a day and go home to rest.
The experiment data is already ready anyway. I’ll take care of the rest. .” “Thanks, but the pain isn’t that

bad,” I said as I took the pill. “Besides, it’s almost clock time.” I was sorry I lied to Charlotte. But she
couldn’t tell him the truth.

I was ashamed of myself for thinking about my ex boyfriend during work hours!Also, Charlotte knew
that Adenauer was my current boyfriend!
Under Charlotte’s watchful eye, I took the pill and tried to focus on my work.
But I soon realized that something was wrong with the experiment.
The data from practice was completely different from the data from theory.
“Why is this happening?” With this question in mind, we end the day.
My colleagues left one by one, and soon Charlotte and I were the only ones left in the lab.
At that moment, a phone call broke the silence.
It was Adenauer.
I suddenly remembered that we had a date tonight!
“Oh, Adenauer, I’m so sorry.” I picked up the phone in a hurry.“The experiment went wrong today, and
I’m still stuck in the lab.”
“Alright. Go ahead with your date.
“How can I do that?” At the end of the day, I was the one who screwed up the job today.
But Charlotte insisted: “Go on! Anyway, today you are not yourself. Let your man take you home and
rest well.”
Adenauer listened in on our conversation on the phone.
“Aren’t you okay?” His voice immediately turned serious.
I quickly explained to him: “It’s nothing serious! It’s just that I got my period today.”
“Oh!” Adenauer’s voice softened again in an instant. “Did you take your painkillers?”
“I did, but it was too late.”I kept up the poker face lie.
Between this lie and pressure from Charlotte, I had no choice but to follow Adenauer out of work. When
I got in his car,
“I’m really fine.”

“Don’t you want to try my cooking? We can eat at home.” Adenauer was gentle, but when it came to
these things, he could be very stubborn.
I had to give up and go home with him.
Adenauer brought the ingredients from his house and made me a simple dinner. By chance, right after
we finished eating, I got a call from Charlotte at the lab.
“I have solved the problem!” Charlotte spoke fast when she was excited. It took me a few seconds to
focus to reach her.
He reanalyzed the samples, recalculated the data, and found that the problem was most likely with the
data itself.
She didn’t say it directly, but I guessed that she might have misread the data.
“I am coming right away!” This was one of the worst mistakes I had made in my academic career. Self-
reproach troubled me at home.
Adenauer was very understanding. He wiped his hands and opened the door for me. I’ll take you there.
I did not refuse.
On the way to the lab, I apologized to him again.
Today was supposed to be our real “coffee time”, but because of my lie, he was late again.
“You never have to apologize to me for any of this.”Adenauer was always so sweet.
Back in the lab, I immediately retrieved the raw data from the shredder. After putting it back together,
the correct data finally appeared for Charlotte and me.
“Very sorry. It was my mistake.
“Don’t beat yourself up for it. To err is human. Also, we caught it on time and fixed it without delaying
the project.” Charlotte also relaxed.
We packed our things and finally left the lab together.
As they left, Charlotte began to share the latest gossip she had heard of the night.
“How the hell did you find time to dig up the juicy news?” | He was always in awe of this incredible
ability of hers.

“It’s just my hobby after dinner,” Charlotte said excitedly. “I already found out the name of our new
CEO. It’s Giancarlo Trout.”

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Chapter 244

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