Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 240

Where Have You Two Gotten So Far?
“Fuck!” Adenauer cursed low, which seemed quite appropriate.

I was gasping for air, but my rational mind forced its way back into my body. Seeing that Adenauer was
less than a foot away, he could even feel the hormones coming out of him!
“Maybe there really is something important,” I reminded him.
Adenauer looked me in the eye and I realized that his desire had not diminished.
He lowered his head and sighed helplessly: “I will remember to put my phone in silent mode next time.
Wait for me for a while.”
After a kiss on my lips, he got up and returned to the living room, taking his phone.
I leaned on my elbow and watched him through the open bedroom door.
Maybe he should be thankful that the call came soon enough. At least, I didn’t have to watch Adenauer
go into the living room to answer the phone while trying to put on his pants.
“What’s wrong? Now? Where?” Then Adenauer frowned and looked in my direction.
I had a premonition: tonight’s match was over.
“I understand.” Adenauer hung up the phone and returned to the bedroom.
I had sorted out my clothes and sat up from the bed.
“I’m very, very sorry, but I’m afraid this time we’ll have to skip coffee. It seems that some asshole has
an emergency. I have to leave now.” Adenauer then sighed deeply and lowered his head regretfully.
“Is it Aaron Morris?” In fact, the moment the phone rang, I guessed
Adenauer’s reaction after answering the phone confirmed my guess.
“Yes, something happened to him. If I don’t go, I might die tonight.” Adenauer leaned over and kissed
me again. “I can have coffee tomorrow, right?”
“Of course.” I also kissed him and got up to say goodbye.
I closed the door and the room fell silent.
I threw myself on the sofa, staring at the ceiling without concentrating. A strong irritability ran through
every cell and nerve in my body.

He did this on purpose!
Aaron, he must have timed his phone call to Adenauer. His goal was obvious!
A nameless anger gathered in my chest, but I didn’t know why I was angry. I felt restless. What are you
trying to do? Making holes on purpose? Or you still can.’
And what did Adenauer mean by saying that a moment ago?
“If I don’t go, he might die tonight.”
Is he sick?
Although I don’t want to admit it, I really wanted to go with Adenauer and see what the **** was up to.
“Where she?”
“Over there, sir.”
“Thank you.”
In the electronic music of the noisy bar, Aaron heard a familiar voice.
Adenauer’s voice.
Aaron checked the time with a glance. It had been barely half an hour since
Adenauer came after all.
Suddenly, his mood improved a lot, but stomach cramps tortured him so hard that he instantly turned
pale again. With his hands on his belly, he dropped on the sofa, cold sweat all over.
The steps became stronger and clearer.
“Did you drink a whole bottle of whiskey?” Adenauer appeared, looking at him.
Aaron opened one eye, enduring the pain and smiled, “Don’t look so serious.”
“Who said I could die on the phone? But I see you can still chat. You are in a good mood.” Although he
spoke harshly, Adenauer immediately noticed something unusual on Aaron’s face. He crouched down,
put his hand on Aaron’s abdomen, and pressed him lightly.
“Ah!” Aaron screamed in severe pain.
“It seems that you were not lying.” Adenauer grabbed Aaron’s arm and helped him up, walking outside.

He pushed Aaron into the passenger seat.
Adenauer buckled up and then returned to the driver’s seat. He started the car immediately, leaving the
bar parking lot.
Chapter 240 Where Have You Two Gotten So Far?
“Where are we going?” Aaron asked casually.
“A hospital nearby.” Hearing this answer, Aaron frowned subconsciously. “Can’t we go to your house?
You know I don’t like hospitals.”
“Shut up! You’d better pray that you don’t have a perforation in your stomach after you’re examined in a
while. Otherwise, you will have to stay in the hospital for at least half a month,” Adenauer said sternly.
It was clear that he was very sullen.
Aaron could probably guess why it was so unusual.
“Although it is too late to say now, I must say that I am sorry. I hope this didn’t affect your dinner with
your girlfriend.”
“I’d better make it your sincerest apology.” Adenauer looked even more angry.

“Did it really affect you? I thought you and your girlfriend must have finished dinner at this time.”
“You and your fiancee finished dinner and went home separately?” Adenauer looked at Aaron.
Aaron raised his eyebrows as if interested. “Yes. Oh, it seems that I didn’t interrupt your dinner. Did you
come running from your girlfriend’s house?”
“Humph,” Adenauer snorted, admitting it.
“From the bed?”
Adenauer turned his head and looked at the man in the passenger seat. “It seems that I just discovered
the other side of you today. Is this your attitude towards women?”
“What kind of attitude?” Aaron asked.

“Flippant,” Adenauer said calmly, showing no emotions. “Aaron, that’s my girlfriend.”
“I’m sorry,” Aaron immediately apologized, but his expression didn’t match his word.
He still didn’t seem to care about anything. He looked sideways at

Adenauer and said. “It doesn’t matter, right? Anyway, they have known each other for so long. What
should happen has happened. Missing an opportunity is no big deal.”
“You’d better shut up!” Adenauer finally exposed his emotions in his tone.
Aaron was so insightful that he immediately sensed Adenauer’s frustration and anger.
He looked at Adenauer in surprise and asked, “It can’t be true, right? Don’t tell me it’s your first time.”
Before that was over,
Aaron’s head almost hit the windshield. He screamed again in pain.
Adenauer turned his head and took a deep breath before looking at his howling friend. “Aaron, you
should be glad that I am a psychiatrist with great experience in treating patients with mental illness.
Otherwise, I would have already kicked you out of the car.”
“Yes, yes, yes, thank you, my great friend! But can you drive normally? My stomach really hurts now. It
really could have been pierced. Ah, I think I have already seen G*d!”
The traffic light turned green and the car started moving again.
Adenauer looked back at the road ahead.
“Aaron, what’s bothering you?”
“What?” Aaron looked at him as if he hadn’t heard it.
“Don’t think I haven’t noticed. You and Olive knew each other before I showed up, right?” Adenauer
said calmly.
He was not asking a question, but stating a fact.

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