Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 238

Adenauer’s insight was probably a gift.
Only the talent seemed to be too shy to let him know his presence.
When he uttered those words, my heart almost stopped beating, but he didn’t seem to notice.
He was simply lost in his despondency.
“I’m sorry. It shouldn’t have been such a spoilsport,” he said, suddenly looking at me with apologetic
At that moment, a surge of guilt hit me like a tsunami.
“No, I totally understand your feelings. It’s me who should apologize,” I sighed. I’m so sorry, Adenauer.
There was a brief silence.
“So, you and Aaron do know each other.”
“Yes.” There was no way I could keep hiding it. It took an Oscar-winning actress to do it.
I observed each of their expressions.
My answer didn’t seem to relieve him. Far from it, he looked even sadder.
He knew that if he didn’t offer a good explanation, things would probably spiral out of control.
“Adenauer, listen to me. I know Mr. Morris, but nothing happened between us in the office.”
“Really?” Adenauer looked at me with a sad expression.
I nodded stiffly. “But he did something that really bothered me.”
“Did he really bully you?” Adenauer’s expression on him turned to worry as he looked at me.
I was secretly relieved, but then I felt contempt for telling a lie.
‘Olive, you are such an unfaithful bitch. I scolded myself silently.
“Don’t worry, listen to me,” I said, putting down the knife and fork and looking into Adenauer’s eyes
because I could no longer hide it from him.
“I’ve been poking around in your relationship with Mr. Morris.”
“I felt it,” Adenauer said, his honesty made me feel even more guilty.
“Actually, I don’t have a very good impression of him, but I don’t like to talk behind his back. After all,
it’s your friend, and I’m sorry to hide it from you.”

Adenauer’s eyes widened in bewilderment. “Do you hate it? Why? Aaron is such a lovely guy. I’ve
never met a woman who doesn’t like it.”
“I guess I’m the first.” He was pretty sure that Adenauer’s surprise was not an act.
It seemed that Adenauer was telling the truth. I knew Aaron, but they weren’t close. I didn’t know
anything about my past with Aaron.
Otherwise, he would have had no such reaction.
I frowned and leaned towards him. “I guess you don’t know that Mr. Morris is a notorious p*lyboy in
“Really? I’ve never heard of it.”
He blushed with embarrassment and took out his phone from his pocket. “Well, I never follow gossip
As I expected.
But his action of him set off the alarm in my head.
I was going to look for the gossip right then and there.
My nerves were on edge once again.
If those tweets were still there, Adenauer would probably see me mentioned in gossip whenever I did a
little Facebook search.
I had to stop him.
But how?
Even if I took away your phone and prevented you from searching, could it keep you away from the
Internet for the rest of your life?
I was on pins and needles.
It was like waiting for the final judgment in court.
“Wow, I didn’t even know this.” His fingers slid across his phone screen as he read the news. “I can’t
believe there’s such a side to him.”
“Que?” I was shocked.
His reaction from him was different from what he expected.

Shouldn’t you be sad after reading the gossip about Aaron and me?
Did you have an amtal collapse due to excessive grief?
“Didn’t you know? He got engaged three years ago,” Adenauer said, casually flipping his phone screen
to show me
I was using Chrome to browse the news.
I looked at it and quickly looked away from the photo that had caused me so much pain for three years.
“I thought you’d search Facebook,” I said awkwardly, trying to change the subject.
“Oh, I don’t have an account,” Adenauer replied, surprising me.
My eyes widened. “Not you? Me neither. I think receiving that kind of fragmented information is a total
waste of time.”
“Great minds think alike.”
The topic interested me and I continued: “In fact, gossip is not fun to read either. It’s just that Mr. Morris
is so famous that my classmates often mention it. Oh, right. There’s something I forgot to tell you. He
was the sponsor of my project when I was at Columbia University.”
“That’s just the way it is. That’s why they know each other.” Everything clicked.
“Yes, but we are not familiar with each other,” I emphasized.
Was that a lie? I myself wasn’t sure about that.
Aaron and I nearby. After everything, we had been in bed many times. On those nights, I explored my
body and took me to cloud nine over and over again. I had always thought

I knew him well.
But then Cinder told me that Hoffman was his middle name and that TWH was the company his
grandfather founded.
Only now did I learn that his family had medical problems and that he had known Adenauer, who came
from a family of psychiatrists, since childhood.
Now, I realized how little I knew about Aaron.

My best friend and current boyfriend probably knew him better than I did.
So who was I to say I knew him well?
“Actually, there are things I’ve never mentioned to you,” I said, feeling a little lost. “I was in a terrible
relationship when I was studying in the United States.”
He had never mentioned this to anyone except Cinder and Nick, but
for some unknown reason, he was suddenly eager to tell Adenauer.
“I was betrayed by my boyfriend, who directly crushed my vision of love,” I continued, my voice
“Olive, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it,” Adenauer said, holding my hand with concern.
I shook my head. “Actually, I should have told you this a long time ago, but I didn’t know where to start.”
“I can totally understand.”
“Adenauer, I am very grateful to you. After I was cheated, I was in so much pain that I did a lot of crazy
things and was even afraid of love.”
“So, you came to Germany to escape the place that broke your heart, right?” Adenauer said quietly,
summing up the
But that wasn’t I wanted to tell him about Aaron and me, but his interruption made me lose the thread
of my thoughts:
“Okay, Olive. Leaving the source of stimulation is
psychologically the right thing to do,” Adenauer said, standing up and sitting on the couch on the same
side as me.
Dividing into pages nove
He looked at me seriously and gently stroked my hair. “I’m glad you’re willing to open up to me. I’ve
completely understood why you hate Aaron. It’s ok. I respect all your choices.”

That was not the reason.
My lips parted as I looked at his face, but no words came out.

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