Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 237

You’re Acting Strangely

My heart skipped a beat when I saw his piercing blue eyes. _ _ _ It was as if lightning struck me, and I
almost jumped out of fright. _ _

Quickly, I took my eyes off him and stepped forward , making sure that the door frame completely
blocked my body.

My heart was pounding in my chest, and my face was burning with shame.

“Olive? ” echoed Adenauer’s voice, pulling me out of my thoughts.

Damn it! I was startled again. Fortunately, my reaction was quick and I quickly adjusted my expression.
_ _ “What ? ”

” Uh… ” Adenauer stared at me for a moment before laughing strangely, ” Nothing. You looked cute
back there .”

With that said, he laid eyes on the monitor again.

My mind raced as I tried to make sense of his words.

I was cute ? Back there ? Was he hinting at something? But Aaron and I were already in the past, and I
hadn’t done anything wrong. I had a clear conscience about that.

Well, except for that forced kiss. But that didn’t count, did it ?

” I finished. Let’s get on with our appointment,” Adenauer said, turning off the computer and
approaching me. _ _ _ _ _

He seemed to be in a good mood . He stopped at the entrance and lifted my face, trying to kiss me. _ _

When he approached me, half of my body was sticking out of the door frame once again.

“No, not here,” I said, subconsciously covering his mouth with the palm of my hand and looking toward
the hallway .

To my relief, Aaron was no longer there.

I remembered the way he looked at me. _

Although it was just a glimpse, his gaze somehow stuck in my mind.

Suddenly, the blue eyes in front of me flickered.

I instantly realized that I had just rejected Adenauer’s intimacy, and he seemed a little aggrieved. tag.

“You’re still in your uniform. Go and change. I’m starving. ” I explained, taking his hand.

Adenauer looked down and laughed. ” Argh ! I really forgot to change . Give me a second .” _ _

He trot back to the office, took off his jacket, and returned quickly . _ He grabbed my hand and our
fingers intertwined. _

” Vamos ”

It was hard to tell if he was just saying it or hinting at something, but my nerves were tense once again.
_ _ _

“Have I done it? I didn’t feel it at all.”

“It’s okay even if something nasty happened, but both you and Aaron were acting weird right now. It
was as if they were trying to maintain

something from me,” Adenauer said, lowering his head and looking at the food in front of him. _

In the dim light above, it looked like an aggrieved golden retriever. _

“For a moment, I felt that you two were old acquaintances , while I was the new one.” _

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