Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 231

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Chloe decided to divorce, which was not only a good thing for her, but also a relief for me.
I believe that there is no hermetic wall in the world. The secrets that one tries to hide will be exposed to
the public sooner or later.
Although the relationship between her and Dr. Lester was beautiful, it was morally acceptable.
I didn’t want Chloe to be labeled a b*tch or something.
“Congratulations.” I lowered her voice and looked at her face with concern, “What is your husband’s
Chloe didn’t speak and simply rolled up her sleeve.
A purple scar appeared in front of my eyes, and I was distraught and angry.

Did you identify the injury? That’s evidence.”I don’t
“It’s been done. My lawyer is very professional. She has seen many men like my husband. But she also
reminded me that my husband will be very irritable and suspicious during this time. He told me to
protect myself” Chapter 231 About
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I took Chloe’s hand, “Just tell me if you need help. You can even stay with me.”
“Thank you so much.” Chloe looked at me with teary eyes.
After dinner, I went back to the lab with Chloe.
Most of our colleagues hadn’t returned yet, and only Lester was making coffee in the cafeteria. When
he saw us back, he greeted us.
“Do you want a cup of coffee?” He looked very natural, sober and gentlemanly.
It was hard to imagine that the man who had been overcome with lust in the forest that night was the
man he was looking at now.
“Is it candy?” Chloe also acted naturally.

“Of course.” Lester raised his eyebrows, lowered his head, and continued to grind coffee beans, but
there was an as*xy smile on his face.
“Give me a cup.” Chloe looked at me. “You really should try it. The caramel flavor of Los Planes coffee
is incredible.”
“OK.” She wanted to taste the taste of true love.
Our colleagues returned to the laboratory one after another, and the topic of their discussion was still
the matter between the president and his secretary.
I took Lester’s coffee and took a sip.
It was the first time I tried this flavor. But when the unique smell of caramel stimulated my taste buds, I
seemed to taste true love.
In an instant, I suddenly seemed to understand why Chloe and Lester had been able to disguise
themselves so perfectly in the lab. The coffee plans with a caramel flavor exclusive to them was the
transmission of love between them.
They had both been sinking into sobriety.
His love infected me when I tasted the coffee.
I pulled out my phone and found Adenauer’s phone number. I hesitated for a moment and decided to
take the initiative to invite him to dinner.
I wanted to take him to that restaurant. Perhaps a change of scenery would improve everything.
I received a response quickly.
Adenauer: I want to go, but I have to work overtime today. Honey, I’m
so sorry.
Me: Well, I didn’t think carefully enough. I’ll make an appointment next time when you’re free.
After replying to his message according to my instincts, I sat blankly at my
desk, feeling a bit annoyed.
“Your face tells me you’re not in love with him.”
“Please, the hormones in your body know you better than you do.”
I couldn’t help but think of Chloe’s words.

Adenauer was an expert in psychiatry, and he was also good at analyzing human psychology. He could
have noticed the information that even Chloe could see.
So you’re avoiding me now? I sighed.
But it was normal for him to avoid me. After all, I hurt him.
Maybe I should take the initiative to clarify our relationship and go back to being just friends with him?
In theory, that was what he should do if he really respected it.
“Olive, what are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking if I should go see Adenauer…” I suddenly came to my senses and stopped talking. I jerked
my head up and met Charlotte’s playful eyes.
“You are totally in love. It seems that my job is stable. Thank you Dr. Adenauer!”
I smiled at him without replying.
After work I came home and saw Mrs. Krause and Balu at the door of the house.
“Are you going on a business trip again?” Thanks to Balu, Mrs. Krause and I had become very close.
When he came to my door with Balu, I knew what he was.
“Yeah. But it is very short this time. I can come back tomorrow. And I won’t have to travel for long.” Mrs.
Krause smiled lovingly, “Thank you very much.”
“You are welcome.” I opened the door, “Come in.”
As soon as the door opened, Balu wagged his tail and entered my house with more familiarity than
Mrs. Krause. Mrs. Krause and I laughed.
“It seems that she has already considered my place as her own home.”
“It means you’ve been taking good care of it.”Mrs. Krause suddenly remembered something and took
out some money from her bag, “By the way, you may have to go to the pet store to buy dog food.”

I wanted to turn it down at first, but I accepted it anyway.
After Mrs. Krause left, I took Balu and headed to the pet store where she had been with Adenauer last
In addition to work recently, I had also learned some German on my own, but had never had a chance

to use it. Unexpectedly, going to the pet store this time was the first time I independently practiced
I led Balu back slowly but suddenly he stopped. Balu circled my feet, trying to remind me to walk faster.
“Balu, you have been putting on a bit of weight lately. Why don’t I show you a detour?” While saying
that, I took the leash and walked towards
Adenauer’s house.
The closer he brought me to his house, the more nervous I became.
I didn’t know what he was waiting for.
Was she expecting to see his car parked in the yard and the lights on inside the house? Or did he hope
to see no one in the house?
He had even thought about what he would say if he saw him, “Balu insisted on taking a detour in this
I used Balu as an excuse, but I didn’t think he would care.
But when I saw that the house was completely dark and there was no family car at the door, all mental
preparations were useless.
I sighed and looked at Balu, “Come on. It’s time to go home”.
I didn’t see Adenauer, but I still couldn’t make a firm conclusion about whether he was avoiding me or
busy with work.
If it was the latter, why was he so busy during this time?
When I got home, I fed Balu food, made a simple paste, and then lay on the sofa in a daze.
It had been a while since I came to Germany. Now, even without Adenauer, I could live independently
in this country with
language barriers.
I had made new friends and Balu was there to keep me company when he was bored.
A thought came back to my mind. Do I still need Adenauer?
Or put another way, do I love Adenauer?
I saw Balu crawl and rest at my feet, but my heart was lost.

Will I never be able to love another man in my life other than Aaron?
I didn’t believe it!

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