Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 228

Sense of Familiarity

Adenauer’s office was true to his image and was very clean.
I saw a beige sofa, a solid wood desk with no sharp corners, and an artistic bookshelf with a few books
on the left and right. On one side near the desk were some professional books on psychiatry, while on
the other side were many magazines, novels, photo albums, etc. in different styles.
There were also some decorative paintings of natural landscapes on the walls, making this office look
more cozy.
If I hadn’t known that this was a professional psychiatrist’s office, I would never have believed that a
doctor’s office could look like this.
I went to the window and drew the curtains. The office was facing a blue lake, and some patients and
nurses were walking beside it. Pretty nice scenery!
Suddenly, the back office door opened.
I turned around and met Adenauer’s gaze.
“Oh, you have arrived. Have you been waiting for a long time?” He was wearing the hospital uniform.
He took off the name plate fastened with a clip in his left pocket and gently placed the folder in his hand
on the desk.
I walked towards him.
“It’s just arrived.” I stepped forward and put my arms around his neck, looking at his blue eyes, “Well, a
man is more attractive when he is working. If I didn’t come here in person, I would never find that you
are so handsome in this uniform.”
Adenauer put his arms around my waist and looked at me with smiling eyes.
His broad palm pressed on my waist, maintaining a vague restraint.
I smiled and walked over to him, kissing his lips.
This was our first kiss.
Adenauer’s lips were very soft. When our lips first came together, he froze, as if surprised by my

Yes, we had known each other for a long time, but we just held hands, hugged and kissed each other
on the cheek.
But after what happened yesterday, I decided to give my relationship with Adenauer a good push.
Look, other men’s lips were just as soft.
Adenauer froze for a moment and quickly realized.
He tightened his grip on my waist, pulling my whole body towards him. The kiss that had been
dominated by me also changed. His lips parted.
lightly and sucked mine in turn.
His shallow breathing became heavy and rapid.
I could feel his warm breath, and I closed my eyes to enjoy it.
Suddenly, the door of The office opened.
“Dr. Adenauer, here’s a copy…” A medical worker stopped at the scene holding a document.
Adenauer and I parted ways instantly.
Adenauer looked at the approaching person and I turned my back to the door.
God! I blushed a lot! With my heart pounding in my chest, I desperately wondered if I needed an
“Oh… Give it to me.” Adenauer took the document and turned to look at me
Noticing his gaze, I turned around and went back to him.
Adenauer looked very happy. He put his arms around my shoulders and introduced me to his olive-
skinned, curly-haired colleague, “Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Dr. Olive Woods.”
“Oh, you are Miss Woods! I have heard a lot about you from Dr. Adenauer. You are really beautiful!”
“Thank you.”
“Well, I think I should leave you alone now.” She left very quickly.
But the environment in the office was no longer suitable for kissing. Adenauer lowered his head and
sorted out the documents he had just received. I asked casually, “What are these?”

This is the case of a client.
I raised my eyebrows and looked at the thick stack of documents, finding it a little unbelievable, “This
client… is in a serious situation?”
Adenauer was taken aback for a moment. When he turned his head and saw the expression on my
face, he suddenly laughed.
“No,” he explained, “because he has a family history of psychosis, and these are cases of other people
in his family.”
“I see.”
Adenauer put the files in a drawer on his desk and closed the drawer.
I suddenly realized something, “Do people speak English in your hospital?”
At first, I thought that only the receptionists at the hospital should be multilingual. But I could
understand what the young woman who pushed the door had said.
It seemed that this hospital, like TWH, also had a rich English communication environment.
“Yes. After all, Germany is an EU country. Some of the customers I have received come from all over
the world, including some long-term cooperation customers from the United States.”
“No wonder his English is so fluent.
“Otherwise, how could it be possible for me to meet such a beautiful and intelligent lady as you? Thank
you, English. Adenauer took my hand and kissed me gently.
We left the hospital talking and laughing and headed to the restaurant we had started.Reserved for
. As I ate, I thought of the patients walking on the lake I had seen through their office window.
Adenauer looked at me, “Why do you think that?”

“You and your colleagues have worked under pressure for a long time. If those patients were in bad
shape, it’s unlikely you’d be in this state.” I considered my wording: “In the face of endless madness
and negative energy, I think it’s hard to remain gentle and kind.”
“That’s true.” Adenauer gave me an affirmative answer.

He was a little happy. I told him about the painting by the lake and he smiled again.
“That’s because patients who are sick are not allowed to leave closed wards. Therefore, he can only
see patients who are relatively healthy by the lake.”
I shrugged.
It makes sense.
Compared to this, I was more interested in the familial genetic disease he had mentioned.
“I’m curious. This is the result of some abnormalities in the structure and number of genes on the
chromosome. When I was reading about molecular genetics before, I discovered that congenital
genetic metabolic disorders can also cause some r*m*ntal delay.”
When it came to professional content, Adenauer was also interested.
So we were still talking about this topic when dinner was over.
This feeling was a bit subtle.
Even when I was with Aaron, I had never had this kind of deep professional discussion with my date or
my boyfriend.
Adenauer showed me his professional side. Although our main
Research directions were different, he had a wide range of knowledge and there was no situation
where the topic could not continue during our conversation.
I gradually became curious about him. I was very impressed by his character and skill.
But could this kind of affection be considered affection between lovers?
He wasn’t sure.
But at least at this moment, looking at Adenauer’s handsome face, he didn’t seem to feel like kissing
him like I did before in his office.
I couldn’t help but wonder. Olive, are you sure you’re falling in love with him?
I could not give an immediate answer to this question.
There was a sense of familiarity between us as if we had been friends for a long time, but not as a

couple in love.

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