Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 221

“Do you need me to come over and help deliver them to Dr. Archer?” Charlotte suspected nothing.
“No, thanks. She already signed them. Now I need to deliver them to Mr. Schutze for him.”
After a simple lie, I got up from the bathroom, left the cubicle and went back to the president’s office.
Fortunately, Mrs. Monica was already sitting in front of her secretary’s desk this time.
She had redressed neatly, and even the top buttons around her neck were buttoned. Her makeup was
reapplied. She didn’t look like the horny girl from the office right now.
Seeing my appearance, Ms. Monica showed a standard smile, “Good afternoon, what can I do?”
Seeing me, Ms. Monica put on a standard smile and said, “Good afternoon. What can I help you?”
“Good afternoon, Mrs. Monica. I’m Dr. Olive Woods from Lab No. 3. Here are some documents that my
boss, Dr. Archer, needs to pass on to Mr. Schutze. Is Mr. Schutze there now? “
Oh yes, please wait a moment.” Mrs. Monica immediately took the intercom from the desk.
I watched her in silence.
Aside from the fact that she was having an affair with Mr. Schutze, Mrs. Monica was doing a pretty
good job. Soon, she told me that she would just come in.
I knocked on the door of the president’s office again.
Very good!The open window had removed the obscene atmosphere in the room earlier, and there was
no trace left of the place where they had
Mr. Schutze was sitting in a large chair. He looked at me and said, “Dr. Woods, what documents did Dr.
Archer ask you to give me?”
He looked at me with a normal expression. I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly handed over the
“Dr. Archer planned to come in person, but he got a call. He seemed to be busy with something. I was
there, so I offered to run him an errand.”

“Do not lie to me”. Mr. Schutze looked at the documents.
My heart skipped a beat, and my heart started beating fast again.

What did he mean? Why did he sound so serious?Could it be that he was more cautious than I
thought, and had already reviewed the surveillance and discovered my existence?
But Mrs. Monica didn’t seem to know anything when she saw me outside. At the moment.
My mind was spinning fast. I was guessing the reason why Mr. Schutze suddenly said that and held my
Suddenly, Mr. Schutze looked up and met my eyes.
He was so nervous!
“Dr. Archer is notoriously slow. He must have made the trip yourself because he’s in a hurry to get
approval, right?” He smiled.
I secretly breathed a sigh of relief!
I almost died of fear!
I froze and was a bit out of control.

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