Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 218

A New Relationship

I had never met such a tender gentleman.

Since that day, Adenauer and I had become much closer.

The next day, Charlotte occasionally teased me in the lab and asked about our relationship. I had
thought I would mind it, but now, I found I wasn’t averse to talking about him to the people around me.
He made me understand a 30-year-old mature man could give me a sense of security.

I looked at two faces on the screen of my laptop and said, “To be honest, I feel lucky to meet him. If I
were dating any other man, I would not have adapted myself to it so quickly.”

Today was Saturday. Cinder finally could take a break from her busy schedule of work and dating, so
she thought of me and Nick and made a video call to us.

Cinder had just taken a shower and was wearing Victoria’s Secret pajamas. After removing the delicate
makeup, she looked less aggressive and more easygoing.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, pushed her face toward the screen, and smiled brightly, “My dear
Olive, judging from the frequency you mention him, I believe you did start a new relationship.
Congratulations! So, where have you gotten?”

I glanced at the date in the upper right corner of the screen and said, “We’ve dated for almost two

“You know that’s not what she wanted to know,” Nick said.

Cinder high-fived him across the screen.

Seeing their interaction, I shrugged, “Well, we haven’t had sex yet.”

“What?” Cinder showed a look of disappointment.

“Hey, don’t be so surprised!” I thought about my wording and continued, “It’s my problem. I’m not

Cinder looked at me with a worried face and said, “Poor girl, doesn’t he have a problem with that?”

“I asked him about it.”

I clearly remembered the scene. After dating him for a month, I had deliberately brought up the topic
when walking the dog with him.

I had to admit that Adenauer was a perfect date. He was gentle, mature, thoughtful, and attentive to
details. And he could always get my jokes and reply with humor. But I had not invited him into my
house, and we had never touched each other intimately.

However, I had been observing him, trying to see his desire from his expression or movement. But I
could not find any signs that he wanted to have sex with me. Maybe he was too restrained and
gentlemanly. But I could feel him trying to come into my life and advance our relationship.

“We had been dating for a month then. In the eyes of outsiders, we are a sweet couple. But I am not
ready to go further. So, I asked why he had never asked for sex.”

Cinder asked with interest, “What did he say?”

It was a scene worth remembering for a long time.

Adenauer had stopped his steps under a huge linden tree and affectionately gazed at me on the side of
the road, saying, “I’m no longer a teenager who has just reached puberty, so sex isn’t that important to


He had taken my hand and gently rubbed the back of my hand with the pad of his thumb. And I could
see how he valued me in his eyes.

I could feel he cared for, respected, and loved me every day. And it was his earnestness that had made
me confirm with him again by asking, “It is not that important, but you still need it, right?”

Adenauer laughed, “Yes, you’re right about it. But I have grown up. If I were twenty, I would have felt
disappointed. But now, I care more about how we get along with each other.”

When he had taken a step toward me, the distance between us had become shorter than a common
social distance, making us look more intimate.

Balu had obediently stood in place and watched us as if it had been aware of the romantic atmosphere.

“Olive, you are the most charming woman I have ever met. I feel comfortable when dating you. And you
respect me very much.”

“I respect you because you respect me,” I had teased.

Adenauer had grinned, revealing his pretty straight teeth.

“Look, that’s why I’m so obsessed with you. You are always kind to the people who are kind to you. Not
everyone can do such a thing.”

Was I always kind to the people who were kind to me?

I had never known I had such an advantage, but I knew I sought revenge for the smallest grievance.
When Vincent had cheated on me, I had fucked his friend. I always insisted on revenge because I
wanted the people who hurt me to regret it.

But no one had complimented me like that.

Knowing I did not deserve the compliment, I had kept silent then.

After all, I had not treated Aaron kindly when dating him. I could not stop myself from thinking about
him again. After breaking up with Vincent, I couldn’t help falling in love with Aaron. We had had a good
time together, and he had made me understand what true love was like. But I had not dared return him
with the same fervent love.

I had been too selfish and cowardly. The overly strong love had made my possessiveness reach its
peak, so I couldn’t help doubting whether the current happiness was real. I had suspected whether I
was the only woman he loved and wondered how long his love for me would last.

Should I bet all my love on a notorious playboy? I had hesitated.

Facts had proved my hesitation was justified.

Aaron had easily taken back his love for me and hadn’t called me once during the past three years.
When I had suffered from

alcoholism in pain and been sent to the hospital at night, he had been dating his rich fiancée.

“Olive, what are you thinking?”

I seemed to hear Adenauer’s voice and see him wave his hand in front of my eyes.

I quickly regained my senses and blinked a few times, only to see Cinder waving her hand at the
camera on the computer screen.

“Baby, why are you in a daze? What did he say?”

Only then did I realize I had thought of Aaron again! I had vowed to remove him from my heart, so I
must not think about him anymore!

I quickly shook him out of my mind and told Cinder and Nick what Adenauer had said then.

“Olive, you met the right man,” Cinder said with emotions.

She imitated Adenauer’s deep voice and said, “If I were twenty, I would have felt disappointed. But
now, I care more about how we get along with each other. These are the love words that only a mature
man in his thirties can say! He is a reliable good man!”

I thought the same. But when I was about to echo her, Nick suddenly snorted and coldly said, “Maybe
he is just impotent.”

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