Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 216

Gentle Adenauer

Hearing the ringtone on the phone, I felt my heart racing aga

I didn’t know if my choice was right. Maybe I had gone crazy. Maybe I would realize it was a wrong
decision in the future and hate myself even more. My selfishness and vulnerability would only hurt
others! But I did it anyway.

While waiting, I felt as if time had slowed down. When I stared blankly at the phone screen, my heart
was full of contradictions. And I wish the call could never get through. However, as soon as this idea
popped into my mind, he answered the call.

Seeing the call duration under his name increasing from zero, I put the phone to my ear.

Then, I heard a long breath before he said, “Olive?”

I should have been familiar with his deep and charming voice, but I was unexpectedly taken aback. I
was so nervous that I felt my heart about to jump out of my chest. And I suspected he could hear my
intense heartbeats on the other end of the phone.

“Olive, what’s wrong? Where are you now?”

His tone became anxious, full of worry.

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me,” I hurriedly explained. But when I opened my mouth, my words
were incoherent. I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down. After all, there was no turning
back at this point.

“I just wanted to ask you a question.”

I closed my eyes and plucked up my courage, saying, “Adenauer, can I change my mind?”

While speaking, I couldn’t even raise my head because of the guilt in my heart. I had a lot to explain,
but my confused mind did not allow me to organize my language within a short time.

An hour ago, I had bluntly rejected him. But now, I changed my mind. How ridiculous it was!

If I were him, I would severely scold this capricious woman and hang up the phone.

But he didn’t, so we were still on the phone.

Adenauer was a good man. Maybe he had not understood what I meant. But when he came back to his
senses, he would be extremely disappointed with me. And I was ready to be scolded.

“Do you mean you’re willing to date me?” Adenauer asked in a calm voice on the phone.

This was different from what I had expected!

I repeatedly think about his words but couldn’t figure out his emotion. So, I guessed he was restraining
his anger and disappointment. After all, he was a professional psychiatrist who could always easily see
through my thoughts. He probably had guessed a lot after seeing my bad behavior in the restaurant.
My restlessness and refusal had revealed that I was in love with. someone else!

Adenauer was an excellent man, so his self-esteem would not allow him to pretend not to know or keep
humble in front of me. So, I blushed at my despicable and selfish behavior. His good manners and
upbringing did not allow him to yell at me, but I would probably lose a friend forever.

“I see.”

Not hearing my answer, Adenauer said, “Dear Olive, does this mean I can formally invite you to dinner
if you are free after getting off work tomorrow?”

I raised my head in surprise with the phone in my hand, not knowing how to react.

“What did you say?”

Had I misheard his words?

Adenauer had invited me to dinner instead of getting angry!

Was he crazy? Was this a prank? He must be so mad that he wanted to play a trick on me, right?

Adenauer laughed on the phone, “Did you expect I would get angry? Did you think I will accuse you of
being fickle and not taking me seriously?”

Look, he could read my mind!

“Adenauer, I’m not kidding with you.”

He stopped laughing and seriously said, “I’m not kidding either.”


“You know I have feelings for you. Since you are willing to give me a chance, I am naturally happy.”

Although his words sounded reasonable, I felt something wrong.

“But I turned you down in the restaurant.”

“Anyway, you’ve changed your mind.”

I couldn’t understand his logic at all, so I asked, “Don’t you think my vacillating attitude makes me look

“Exactly the opposite is true! You called me after thinking about it carefully. It proved you’re serious
about your feelings and me.”

I wanted to tell him he had guessed it wrong. I had called him at the spur of the moment. But I could not
say so.

So, I ventured, “Don’t you want to know why I changed my mind?”

“No!” Adenauer replied crisply, “Based on the result, I must be a good date in your eyes no matter what
the reason is. And I’m glad that you chose me.”

Adenauer’s tone was so gentle that it soothed my broken soul. I had never met such a warm
gentleman. When his voice gently brushed over my broken heart like a feather, I suddenly wanted to
meet him very much. If he were in front of me now, I would have hugged him without hesitation.

“Thank you, Adenauer.”

My tear glands went out of control again, so my voice became sobbing.

“Olive, I did not expect you to be so prone to feel moved.”

His well-placed joke made me smile through tears.

“I didn’t cry.”

“Fine! If you say you did not cry, I will believe you.”

“I’m telling the truth.” I wiped away the tears and said, “I feel lucky to know you, Adenauer.”

“Me too. Maybe I should go to church this Sunday to express my deepest thanks to God for confusing
you and sending you to my side from far-off America.”

His words amused me.

“Are you sure you’re thanking God? God did not confuse me. It’s my choice to come here.”

Adenauer obediently corrected himself and said, “Okay, how about I pick you up at TWH when you get
off work tomorrow to express my thanks to you?”

“Are you serious?”

I was afraid this was not improper. After all, we had just decided to date.

“Don’t get me wrong. I accidentally saw a piece of news that there will be a lecture about dogs in a
bookstore near TWH at 5:30 pm tomorrow. I guess you might be interested.”

“About dogs?”

Well, I admitted I was interested in it.

“Yes. When I was regretting not asking you out to the lecture just now, I received your call! Thank God!”

I did not know how to reply. But I was not a teenager anymore. When I did not know how to respond, I
usually chose to start a new topic.

“Well, in return, we can have dinner together after the lecture.”

I thought about it for a while and added, “My treat.”

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