Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 215

A Sad Attempt

Maybe she was right. I had not dated for too long. Since the

breakup with Aaron, I had completely closed my heart and refused all my admirers.

And I did not understand it. I had not dated him for long, and he wasn’t my first love. But after breaking
up with him, I could not move on.

Because of the catalysis of alcohol, my self-restraint gradually collapsed. I let myself recall every day
and every moment with Aaron.

From that daring booty call, things had gotten out of my control, and my heart had kept moving toward
him. I could by no means stop myself from falling in love with him.

We were not only compatible in sex. When we had been dating, he had almost occupied my entire
mind. If I had not met him, I wouldn’t have known I could love someone so deeply.

However, although we used to be so deep in love, we had broken up. So, I felt depressed as if having a
lump in my heart.

When I took out the dildo, I saw blue veins on its soft silicone body. I must be insane! Otherwise, I
would not have crazily thought it looked like Aaron’s dick.

The more I tried to stop recalling, the more memories rebelliously popped into my mind.

I remembered how Aaron and I had had sex. He had liked letting me sit on his lap before slowly
undressing, revealing his sexy body like that of a male model. I even vividly remembered the shape of
his six-pack abs!

I slowly unbuttoned my blouse with my fingers.

When we had had sex for the first time, he had also taken off my clothes extremely slowly.

I closed my eyes and took off my bra in the dark. My enlarged areolae gradually shrank in the cold air,
turning into a dark red nipple.

Suddenly, I seemed to see Aaron’s lustful eyes in the darkness. Then, his hand slowly slipped down my
back and gently clasped my waist.

He had always enjoyed admiring my naked body. In the past, I had always had the illusion that I was
his muse. His eyes had been deep-set and had fatal magic power that could easily swallow me up! He
had loved fondling me, although I had always tried to avoid his foreplay.

But now, those loving flirtations had become precious fragments of memory. I missed them but could
never re-experience them.

I imitated his movements, slid my fingers down along the inside of my thighs, and rubbed the periphery
of my pussy.

But masturbation was completely different from his caresses. The harder I tried to move my fingers in
my pussy, the emptier I felt.

Memories completely went out of control.

Alcohol was a good thing because it helped me forget about reality. I had a very real dream. In my
dream, Aaron pressed his hot chest against mine. One of his hands gently held my face when he
kissed my lips, neck, and collarbones. Then. He went all the way down.

My lust was immediately revived. So, I roughly took off my underwear, short of breath.

I was wet.

My disordered breathing sounded like two people were gasping. I seemed to hear him excitedly say in
a familiar tone, “I made your tits hard again.”

My pussy was itchy. When my fingers explored and massaged inside, the hot liquid made my lower
abdomen twitch. I felt extremely empty in my lower body, so I desperately longed for his big dick to
enter my body.

“Fill me up! Be quick!”

I didn’t notice that I had said such words out loud.

Aaron had liked to irritate me by saying nasty words. Hearing those words, I had always been turned
on while feeling ashamed.

Now, I had completely lost my reason.

I squeezed the dildo hard into my pussy. I hadn’t had sex for a long time, so I felt a dull pain when my
vagina was filled up.

Then, I regained consciousness and sadly thought it was not his size.

But soon, I seemed to hear him say, “Relax.”

I sank in lust again and intermittently groaned.

He had liked to hear my feedback when having sex to know whether I felt uncomfortable or not. But
now, it was not his dick that was in my pussy.

The sad mood in my chest was not relieved but grew stronger.

I was so empty and lonely!

I gradually tightened the grip on the dildo and moved it violently, imitating his movements. Every time I
pushed it in, I screamed because it was the reaction he had liked to see.

When we had been dating, he had almost made my body only bloom for him. We had had sex in many
places. When we had once had sex outside, David and the others had almost seen us!

I used to think I was sexless, but he had reversed my perception. As long as I thought about him, I
would be turned on.

But his Adam’s apple was not rubbing against my neck, his fingers. were thrust not into my hair, and he
was not pressing my head. So, everything felt wrong.

Merely the groans and whispers in my memory could make me go on with it, and my pussy was getting
increasingly wet. I did not know whether the liquid had wetted the sheets. All I know was I could by no
means stop now.

The physical pleasure made me fall into the abyss of desire. Although the intense movements had
satisfied my pussy, they couldn’t fill up the vacancy in my heart.

Because of the masturbation, I felt even emptier.

I was lonely.

Sometimes, people were unreasonable.

My mind was full of his name, but I could not get it out of my throat. I knew I was just trying to deceive
myself, but I still closed. my eyes like an ostrich, pretending to be indulging in past love.

He used to be very fond of kissing me and could notice all the details that I had not even cared about.

He had always served me long and ardently and tried to make me have an orgasm together with him.

Soon, I lay limply on the bed, too lazy to deal with the mess in my lower body. The orgasm made me
gasp for breath. Then, I opened my blurry eyes and looked at the ceiling in a daze.

His physical strength had always been good, so we had often had sex twice or three times in one night.
And I had never been his match in this respect.

Realizing I would never be so obsessed with another man, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore.

As my tears kept sliding down the corner of my eyes into my hair, I almost threw up from crying.

I had had such a beautiful love, but I had failed to grasp my happiness when it had been only one step

My longing and sadness broke down the defenses I had been building for three years.

No! I could no longer be sad like this! I must do something to make a change!

At the thought of this, I got out of bed, picked up my phone, and made a call.

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