Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 213

Goodbye. Doctor

Seeing a person and a dog walking in front of me, I suddenly

remembered the scene I had seen when I went to work during the day.

When a German named Nils Schmidt came to work in our laboratory, he brought his German Shepherd
dog with him!

It seemed that in Germany, people cared more about pets than in the United States.

For at least the past two decades, I had not seen an American walking their dogs at one o’clock in the

I stopped suddenly.

An idea suddenly came to me. I could also have a dog.

Dogs were so loyal. Once a dog became a family member with me, he would never betray me and
would exist around me all his life.

Wasn’t it the love I had always wanted?

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help feeling better. I made up my mind. I would go to the pet center to get a
dog tomorrow and I would pick either a German Shepherd dog or a Golden Retriever.

“Dr. Woods?” The lady with the dog walked to me. It wasn’t until she called out my name that I finally
recognized who it was.

“Mrs. Krause! I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Mrs. Mia Krause was my neighbor, and I visited my neighbors one. by one on Sunday with souvenirs.

Mrs. Krause glanced at my attire, “You come back so early. Are you not used to German nightclubs?”

She was indeed a fifty-year-old lady with rich life experience. She had a such keen observation.

I nodded with a smile and admitted, “American nightclubs and German nightclubs are so different. I am
not used to it.”

Then I bent down and touched the golden retriever’s head, “Good evening, Balu.”

Balu lowered his head and snored softly at me.

“He doesn’t look very energetic.”

Mrs. Krause nodded, “Yes, he is sleepy, and so am I. But I have no choice. I only have time now, and I
have to finish the two-hour dog walk ahead of schedule.”

I didn’t quite understand, “Why?”

“You may not know much about the requirements for keeping a dog here. Germany has very strict dog
laws, and they were even supplemented and adjusted not long ago. In addition to the basic ones, such
as dogs cannot be abandoned at will and the owners. need to pay taxes, the owners are also required
to take their dogs. out for a walk for two hours every day. Oh, the owners can’t leave their dogs alone at
home for more than three hours.”

Hearing Mrs. Krause’s introduction, I was stunned.

“It’s so strict! I wanted to raise one.”

At this moment, I suddenly felt lucky. If I didn’t know this and directly bring a dog back, I would be in big
trouble soon. I finally understand why my colleague brought a dog to work.

Although I liked pets a lot, the two rules of walking the dog for two hours a day and not allowing the dog
to be left alone at home for more than three hours made me hesitate again.

I stroked Balu’s head, unable to make a choice.

Mrs. Krause suddenly made a sound, and then looked at me, “If you can’t make up your mind yet,
maybe you can try life with a dog before making a decision.”

Her proposal immediately caught my attention, “What do you mean?”

Mrs. Krause suddenly looked a little awkward and said. “Actually, this is kind of my request.”

“Recently, I have had some changes at work and I often need to go to Hamburg for business trips. You
know, my husband will return to Germany in half a year. During this time, I am planning to hand Balu
over to the trusteeship center.

“If you’re not sure whether you want to get a dog, maybe you can. use Balu to experience that life in
advance. Of course, this is just my selfish request.”

I was so touched that Mrs. Krause said this to me.

After living in Germany for a short three days, I had gotten a preliminary understanding of the social
style here. In Germany, one could only keep a social distance of fewer than 1.5 meters from strangers
in nightclubs.

Mrs. Krause and I had only known each other for two days. Or even strictly speaking, we had only met
twice, and we had talked for no more than half an hour. But she was giving such trust and friendliness
to a foreigner, though there might be some helplessness in such friendliness.

But it touched me anyway.

“Mrs. Krause, I appreciate you trusting me so much. I like Balu very much, from the first moment I met
him. If you trust me, I will be happy to babysit him for a while.” I squatted down, hugged Balu
affectionately, and stroked his soft golden hair.

Mrs. Krause breathed a long sigh of relief, “Thank God. I finally don’t have to keep walking the dog
now. You know, for an aging woman like me, every late night will shorten my lifespan.”

I followed her in the direction of home.

On the way, she told me a lot about Balu’s living habits. We exchanged contact information and she
said she would be waiting for me at home to pick up Balu after work tomorrow.

When I got home, I took off my make-up, took a shower, and fell on the bed sleepily. Maybe because of
Balu’s cute smile, I fell asleep quickly.

When I woke up the next day, I saw the message from Charlotte at 2 am.

When I went to work, she apologized to me again, but I didn’t take it to heart and told her about the
dirty room.

“By the way, I may need to bring a golden retriever over from tomorrow. Do I need any approval or

Charlotte’s eyes widened in surprise, “Are you getting a dog?”

I quickly explained, “I’m just helping a neighbor take care of her dog for a while.”

I picked up Balu from Mrs. Krause’s after work.

Balu was a very gentle golden retriever. He seemed to understand that his master needed to be away
for a while. He was whimpering and wagging his tail at Mrs. Krause, circling her feet.

Mrs. Krause rubbed his face. She was as reluctant to say goodbye as Balu.

I had no choice but to comfort her, “Don’t worry. I will send you his videos from time to time. If there is
anything that needs attention, you can tell me at any time.”

Mrs. Krause thanked me again and left.

Balu watched her leave. Although he didn’t want her to go, he was still very obedient and didn’t bark or
make a loud noise.

I kept rubbing his hair, “Mrs. Krause will be back soon. Just get along with me during this time and don’t
make her worry, okay?”

It seemed he understood what I said. He obediently allowed me to put him on a leash and go for a

Then I discovered something funny. Balu was more familiar with the nearby terrain than I was. It was
not so much me walking the dog as it was the dog walking me.

“Dr. Woods?” There suddenly came a nice male voice from not far behind.

I turned around and saw a tall man who looked familiar. He had blond hair and a pair of blue eyes, and
he was wearing a suit.

He approached me, “Don’t you remember me? We met in the supermarket.”

When I heard the keywords, I immediately remembered, “Oh, you are that doctor!”

“Yes, Colston Adenauer, psychiatrist.”

He glanced at Balu, “Your dog?”

“No, my neighbor asked to take care of him for a few days.”

He raised his eyebrows and nodded, “It seems that you get along very well with your neighbor.
Germans usually would not dare to hand over their pets to strangers.”

While speaking, Doctor Adenauer knelt and stroked Balu’s head, “I seem to have seen you before.”

He looked at Balu for a while and then looked up at me, “Is his name Balu?”

“How do you know?”

I was very amazed.

Adenauer smiled gently again, “My residence is nearby, and I saw Mrs. Krause take him out for a walk

“Wow.” I couldn’t help but sigh, “Your memory is really good.”

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