The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Chapter 2568 His Goal

“Let’s go…”

Mr. Caldwell nodded, looked up at Eric, smiled calmly, and finally shifted his gaze to Selena.

“We’ll take our leave, then. I wish you both happiness, Mr. Ferguson and Ms. Nelson.”

This was Eric’s ultimate goal.

Eric wanted everyone to know about his relationship with Selena.

He made Mr. Caldwell bow his head and apologize, which was humiliating. That way, it would cut off
any idea that the Caldwells have about wanting Taylor to marry Eric.

Mr. Caldwell saw it from the very beginning. His silly daughter uttered cruel words and stopped all
cooperation with Eric.

This was Eric’s purpose.

Mr. Caldwell was willing to cooperate because he knew that as long as Eric did not agree to it,
novelebook.comTaylor would not be able to marry him even if she wanted to.

Mr. Caldwell only came today just to test the waters.

He saw the results and had nothing more to say.

Selena also felt that Eric went overboard. Mr. Caldwell was not like Ivan.

He was a kind and reasonable man.

Selena felt a little embarrassed to receive his apology.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Selena quickly said, “Chairman Caldwell, Ivan is just outspoken. I
didn’t actually take it to heart, but you should remind him not to be used as a pawn. I have no grudges
against Ivan, and we had never even met before, but he stood up for someone else without asking for
the full story. In the end, he finally got into trouble and asked his family to clean up the mess. On the
contrary, the woman behind him remained silent. If he still can’t see it, then I can only say that he
deserves it.”

Selena’s words stopped short.

Mr. Caldwell gave Ivan a meaningful look.

Ivan was anxious. He immediately looked at Lara, who shook her head in a panic and wanted to

“No, it’s not me…”

Mr. Caldwell did not say much. He nodded slightly toward Selena and left with his children.

Lara was so nervous that she did not know what to do. She did not know how things escalated like this.

How could Eric be so biased toward Selena, an insignificant caregiver?

“Mr. Ferguson, what Ms. Nelson said is not true! I did apologize sincerely!”

Eric chuckled lightly. “Sincerely?”

He said this word playfully and did not want to talk to Lara anymore.

Eric squeezed Selena’s hand.

“Are you hungry? Have you eaten anything? They must have disturbed your good mood.”

Selena smiled. The gloom just now finally dissipated.

Eric’s strangeness also disappeared.

This was his normal self.

“Yeah. Shall we get something to eat?”


Eric smiled, but the smile did not reach his eyes. His heart was heavy and burdened.

The waiter came over and led them in the other direction.

“Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Nelson, there is an elevator over there.”

They specially arranged it for Eric.

Selena thanked the waiter and walked over with Eric.

After entering the elevator, the lights brightened.

His handsome face was covered under his sunglasses. His nose bridge was straight, and his eyelids
were thin and restrained.

As soon as the two got on the elevator, Selena relaxed and wanted to let go of his hand, but Eric did
not budge.

Selena smiled. “There’s no one else here, so you can let go now. Mr. Ferguson, you were so cool just

Eric turned his head slightly, not knowing whether he was facing her or not. His eyes swept past her,
and his tone was calm.

“Cool? Selena, do you still want to marry me?”

His deep voice resounded in the elevator.

Eric thought about it. Perhaps he was too impulsive and should not ask her like this.

The series of things that followed would overwhelm him.

However, Lara’s words were still lingering in his ears. Selena did not like him at all.

Eric knew that Selena was not after his money.

But what he was afraid of was that Selena did not like him anymore.

Back then, Eric was afraid of Selena talking about marriage.

Eric was willing to date her for the rest of his life.

However, after breaking up with Selena, Eric reflected on himself.

It was important that his wife was from a well-matched However, that was on
the premise that he had never met Selena.

Now that they met, why did he still care about other women from well-matched families?

Eric had never wavered between Taylor and Selena. He knew who he wanted.

Since Eric wanted Selena so much, why did he push her away again and again? Why would he let her
stay and wait for him in an awkward position?

Was the position of Mrs. Ferguson really that important?

Was it so important that he would not even give the woman he loved a title?

Eric regretted it.

Since they reconciled, Eric started to view this relationship seriously.

Eric brought Selena here today so that his father and everyone else would know her existence.

In the future, they would be together forever.

This way, Selena could not leave him willfully and casually.

It was just a marriage. Would it mean anything if that person was not Selena?

Eric stretched out his hand and pinched Selena’s cheek accurately.

His fingers were clean and slightly cool from the outside chill. When he touched her face unexpectedly,
Selena shivered.

Selena did not even dare to look up at him.

Eric obviously could not see her, but she could somehow feel that fiery gaze behind his sunglasses.

It was burning hot.

Selena gulped. She put her arms around his neck and smiled. Then, she rubbed against him with the
tip of her nose.

“Mr. Ferguson, aren’t we good together? Why are you talking about marriage now? You make me
sound like I have a motive for getting back together with you. Don’t worry. Our relationship is still the

same as before. We’ll only date and not talk about marriage. You can keep the position of Mrs.
Ferguson empty. I will only be your girlfriend.”

Selena’s coquettish words shocked Eric.

Eric should be happy, right?

If Selena had said these words to him three months ago, he would probably have praised her for being
sensible and generous.

Now, there seemed to be a missing piece in his heart.

He did not know why he felt like this.

Although Selena was standing by his side now, her heart seemed shielded, so he could not see what
was going on underneath.

Eric did not even dare to search for the real answer.

That was because he was afraid that the answer was not the one he wanted to hear.

Eric did not give it to her when she wanted it.

Now that he offered it to her, she did not want it anymore.

Eric thought that he was a bit ridiculous. How did he end up like this?

He turned his head to look at Selena’s bright smile, and his heart trembled slightly.

“You don’t want to marry me?”

His voice was as soft as a light breeze, and he spoke without confidence.

Selena pursed her lips. She felt a little irritable, but she did not show it on her face.

Why was Eric dwelling on this topic?

On the surface, Selena smiled gently and affectionately. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you really want to dwell on this topic?”

Eric’s black sunglasses were facing her.

There was darkness in front of him, and the light rays were a little blurred.

However, Eric was eager to see the woman in front of him and get the answer he wanted.

Eric grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest.

“What if I insist on an answer to this question?”

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