Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 1098

As he spoke, the corner of Shawn's lips twitched. "By the way, I arranged two bodyguards for you the
night before you passed out and were hospitalized. How is it? Can you stand it? Do you like it?"

" arranged it..."

"That's right. How could I touch a dirty and vicious woman like you?" Shawn said.

Winnie's eyes were dull.

Everything she thought she had turned out to be nothing!

It was unreal!

She never had it!


Suddenly, Shawn pulled Winnie's hand away and pushed her away!

"I've wanted to get rid of your hands a long time ago. The thing about peeling walnuts... Do you still
remember?" novelebook.comShawn raised his feet, and the leather shoes stepped heavily on Winnie's
fingers, crushing them.

Winnie looked at the pair of shiny leather shoes. "You are starting to settle scores, Shawn."

"That's right! Eye for an eye!"

Winnie gritted her teeth. More and more blood flowed from her mouth, but...

She did not cry out in pain!

When Shawn's leather shoes were taken away, her fingers were bloody, and she could not move at all!

She looked up at Gale. "Are you satisfied? Are you happy? From the beginning to the end, you are the
real winner. You are the woman Shawn has always loved deeply. You are the one who has all the glory
and wealth."

"I lost, I lost! Four years ago, I was blocked by the entire entertainment industry, and I left Sea City in a
mess, and my career was in a mess! However, I did not admit defeat! I had plastic surgery to look like
you, and four years later, I came back again!"

"I thought I could succeed, but unexpectedly, Gale, you came back from the dead and returned to town!
You snatched away my Shawn again!"

"Shawn directly kicked me out of the house. I had no choice but to live on the streets... Natalie took me
in! She helped me stand beside Shawn again! This time, I thought I really won it all! I enjoy the joy of
being a winner, but I don't know that all of this is nothing! It's just what I thought! Whether it was four
years ago or four years later, Gale, I lost to you!" Winnie laughed loudly.

She has always been defeated by Gale...

She just enjoyed the short-lived feeling of superiority!

"Sure enough, you disappeared near Aurum's house in the end, and Natalie hid you. The two of you
can just join forces and just target me. Why did you attack Nicole!"

"Because Shawn has protected you so well, we have no chance at all! Natalie found out that Nicole
has leukemia and is in the hospital waiting for surgery... That was our only chance!"

"Nicole is just a child. How can you do that!"

Winnie gritted her teeth. "Yes, she is your baby, the jewel in your palm, and your heir who has gained a
firm foothold in the Wood family! novelebook.comOf course, you love her like life! But to me, Nicole is a

thorn in my side, a thorn in my flesh!"

Every time she heard Nicole call her Mommy, Winnie felt boundless jealousy in her heart.

Such a cute and well-behaved daughter, born to Gale!

Although she has been comforting herself, Nicole was just a girl, not a boy, so she could not pose a
threat to her and could not take away her future child's inheritance rights!

However, Nicole has been recognized by the Wood family. Mr. Wood would send all kinds of toys,
clothes and skirts every now and then. His love for this great-granddaughter is beyond words.

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