Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 3003

Gwen's entire body stiffened when she saw Stefan's reaction. She furrowed her eyebrows and
immediately realized what she had done. "Luke is…someone that I used to know."

"That's the name of my old boss," Kurt said as he stepped into the house. "He passed away some time

Since he had promised Stefan that he would go along with his act and pretend to be acquaintances,
that was what he had to do.

He strode over to Gwen and reached out to shake her hand. "Long time no see, Ms. Larson."

Gwen widened her eyes in shock when she saw who it was. A split second later, her gaze changed to
one of incredulity. "Are you…Kurt?"

"Yes, that's me." Kurt chuckled. "I thought you had forgotten me."

"Why would I?" Gwen shook her head, and her gaze fell on Kurt's broken arm. "I just never thought

Kurt was one of the bravest and most ruthless of all of Luke's men. Out of all of them, he had been
selected to become Luke's personal bodyguard and had assumed this role for many years. Thus, it
was safe to say that Kurt was one of the most outstanding fighters in Sea City.

Why did he end up like this?

This was why Gwen had hesitated when she first laid eyes on him. She could not believe that the
formidable man she once knew would end up vulnerable and homeless.

"I got into a car accident while delivering food," Kurt explained, giving her a meek smile. "Before Boss
passed away, he instructed and made arrangements for me to leave this place, but I chose not to

because the woman I love lives here. I eventually returned to Sea City and intended to help the rest of
the gang build our foundation up again, but it turns out everything had changed since Boss' passing.

"The ones that were loyal to him had all become fugitives and were forced to go into hiding."

Kurt sighed, then glanced meaningfully at Stefan before continuing, "I had no choice but to get out on
my own and do everything I can to survive. Since I don't have any special skills, the only job I can hold
down is delivering food. I wanted to save up some money to eventually start a business and hopefully
be able to marry the love of my life in the future, but a few months after doing that, I got into a terrible

"Stefan found me just now when I was getting beaten up. Not only did he chase all the bullies away, but
he even brought me to a clinic to get me treated, which was why it took him so long to return."

With that, he curled his lips into a bitter smile and turned to gaze at Gwen. "Isn't this embarrassing? I
don't even have the guts to go see the woman I love in this state. Even now, she has no idea I

"It's not." Gwen was touched by Kurt's story. "You… You chose to start your life afresh amid all the
hardships, and I'm certain that Luke would've been happy to hear this."

She glanced at Stefan. "Have you gotten the food?"

Stefan nodded and placed the takeout bag on the table.

"Come, sit." Gwen gestured at the seats before her, indicating for Stefan and Kurt to sit down.

After the three of them took their seats, Gwen opened the takeout bag, revealing two portions of food.
She got some clean tableware from the kitchen and prepared the food. "We're all going through a hard
time here, so let's share this."

With that, she glanced at Kurt and asked, "Where are you living now?"

"I rented a little place to stay in the shanty part of town, off to the east…"

"You should move here and stay with us," Gwen interrupted him. "This villa is more than enough for the
three of us, and it's much more comfortable and safer than where you live now."

Kurt froze. He first glanced at Gwen, then at Stefan. "Um… Is this really a good idea?"

He would be interrupting their alone time if he were to move in with Gwen and Stefan.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Gwen smiled when she heard this. "Stefan and I are just friends, so don't
overthink this. I share this place with Stefan, so what's to say I can't share it with you too? Besides, the
more the merrier."

With Kurt around, it would save her some of the awkwardness of being constantly alone with Stefan.
Besides, she was certain that Kurt would be of use to her in trying to break her father out.

Kurt pursed his lips and replied, "Well…"

"You should move in here." Stefan glanced at him. "That way, we can all look after each other."

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