Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 700

A Theif’s Rule


John mercilessly slapped Angela’s buttocks. He said while slapping. “Didn’t you say you were going to
the grave? Didn’t you say that there was no signal? Didn’t you say that you were not in Australia?

“Girl, you are getting more and more naughty. You dared lie to me!

“I said that if I found out that you were lying, I would kick your ass. Apologize to me!”

Among all the older sisters, Angela was probably the only one John dared to talk this way.

Because she was so silly!

So cute!

Besides, John had higher seniority in the Grand Theft than her.She was the most suitable one to joke

John also slapped the other girls, but they all resisted fiercely. Later, they would definitely beat John to

Only Angela dared not.

She was so sweet and gentle.

When John just rushed over, Angela panicked and struggled violently. She didn’t realise it was John
until he started to talk.

It turned out that the inexplicable neurosis was John.

He was teasing her the whole time.

“John, John, stop quickly. I know I was wrong…”

“What do you call me?”

“Brother, I know I was wrong…”

“What do you call me?”

“Honey, I know I was wrong…”

“That’s better.”

John was finally satisfied. He stopped slapping Angela and put her off his shoulders.

*John, you are toc fierce!” Angela looked at John aggrievedly and said resentfully.

John glanced at her open neckline and knowingly asked, “Where’s the amulet I gave you?”

“In the storage bag’

“Didn’t it tell you to wear it all the time? Why did you take it off?”

“Because, because I often go to graves with my master. It’s inconvenient to wear it all the time,” Angela
said guiltily.

“Now I’m angry again.”

John held down Angela and slapped her again. Angela kept begging John to stop and said that she
would never do it again.

John didn’t believe her at all.

Of course, he didn’t hit her hard. He quickly let go of Angela and asked, “Why did you hide from me?”

Angela said there was no signal at the grave, and then she hid the amulet. Apparently, she was hiding
from John.

Hearing John’s question, Angela tried to defend herself “L.. I didn’t hide from you…”

John’s face darkened. He rolled up his sleeves and said, “It seemed that I hit you too light just now! I
will slap you heavier this time.”

Angela pouted her mouth and said aggrievedly, “John, don’t be angry. I just… I’m afraid I’ll be
embarrassed when I see you…”

“Why do you feel embarrassed to see me…”

Just as John was about to ask, he suddenly thought of something. He stopped asking abruptly.

Of course, he knew why Angela was embarrassed.

After all, they had done such a thing, especially in a muddle-headed situation.

Angela was initially silly and innocent. She didn’t know how to face things like that, so she felt
embarrassed and avoided John.

There was another reason. Gianna told her that there was still a lot of time for her and John in the
future. They had a long way ahead of them to go.

Therefore, Angela felt it was OK for her to stay away from John for a while. After all, they would have a
lot of time. Things might gradually get better in the future, and there might be a breakthrough at that

John didn’t understand the girl’s mind very well. But when he saw Angela’s aggrieved appearance, his
heart ached and his eyes softened.

“Silly girl, don’t take it off again!”

John took out the amulet and helped Angela wear it with his own hands. Although his tone was as
domineering as ever, his movement was gentle.

Angela nodded obediently. The blush on her cheeks was like burning clouds, making her look even
more charming

After helping Angela wear the amulet, John fixed her clothes to cover her neck. Then he asked with
confidence, “You came to Australia for those cultural relics?”

“Well, I’m patriotic…”

Just as Angela was about to admit it, she saw John’s strange expression and changed her word.

“Actually, I wanted to come here to dig something at first. When chatting with my sister, I accidentally
learned about the cultural relics. So I wondered if I could get those things back. But I didn’t expect you
to come here too.”

Hearing this, John immediately praised Angela, “You are really awesome. You come abroad to dig
others’ ancient graves!”

Angela didn’t sense John’s sarcasm. She said triumphantly, “Not only Australia but also many other
countries. I have been to them all.”

“It’s awesome. I’m so glad you haven’t been detained yet. I’m so proud of you.”

“John, stop praising me. I will be embarrassed.”

“Am I praising you? Fine, I’m praising you.”

John asked again, “Since you saw me kill the big white snake, you should be able to guess that I would
bring those cultural relics back fairly and honestly. Why did you still steal them?”

“You don’t understand. I have been staring at that basement for a long time and finally found an
opportunity. If I didn’t do it myself, I would feel something was wrong.”

John laughed and said, “I understand. This must be the thieves’ rules!”

“Bah, you are the thief. Those things originally belonged to our country. I just got them back and
charged some extra bonus.”

“Okay. You are beautiful, so everything you say makes sense.”

John didn’t argue with her. Anyway, members of Grand Theft would never admit that they were thieves.

Everything could be attributed to the word “fate.”

To become a disciple of Grand Theft, one must be cheeky.

John declined to comment.


John said, “Actually, Alice has also come to Australia. Why don’t we go meet her and then go back to
the US together?”

Angela pondered momentarily but suddenly shook her head and said, “No, there will be more
opportunities to meet her in the future. I have to go back to the US as soon as possible. There are very
important things. waiting for me to do.”

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