Always Been Yours

Chapter 1512


Kieran could not refute those words.

Everybody else was amused by Gregory's statement. At the same time, they strongly agreed with
those words. After all, similar situations had frequently occurred over the past two years.

Dinner passed amidst happy laughter.

After dinner, Timothy took out the presents he brought back from abroad and shared them with the

Then, they gathered in the living room to chat.

It was not until late evening that Timothy left with Sabrina to visit the Gullivers.

The elders of the Gulliver Family were very happy to see Timothy.

That night, the three men drank a lot.

Timothy was soon drunk under the table by the rest of the men, so Sabrina helped him to the guest
room to rest.

When they entered the room, Sabrina originally wanted to settle Timothy on the bed and then bring
some warm water over for him.

Little did she expect that Timothy would hug her tightly and refuse to let go. He repeatedly murmured

her name under his breath. "Sabrina."

With each call, his voice became increasingly gentle and affectionate.

Just listening to his voice made her heart melt.

Before she realized what was happening, the world spun around her. Their positions were switched in
an instant.

Immediately after that, he kissed her passionately.

The kiss stunned her for a moment. Then, she actively wrapped her arms around his neck. Closing her
eyes, she responded to his advances.

The temperature in the room gradually climbed upward.

They were about to progress to the last stage and become intimate when Timothy sobered up at that
critical moment and shoved Sabrina away roughly.

"Timothy?" A coquettish but puzzled voice burst out from Sabrina's mouth.

She had yet to recover from their passionate encounter earlier.

He swallowed with difficulty. Using all the strength in his body, he finally suppressed the restless feeling
in his body. He replied in a hoarse voice, "Now is not the time. Wait a few more days. We can continue
after our wedding."

He insisted on waiting until their most beautiful and romantic day.

She calmed down. When she heard his response, she couldn't help feeling very touched.

A short while later, she walked out of the room with a flushed complexion and unexpectedly bumped
into her mother along the corridor.

As an experienced woman, how could Melina fail to realize what her daughter had gone through
earlier? Nevertheless, she was delighted that Timothy had held on to his promise until the end.

With that thought in mind, she sighed in amazement. "You truly have a good eye for men. I can see that
Timothy is unwavering in his principles. In the future, you should trust him more. Do you understand?"

Although her mother's words were very indirect, Sabrina understood what she meant. Her flushed
complexion turned even hotter and redder.

"Mom, it's getting late. You should rest early. I'm off to bed now." After saying that, she quickly fled to
her room.

The wedding date approached in the blink of an eye.

The Reinhart Family no longer had many friends or relatives, and Timothy did not have many friends
either. Therefore, Tessa invited her close friends to the wedding in hopes of livening up the

Her friends who arrived in Southend were accommodated in the hotels under the Sawyer Group.

Mona was one of them. However, Tessa soon discovered that Mona had a poor complexion upon her

That afternoon, everybody had lunch together. Halfway through the meal, Mona suddenly ran out with
her hand over her mouth.

"I'll go and check on her."

After saying that, Tessa worriedly chased after Mona.

When she came to the restroom, she found Mona bent over the sink and vomiting. Thus, she
immediately became extremely worried. "Mona, are you alright?"

"I… I'm fine. I'm just having some trouble adjusting after traveling here, so my stomach is acting up."
Mona waved her hand dismissively, gesturing to Tessa not to worry about her.

Tessa, however, found her explanation rather strange.

Nevertheless, Mona's symptoms were indeed similar to having trouble acclimatizing. In the end, she
made a suggestion. "Why don't we go and see a doctor?"

"No need. Just help me to my room so that I can rest." Mona refused without even considering the

Tessa could not persuade Mona otherwise, so she agreed to help her back to her room.

Lying on the bed, Mona urged Tessa to return to the restaurant. "You should return quickly. There are
many people waiting for you downstairs."

"Alright. I'll be heading back first. If you continue to feel sick, don't hesitate to give me a call. I will
arrange for the family doctor to come over and examine you."

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