Resent, Reject, Regret

Chapter 945

I'll Tell the Media the Truth

"why hasn’t Mr.Brighthall come out to say anything after three days? Is it not the truth that his fiancee’s
been sleeping with other men? The fact that he remains silent even after this discovery makes people
wonder if the rumors are true about him doing equally despicable things on his own.Is this him trying to
give Charli a second chance because he needs to absolve his own guilt?"

"Nobody with a healthy sense of self-worth would accept a partner like this! novelebook Does the fact
that Brendan can show that he’s someone who's on the same boat as she is?"

Charlene snuck out of the cab and entered the basement parking lot, making her way to the private

When she passed an employee by, she removed her mask to show them who she was.

The employee regarded her with contempt and disgust, but they pushed the button to the highest floor
and let her in silently.

She reached the door to his office.

Just one second before pushing the door open, she heard Sam shouting at his angriest.

"We could still make up some excuse to reduce the damage from her scandal during the wedding if
those photos were not leaked.

But we've moved far beyond that already, Mr.Brighthall! Her pictures with other men have been leaked!
If you insist on defending her, it won't just be you who will be destroyed.

The entire Brighthall Group will suffer along! "you have to wake up, sir! It's time to abandon
her!"Brendan said nothing.He simply drummed his fingers on his desk.

Charlene clenched her fists anxiously.She pushed the door open.


Sam was stunned for a second—only to have his shock replaced by disgust.

"What are you doing here? Upset that the chaos is still too meek to your liking?"


Brendan grumbled, his visage nipping.

The cigarette in his hand burnt to half its length.

Sam gritted through his rage and stormed out of his office, slamming the door on his way out.

Brendan waited until Sam was out before extinguishing his cigarette.He sniped a look at Charlene,
no.vele,book and his features turned cold and hostile.

"What are you here for?"


Charlene stammered.She had no idea these people were heartless enough to dump her most
humiliating photos out there.

If she sat out of this one—if she did not explain to Brendan firsthand why these photos existed—she
would lose that one last straw she had to save herself.

"I know you hate me so much you want to throw me out of the window right now, Bren, but please let
me explain!" she said, her eyes red as she quivered.

She had to force herself to let only a single tear trickle out.

"Do you remember that day during I told you someone wanted me to help ruin you?"

Something in Brendan’s eyes burned.

"Oh.So you're telling me they are now ruining you because they didn’t manage to destroy me enough."

Charlene’s tears burst out from her eyes.

"Five months ago, they abducted me when I was out and forced me to work with them.I love you so
much I refused to do it, so they...raped me.They took pictures of it and used them to blackmail me.They
said I had to work with them or else...they’d show you these pictures..."

"Our relationship was crumbling at that time, Bren! I was so scared! I was so afraid that you’d abandon
me and not want me anymore.So I...I agreed.I wanted to tell you the truth after we got married, but they
beat me to it and ruined me before that.They leaked the pictures out anyway!"

Charlene was shaking so much that she looked like she was about to topple at any time.

She helped herself up by the wall as she sobbed.

Brendan frowned, but he looked...convinced.

She bit her lips.

"Bren, I know I have no right to ask you to forgive me.So, I’ll go down there and tell the media the
truth.I'll tell them none of the things I’ve done had anything to do with you!"

She turned on her heels as though she was a martyr marching to her end.

Then, instantly, she felt yanked into a man’s arms.

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