The Alpha's Rejected Heir

Chapter Ten

Rosalyn's pov

"Rosalyn will you become the luna of this pack?"

When Mrs black asked me that question I just stood there not knowing whether to hyperventilate from shock or to laugh and ask her if she's crazy, I decided on neither and just stood there staring, needless to say I wasn't the only one. Ke'shaun was looking at her as if she grew three heads. After I recovered from my shocked state I turned to see Mrs black looking at me expectantly so I decided to speak my mind.

"Mrs black"

"oh please dear call me judith"

"Ok Judith listen if you had asked me that question 17 years ago I probably would have jumped for joy and accepted your request but I won't become Luna of this pack firstly, because I'm no longer a member of this pack and I don't plan on rejoining any time soon I'm just here for my family nothing else, and secondly, your son rejected me all those years ago and I always wondered why, was I not good enough or too pretty for him but now I know that he rejected me because apparently I wasn't good enough or rich enough so I have the answer to my question now. There was a part of me that knew if all those years ago when i yearned for him if he had found me and asked me to take him back I would have said yes but am not the needy teen-ager I was back then I'm a grown woman and honestly whatever bond he and I shared back then it's definitely gone now because I have no feelings for him whatsoever so I can't be the luna I have only two responsibilities in this world and that's my café, and being a mother to my son and I'd say I've been doing a damn good job at both so I don't need anything else I would suggest you accept your son's choice and just let amber be the luna. I'm not trying to be disrespectful or hurtful towards your son or you I'm only speaking the truth and this is how I honestly feel so in short my answer is no Mrs black I will not be the luna of this pack."

After I was done talking I could see a lot of emotions flashing on ke'shaun's face anger, hurt, sadness etc and his mother's held disappointment and sadness. Before anyone could reply to what I said amber spoke up

"well am glad you came to your senses and know that you can't be luna of this pack because that spot belongs to me besides no one wants you and your bastard son here anyways so just go back to wherever it is you crawled from."

The moment those words left her mouth I had her pinned to the wall shocking everyone in the room.

"What did you just say about my son, bitch?"

I asked her anger laced in my every word, she was clawing at my hands in attempt to set herself free but needless to say her attempts were futile I gripped her throat tighter and said

"the moment I came here I've tried to be as nice as possible because if you thought my son's anger was horrible then you would be in for a rude awakening when you saw mine, now i have been attacked by your alpha twice since I've been here but I let it go because I honestly don't like being violent you see I'm the kind of person who if I'm doused in liquor or food hell sometimes if I'm even spit on 3/4 of the time I'll just walk away and forget it but the moment you messed with my son is the moment you die bitch and it will be a slow and antagonizing death" I say as I threw her across the room like a rag doll,

hearing the cracks of bones puts an evil smirk on my lips. As I'm about to pick her up again I feel a hand on mine and based on the very faint sparks I knew it was Ke'shaun before even looking up, he had a scowl on his face and I could tell he was pissed

"Rosalyn like you said your not a member of this pack only a visitor I will not allow you to attack a pack member and this packs luna so if you insist on hurting amber your gonna have to go through me" he said standing in front of her protectively

"so your gonna let this bitch call your son a bastard and not do anything about it?" I all but yelled

"First of all I would advise you not to raise your voice at me secondly I don't care what she said you will not attack her" he replied, by this I was seething with anger.

"I will raise my voice whenever the fuck I feel like asshole and I'll take your answer to my question as you making it clear you want nothing to do with my son, that's good to know so now he won't have to secretly wonder if you would accept him cause he's got his answer now." I say walking in the direction to the front door

"I never said that Rosalyn but then again why would I want anything to do with him when he Clearly doesn't want anything to do with me huh?" He said looking in my direction

"Don't worry alpha everything is as my son said this morning as long as your pack members stay away from us we'll stay away from them we will not interfere with them or anything that has to do with your pack and we most definitely will not be overstaying our welcome as soon as my brother wedding ends and him and Genevieve leaves for their honeymoon we will also make our departure and you won't have to worry about us ever again" I answered before shifting into my large white wolf and running into the forest.

upla say I was pissed was an understatement how could he let that slut talk about his own damn son like that but I guess the fault is mine for thinking he would accept Alessandro based on how he acted the first day we came here, I never expected him and me to have any kind of relationship and honestly I don't want one with him I just thought maybe he'd want his son but he proved me wrong.

"Rosalyn!!! Rosalyn wait up."

I was snapped out of my mental rant to hear someone calling my name I could see someone running towards me but I didn't recognize the voice. when the person came closer I realized it was Jermaine ke'shaun's brother, what does he want I thought to myself I remember him from when we were in highschool I had a crush on him back then but I knew it wouldn't amount to anything but a crush seeing as he was the alpha's son and i was nobody I doubt he even knew I existed until a couple days ago, so what could he want with me now? why was he calling me? I sat on the grass still in my wolf form waiting for him to catch upl might as well hear what he has to say hopefully he's not like the rest of his family who seems to be trying to get me to slaughter them all because if he is like them and say or make one wrong move I won't hesitate to kill him instantly.

When he caught up to me I could see he had some clothes in his hands am guessing he wants me to shift back so I took the clothes from him and went behind a tree, I shifted and put on the shorts and blouse that he gave me I'm surprised they fit so well although the shorts felt a lot like booty shorts to me but still they were comfortable enough and wasn't all that revealing. I walked from behind the tree and asked

"why did you stop me?"

He looked me over once before saying

"I wanted to talk to you and also apologize for the way my family acted towards you and my nephew I also noticed throughout this whole ordeal no one bothered to ask for your side of the story so I came here to ask just that, not for the sake of my family but my own I wanted to know why I only found out I had a nephew just a couple days ago so pleased if you don't mind could you explain what exactly happened between you and my brother 17 years ago."