The Alpha's Rejected Heir

Chapter Four

Rosalyn pov

Sunday went by quickly and uneventful, Alessandro and i had finished our packing by midday, we also visited our friends at the pack house to say our goodbyes. We are currently at the airport waiting on our flight which had been delayed by an hour, as I sat in the airport my mind took me back to a time when I was younger.


"Micheal dear lunch is ready come inside and eat" my mother called

"coming mom" Michael answered

I sat on the grass waiting for her to call me, I stayed there waiting but she never called I got up and went inside to find her and Michael eating

"mom where is my food?"

She turned and stared at me with the meanest glare I have ever seen then she got up and smacked me across the face and yelled

"stupid brats don't get an ounce of food in my house go to your room you worthless child"

I ran up the stairs to my room with tearful eyes trying to figure out what I did to make my mother angry........end of flashback

I drifted back to reality when I heard the flight attendant calling the passengers for our flight, Alessandro and I got up and headed to the gate to board the plane.

The flight was 20 hours long (A/N I'm not sure how long a flight from Italy to California is) when we departed from the plane I needed to use the bathroom so Alessandro went to collect our bags. When I came back I saw Alessandro standing in front of someone it looked like they were having a conversation I wondered who he could be talking to since he doesn't know anyone in Cali, as I got closer the person's features became more clearer and after a few more steps I could see who it was clearly.

"Michael!!" I yelled flashing my hands in the air

Michael turned in my direction as well as Alessandro, they both smiled at me as I made my way over. when I was close enough Michael pulled me into a bone crushing bear hug

"hey baby sis I missed you so much" he said kissing my head

"I missed you too" I replied.

When we pulled apart Micheal grabbed our bags and we made our way to the car. As we drove out I asked Micheal

"how has the pack been all these years since I've been gone?"

"It's been good we haven't had any rogue problems in over a year and our warriors are in top form but all that wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for our alpha" he replied

My heart ached a little at the mention of my mate but I quickly shook it off and continued asking questions then I asked the question I didn't think would be uttered from my mouth

"how's mom and dad?"

Michael stiffened at the mention of our parents then he sighed and relaxed

"dad is good he moved into the pack house a few months ago" he replied

"and mom?" I asked wondering how come he hasn't mentioned her

I saw him stiffened again this time he gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, he sighed again even louder this time then said

"mom left"

That was it, nothing more, I wanted to ask him more about it but I could tell it was difficult for him to talk about so I let the issue rest and leaned against the window, soon after, I faded into darkness.

"Mom wake up we're here" I heard Alessandro's voice in my head

"am not going to work today Alessandro just take the bus to school" I replied getting ready to go back to sleep

"mom were not in Italy were in California, were at the pack house get up!"

I turned on my side stretching my hands, when they hit something above my head I opened my eyes realizing I wasn't in my bed but in a car I quickly sat up to see Alessandro staring at me with annoyance I was about to ask him what's wrong when everything came rushing back

"we're here?" I asked

"yes! now would you please get out of the car so we can go inside" Alessandro whined

I grabbed my bag and got out of the car. looking around, the place hasn't changed much since I left it was weird; I latched on to Alessandro's arm as we made our way into the pack house it was late in the night so no one was awake. When we reached the living room Michael appeared and beckoned for us to follow him so he could show us to our rooms. Alessandro asked if we could get a room with two beds so he and I could share because he refused to leave me by myself micheal chuckled and nodded thinking it was Alessandro being protective of his mother but I knew it went deeper than that.

Before we left Alessandro made me promise not to go anywhere too far without him while we were here because he was sure someone would recognize me soon enough and try to make trouble. We arrived at our room and micheal bid us a good night before leaving to go to his mate as it was late in the night and he missed her. I unpacked my things from my bag and did my nightly routine which consisted of brushing my teeth and washing my face I also changed into my pajamas, when I exited the bathroom Alessandro was already in bed texting away on his phone I walked over and kissed him on the cheek

"Goodnight mi bambino"(my baby)

"goodnight mom" he said before placing his phone under the pillow and got under the covers.

I wrapped the sheet around me and laid on my back the last thing I remember was closing my eyes before darkness engulfed me.

I woke up to the sun peering through the window I blinked a few times so my eyes could adjust to the lighting of the room when I woke up I realized Alessandro wasn't in the room I focus my hearing to search for him and heard his voice down stairs it sounded like he made a few friends. I got up and went to my closet I took out a gray shorts that reached mid thigh and a gray tank top, I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine then changed into the clothes I picked out. I opened the room door and headed downstairs to get some coffee I am a very grumpy person without my morning coffee, as i reach the final steps of the stairs I smelt the aroma of fresh coffee I followed the scent into the kitchen to see Alessandro standing there with a mug of coffee in his hands he stretched it out to me with a smile

"Buongiorno mamma"(good morning mom) he said as i took the mug from his hand .

"Buongiorno mi bambino" I replied

The kids he was talking to look at us like we just grew two more heads Alessandro laughed and said

"it's our good morning greeting and it's Italian by the way" he said with a smirk

They mouthed a 'oh' before walking away. Alessandro placed a plate with eggs sausage bacon and pancakes in front of me, I pulled up a chair and sat down to have my breakfast; when I reached midway of my meal an intoxicating scent filled my nose a scent that brought my sleeping wolf awake within seconds a scent that brought back memories and feelings, feelings I buried a long time ago feelings only one person could give me and that one person was Ke'shaun Black.