The Alpha's Rejected Heir

Chapter Two

Rosalyn pov

I started panicking internally as soon as he uttered those words I knew where he was I with this but I can't go back there I can't face the place that destroyed me plus I haven't told him about ke'shaun being my mate he just knows that I was rejected and the reason I left was because I couldn't handle the pain.

"Sis you there?"

I heard Michaels voice bringing me back to reality.

"Yeah am still here" i replied

"look I know it's sudden and I totally understand if you say no but I was really hoping that you would come to my wedding, it's not until next month but as you know Genevieve's mom passed away when she was young and she was hoping you could help her plan the wedding plus it would give me a chance to meet my nephew in person"

I sighed in defeat when he played the "Genevieve's mom is dead" card he knew Genevieve and I had developed a bond over the period of time I knew her so if she asked me to be there I wasn't gonna disappoint plus it's my big bro's wedding day am not gonna let those assholes stop me from being there for him I just didn't know how I was gonna convince Alessandro to come or allow me to go he knew about his father and my parents I remember the day I told him everything he was four years old.


"Mommy why doesn't daddy want us?"

"What do you mean baby?"

"Well I had a dream last night and I saw daddy telling you that he doesn't want you and you left your house and ran into the woods."

I stared at Alessandro with shock written all over my face. He was talking about the night I got rejected but I haven't mentioned my rejection since the day I met the alpha and the luna so how did he know about it.

"Mommy are you ok you're doing that thing when you stare at the wall again"

"am sorry honey mommy was just thinking, by the way how did you know that daddy doesn't want us? that was just a dream"

"I don't know I guess I've always known, it was more like a feeling I can't explain it, so do you know why he doesn't want us mommy?......End of flashback.

That day I explained everything thing that happened in my life the best way I could so a four year olds mind could understand I made sure to tell Alessandro that even though his father rejected me doesn't mean he wouldn't accept him I gave him the choice to meet his father but every time I brought it up he said no.

I told my brother I would be at his wedding he asked me to fly out next week because I explained to him that i had a pack celebration to attend in a few days plus I had to talk to my alpha to gain permission to attend the wedding. We discussed travel arrangements and then I ended the call. I decided to take a bath and get myself something to eat because I'm gonna need the energy in order to tell Alessandro that we're going back to California.

This was gonna be a long night.