The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 132

Twenty-Six: Joselin

Joselin’s P.O.V.

They moved me with purpose, pulling me closer to the mountain briskly. It would work in my favor as
they knew where to step and what areas of the mountain to avoid.

The brunette had been much stronger than I had expected, and she pulled out the dagger with ease,
her body instantly producing a layer of thick green moss to cover and heal her wound. But as she
played with my weapon, staring at me with malice, I knew she would not be gentle when she had her
turn with me.

I wasn’t planning on it going that far, though. While my body was burning up and wetness had pooled
between my legs, my mind cleared quickly.

But it was still hard to think about anything other than getting relief, and I had to imagine this was
similar to how wolves felt when they were in heat. I could have jumped on anything that moved and
fucked it until my last breath. But I knew better. The siren blood I had ingested years ago had done its

Woodland nymphs were practically cousins to sirens. They shared enough that my resistance to the
siren compulsion helped me keep control mentally even though my body was turning on me.

The feeling of fingers running down my arm made me turn to the shortest of the three nymphs. Her
belly was large, with purple and black veins covering the skin. She was pregnant, whoever their last
male victim was had done his job, and now the others wanted a turn.

She sent me a wicked smile, licking her lips in a way that made me think she wanted to actually eat me
and not just play with me.

“What is a witch like you doing out here? Surely, you weren’t planning on taking our toy, were you?”
Her taunt was followed by leaning in closer and taking a deep breath before glancing down to my hips
with a low ticking noise in the back of her throat like a bug. “Mh, you smell so sweet!”

I wanted to curl my lip in disgust but caught myself and smiled at her. If she weren’t pregnant, she
would be the first to go. I debated whether to show her mercy or end her with the rest of them. Her
eyes narrowed, and she glanced down at the bite mark suspiciously.

Clearly, my acting needed a little work. As her eyes turned to my face, I glanced down at her breasts,
licking my lips seductively to distract her. “I like toys.”

The brunette in front of me stopped walking, her eyes glinting with mischief as she pressed the tip of
my dagger into the pad of her finger.

I came to a halt, the lack of movement intensifying the desperate aching between my legs. My thighs
pressed together, and while it wasn’t necessary, I let out a slight whine to emphasize my discomfort.
They seemed pleased by the sound and smirked at me.

“But do you like pain?”

My eyes dropped to the patch of moss covering her stab wound. Its small movements reminded me of
how dirt moved when worms or insects were right at the surface.

Ignorance. Play ignorant, Joselin.

“It hurts. I need…” My hand slipped between my legs, but my wrist was grabbed before I could touch
myself. I didn’t need shit beyond to take my knives back and to cut out their hearts. But I had a part to

play if I wanted them to take me as far up the mountain as they could safely. “Where are we going?”

There had to be caves in the mountain. Somewhere they lived and another where the creature was
hiding. Before we got there, I would end them.

There was no way I would let them pull me into their nest without a fight.

I wanted to kick myself when the redhead who had snuck up behind me and bitten me turned this time.
They were definitely on to me. I was being too coherent and curious.

I had never interacted with someone under an Oread’s compulsion before. My knowledge of what
happened from a bite was limited to what I had read in books about them. I had to imagine they weren’t
much different from a siren’s compulsion, but clearly, I was wrong.

“Don’t worry, precious. We are almost there.” Her smooth and seductive voice made me shiver, and I
could still see my blood on her lips. She smiled, her look of suspicion melting away at my reaction to
the sound of her voice.

The heavily pregnant nymph stayed glued to my side, twirling my hair around her finger and rubbing
her breasts against my bicep as she wrapped herself around my arm. Nothing was less attractive than
the smear of green on my arm when she stepped away from the patch of moss and flowers that had
been crushed between us.

It reminded me of how Tobias would lick my neck to leave his scent on me. She was marking me, and I
could feel the bile pushing its way up my throat.

I kept my eyes peeled for the entrance to their cave as they slowed and relaxed, but as they stopped, I
realized there wasn’t one. Chunks of the trees were missing, and as the injured brunette stepped up to
one, I felt my heart stop.

Her body morphed and sunk into the tree. The bark covered her, leaving the defined outline of her body
in its trunk, but it continued to pulse over her stab wound. My dagger was still in her hand, and I bit
back a groan, knowing I couldn’t get it back without waiting for her to wake or cutting it out of the tree.

I stumbled as I was busy staring at the nymph with my favorite blade, catching myself before looking
down and seeing the long white bone sticking out just enough to be seen from the ground.

One was touching another and another, and my eyebrows raised as I recognized the pattern as a web
of bones in the dirt. Interesting design choice. A rug would have worked just fine.

My eyes flicked around the other four women as they excitedly surrounded me. Four. I could handle

“Pretty little snowflake.” One of them said, and I shifted, pressing my thighs back together now that we
had stopped walking. The effects were wearing off, and I sent my silent gratitude to the dead siren
sitting at the bottom of the ocean by my favorite cliff for the short-lasting effects.

I had been training in combat since I was a teenager, and I wouldn’t let them get the upper hand again.
My backpack had been taken from me, and I could hear one of them going through it, but I ignored
them. My focus was on their leader.

As soon as the redhead was close enough, I pressed myself against the front of her body, my hands
going into her hair to distract her, preparing to snap her neck. She let out a high-pitched clicking sound
as she tilted her head to the side. Her eyes were the same dark green as algae, but the iris was oval
shaped, giving me the feeling that she could see right through me as her hands rested on my

Her tongue shot out, flicking my cheek before she let out a hiss of air and pressed her hands down,
forcing me to my knees.

I moved willingly, having already taken too long, debating how I wanted to attack. I had already made
the mistake of unknowingly letting them take me to their den, but I was not about to let them touch me
or for me to touch them.

Her hands grabbed my head as she spread her legs, whispering down at me. “Eat.”

I was too disgusted to laugh at their demand, and I jumped as I felt another spreading my jean-covered
legs, my knees digging into the bones beneath us as the head of the pregnant nymph slid beneath me
from behind.

I glanced down just as she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath through her nose before mewling with
excitement. “So sweet, so sweet.” Her hands wrapped around my thighs, and I smirked as she made
my next task much more manageable.

“Eat,” The redhead cooed again, throwing one knee over my shoulder.

There was one thing I hated more than the council, and that was someone below me, thinking they
could tell me what to do.

I leaned forward as the nymph below me reached up to unbutton my pants, my face getting deceivingly
close to the creature that had bitten me. The angle allowed my hands to reach the head of the one
below me, and she screamed as I jammed my thumbs into her eye sockets as deeply as I could.

She squealed loudly, her hands grabbing at her face. She would be distracted for a while. That only left
three who could fight.

The redhead stumbled back, surprised, and I jumped to my feet. Before I could make it to her, the other
two attacked. Their jaws were snapping with their long, needle-like teeth, defending their leader.

I was more prepared this time. I knew who and what I was up against. No one would be taking me by
surprise, and I kicked the heel of my foot into the throat of one. They dropped to the ground, grabbing
their neck while I spun around, dodging a swinging claw from the creature behind me.

The trees around us blew angrily in the breeze, and I anticipated them joining the fight. But they
continued to rustle loudly, like an audience cheering.

A body slammed into me from behind as I managed to get a grip around the blonde who had been
digging through my bag earlier, sending me flying. I rolled across the floor. The air was knocked out of
me as the nymphs closed in.

The tree beside me shuddered as it released its parasite, the brunette stepping forward as the bark
receded from her skin. I smiled, kicking the dagger from her hands and grabbing it quickly as I jumped
up to face them.

Letting me get my hands on it was going to be their undoing. The brunette hissed when she saw the
weapon in my hand. The three circled me, but I waited patiently for them to make their move. The
redhead went first. Her jagged nails cut my skin as I slipped to the side and past her attack, shoving the
blade into her back.

I had only a moment to yank it out as she fell forward, and the other two charged at me simultaneously.
We fought for several minutes, them getting in the occasional punch while I used my knife to slice their
skin open until they were coated in blood and lacerations.

The thinnest of the bunch dropped to her knees as she grabbed the slice across her stomach, trying to
hold her skin together long enough for the moss to cover the wound. But that wasn’t going to happen
on my watch.

I grabbed the back of her head, slicing as deeply through her throat as possible before letting her body
fall to the ground.

The nymph that had recovered from my kick to the throat charged forward with a rage-filled scream but
was too slow. My dagger slipped into her stomach as her nails scratched down my cheek.

I grabbed her shoulder, yanking the blade up and feeling relieved when the rotten pile of guts that
resembled manure spilled out.

Only two more were left, and both were trying to get to the safety of their trees. One with no eyes and
the other slashed to pieces, stumbling and disoriented.

I moved through their den smoothly, slicing the throat of each one until I was the last remaining. My
chest rose and fell deeply as I panted, wiping the back of my wrist across my forehead to clear it of my
dripping sweat before lowering my hand and running the flat of the blood-covered blade across my
tongue. Never again would they be able to control any part of me.

The deep unfamiliar timber of a man’s voice cut through the sound of my heavy breathing, and I spun
quickly to see him halfway up a tree, standing on a branch with his arms crossed and his shoulder
leaning against the bark.

“Well, that was fun to watch. I take it you’re the one.”

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