The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 130

Twenty-Four: Tobias

Tobias’s P.O.V.

For a moment, I wondered how much time we would have to run if I were to rip off Aurora’s head.
Could we make it into the city before the guards rained down on me, or would one of my childhood best
friends, Killian, rip my throat out before I could make it that far?

I kept myself calm and in check, but as soon as Joselin’s tower door slammed shut behind me, I was in
a fury. I couldn’t help but pace momentarily with my hands in fists at my sides. They wanted to take her
away from me. I just got her, and they were sending her away. I knew it came with being in the guard.
We were sent out on patrols and missions all the time. I even knew Joseline had tackled a beast or two
in her time.

But I wasn’t happy about it.

“Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?* I asked as Joselin grabbed a backpack, looking adorably
angry and lost as she tried to figure out what she needed to bring, like a flashlight and a lighter. She
was out of her element. She would typically take things related to magic. That had always been her
primary weapon.

My heart beat painfully at the idea of her going alone, and I wouldn’t stand for it. Aurora was not my
queen. She could not order me. Until Killian or Natalie used an alpha command on me and ordered me
to stay, I would follow my woman to the end of the Earth.

“Yes,* She said, pulling a few knives out of her closet and strapping them to various places on her
body. It might have been the adrenaline pumping through my system, but the sight of her placing her
foot on her bed while she strapped a dagger to her thigh made me want to tie her to the frame and drag
the metal tip across her skin until she squirmed and begged for me to take her.

I could do a lot of things to her with her restrained. The idea of her tied to my bed, giving up complete
control to me, allowing me to indulge myself in every fantasy I have ever had about her, had me
growing hard.

“You wanted my opinion on it before you answered?” My hands tightened into fists to keep me from
reaching out and grabbing her. She had a job to do, and I wouldn’t get in her way, but I would give her
a proper goodbye just in case they did stop me from going with her. I wanted to give her so much
pleasure that she would be willing to fight through a field of demons to come home to me for a taste of

Her choice to include me in the decision told me she was healing and growing. She saw us as a team.

“Yes,” She replied again, not sparing me a glance as she threw the bag over her shoulder. We would
need to stop by the kitchen for supplies from there, but beyond that, she seemed ready. Angry but

I couldn’t help myself as she walked by. Her expression was fierce, prepared for battle, but as I slid my
hand to the small of her back and pulled her into my chest, I watched her relax. My other hand cupped
her face, my thumb running along her lower lip before capturing it with mine.

Her body molded against me, her fingers threading through my hair. I fucking adored this woman.

The little moan she let out as my tongue touched hers had me gripping her tighter. I felt my beast
coming forward, wanting to claim his chosen. But I held him back, tearing my lips from hers to pepper
kisses down her neck until I landed on the spot where my mark would lay.

“You better make this trip quick, sweetheart. When it’s over, I am going to make you officially mine.”
She shuddered as my teeth grazed over the spot once more, and I smirked as her hands gripped my
shirt in her fists. I loved how responsive she was to me. It was going to make our time together all the
more enjoyable.

A knock on the door pulled a feral growl from me as I tore my lips away from Joselin’s skin. The sound
cut off when I felt the pull of the queen on the other side.

Natalie had always been kind, and my beast felt a pull to her as our leader that overpowered
everything. But knowing she was included in the decision to send my woman away on a dangerous
mission with no intel made me lose a bit of respect for her.

Joselin groaned in annoyance that our goodbye was cut short, but I knew she could sense Natalie too.
She had a unique aura and power around her.

I pressed my lips together in anger as my witch walked away to open the door, and I crossed my arms
in front of my chest, not bothering to hide the erection in my jeans.

The queen’s eyes widened when she looked over Joselin’s shoulder and saw me standing in the room
before looking back at Joselin.

“I packed you some food and water.” She held up the small bag, and from the smell of it, I knew it was
dried meat and granola bars. Items that would last a longtime.

Joselin took the bag gently before turning to the side and letting Natalie in. She liked Natalie and had
no bad feelings for her. I think even Natalie knew Joselin’s anger was toward Killian, not her.

Killian and I had been close as kids, then Joselin came along, and we made the perfect trio. It wasn’t
until Ana showed up that everything changed. I broke away from them, and Killian and Joselin became
closer than ever. I was initially jealous, but then

I recognized their relationship for what it was. They had a sibling bond.

His dismissal and treatment of their relationship the past few months had hurt her. It was as simple as
that. They needed to get used to the new dynamic in their relationship, and he needed to remember

that his family included more than just Natalie. He had already messed up with his birth sister, Charlie.
Now she was gone, and he blamed her for his own shortcomings.

“Joselin, I don’t know much about this mission they are sending you on. Killian and my mother
discussed it this morning, but I wasn’t there for the full conversation. I can only assure you that you are
the only person who can do it. They won’t listen to anyone else. I really am sorry.” Natalie said before
making her way to the door when Joselin didn’t respond immediately.

“I wouldn’t be so angry if I had been included in the conversation. They have information that could be
useful to me. They would rather risk my life than share it.” Joselin snapped before schooling her
features and dipping her head to Natalie. “I better get on my way if I am going to make any progress
before it gets dark.”

“It’s not just your life, Josie,” Natalie said as Joselin walked past her through the doorway. “The walls
have ears, and some things can’t be said just yet. Once you succeed, we will work together to figure
out the next steps.”

I grunted in irritation but waited for the queen to clear the doorway before following the two women. The
door slammed shut behind me, and I watched in awe as a wave of blue light traveled over the thick
wood in what I could only assume to be a protection spell.

“I’ll be taking one of the trucks,” Joselin muttered, passing the group of wolves watching the mountain
after she pushed through the front door.

“No cars,” Aurora said calmly, but the corners of her lips were slightly upturned. I couldn’t tell if she was
happy to give Joselin such a hard time or was excited about whatever Joselin was supposed to

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Joselin yelled, lifting her hand as she spun to face the descendant.

“Not unless you would like to be blown up as well. The mountain is covered with protective measures.”
Killian grumbled, not sounding too happy with the situation.

“Don’t use your magic, and watch your step. You’ve gone on missions with less information before,
Josie. I don’t see how this one is any different.”

“What? Is the word boobie-trapped too childish to come from the king?” Joselin snorted as she
deflected, and while her own comment clearly amused her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her exposed
skin. The black lines were vibrating harshly with agitation. She was nervous and angry. “Fine. I’ll be
back soon.”

Joselin turned to me, and I gestured to the front gate. The sooner we left, the sooner we could come
home, and I could make her mine. Then I could lock her in our house for the next few days or weeks
until she couldn’t remember anyone before me.

The dirt crunched beneath my shoes as I placed my hand on her lower back, enjoying the warmth of
her skin. We had only taken a few steps before I lifted my hand and tried to take her bag from her. I
could carry it, and if she’d let me, I could shift and run with her on my back until we got there to make it

“Tobias,” Killian called out. “She has to go alone.”

That wasn’t an order. It was a statement.

So, I kept walking.

If he really wanted to stop me, he could have. But Joselin came first, and I would be there if she
needed or even wanted me by her side.

A sudden force knocked into my chest as we reached the gate, dragging me away from Joselin and
across the dirt and rocks of the courtyard. My body twisted and convulsed as I shifted to my Lycan,
ready to kill my attacker. As I got to my feet, Joselin materialized in front of me, using her powers to

Aurora against the steps to the castle. The older witch let out a groan as I heard several bones crack,
but she held her glare on my chosen.

Joselin moved more swiftly than any creature I had ever seen before, launching herself on top of
Aurora with the tip of the dagger from her thigh against the woman’s throat.

The venomous whisper of my witch made my beast purr with excitement and pride.

“If you ever touch him again, I will end you. I will suck the life out of you one cell at a time. It will be so
painful and drawn out that you will suffer for years. You will waste your last breath begging for
forgiveness that I will not grant you before I send you back to the Goddess.”

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