Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties

Chapter 30

Payback and a Shock!

“Hey, girl. Enough with the play already!” Damien seemed to had gotten enough of the fun. But the wolf
didn’t stop, she kept chasing the girls, especially Ayisha. Damien wished that this could go on for a little
while, but the girls were already becoming a mess. He was surprised that none of them had passed out


Damien got mad and the wolf stopped. “Come here right now!!” The wolf hurried to him and tucked her
head in remorse. Damien squatted. “Why do you always do what would make you feel remorseful? Is
ita habit?” The wolf whined. He decided to caress her head for a while. “It’s fine. I’m no longer mad.” He
bent closer and whispered, “By the way good job, I’d treat you to something really cool.” “You knew this
would happen. Didn’t you?!!! You set the wolf against us, is that right? I saw you laughing!”

That was Claire. While the rest of the girls were panting and crying from the shock, she already had a
grip of her emotions and sanity. Damien was beginning to admire her. She had this trait that he hadn’t
found a name for yet. She always get over her shocks and fear quickly.

“So what, would you hit me?”

Damien wasn’t a coward. After all, if he wanted to hide it from the girls he wouldn’t had laughed in the

“Yes, I would!!!”

She was glaring. She was really mad.


He thought, but he wouldn’t admit that to her face. Doing that would seem like setting fire to an already
kindled flame.

“Go ahead then.”

He made Der stand between him and Claire. She couldn’t. She stepped back in caution even though
the wolf didn’t growl.

“Thought as much.”

He walked to stand beside the wolf and continued, raising his voice now.

“Do you really think that if I wish all of you harm that I would wait to own a wolf to do that?”

He lowered his voice, leaning towards Claire,

“You disappoint me. How could a smart girl like Claire be so dumb to figure that out?”

She made to slap him but he grabbed her hand. He put the back of her hand to his lips and pressed his
lips to it in a fake kiss. She snatched her hand.

“I can’t stand this pervert anymore. Y’all can stay with him for all I care.”

Damien chuckled at her sudden outburst. He expected that. He hadn’t kissed her hand because of
sheer feelings.

“Lisa ain’t you following her, your crush?”

He called at Lisa who rolled her eyes at him and followed her.

“Who else wants to follow her?”

He was hoping that none of the rest would. He only didn’t want Claire around for now. Though it’s
shameful to admit, but he didn’t think he could handle a girl like her for now. He needed a little more
time. He was almost at the peak. He was glad that his trick worked.

The gladness turned into curiosity when he noticed that even Ayisha was staying behind. Truth be told,
he didn’t know what she was up to. At first, she was all clingy, then she left and now she was back?

She hardly even spoke. Maybe he was wrong about her. What was he thinking? He didn’t even know
any of them before now. He only knew them from distance. As a helpboy of the BMX group. Perhaps
she just got used to him for the few days of their arrival at the island. And as soon as she got a grip of
her true self she walked away?

He didn’t want to be too opinionated. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t at that moment. Mira had led the
girls to him.

“Did you really do that to scare us?”

Mira asked, with both a serious tone and face. “Seems you have an answer, why keep asking?”

“Don’t you think that was childish.”


Damien loved the angle she was taking.

“You didn’t think it was childish when y’all were making fun of me on the jet? You didn’t think it was
childish when Lisa put her feet in my mouth? Now you want to school me on being childish?”

The girls didn’t seem to have anything to say.

“But we apologized for what we did.”

“Oops! I forgot to do my turn.”

He sniffed the air and took a deep breath in.

“Let’s save the stray. Have you come to a conclusion yet or Der already scared the wit out of you? I
mean should I wait or leave for my duty?”

She pursed her lips.


Damien wanted them to feel what he had felt all his life. How choking it could be. To find yourself in a
very unpleasant situation and have no choice but to walk through it irrespective of the humiliation just to
survive. Yes, that was how it felt.

“What do you mean by what we have to give in return? Do you mean work or sex? Majority of us have
contrasting opinions.” “I’m okay with either.” He said bluntly. The girls’ eyes widened.

“Those who don’t want to have sex with this loser must do something else. And also, sex isn’t all you
get… you don’t just get it whenever you ask for it. So, you might be lazy and want to hide under that, I
might not condone that.” “In other words you mean you’ll be the one to determine?” He smiled at Mira.
“You keep blowing my mind.” His face went all serious suddenly. “Now that that’s said, I have a work to
do.” The girls wanted to walk towards the castle. “Where are you going?” “To the castle?”

Tendzel said.

“There. You have to earn your promotion to the castle.”

Damien said coldly, pointing at the other safehouse. “You can always leave if it’s too bad for high class
ladies like y’all.” He chuckled and walked away.

“Come Der.”

The wolf followed him.

“Why do I find his cold behavior hot?”

Evelyn muttered. The girls suddenly glared at her.

“Let’s hunt as many prey as we could bear. Mostly bunnies and young antelopes.”

Damien instructed Der. It seemed like, whenever he spoke to the wolf the skill or system suddenly
interpret it to her. He couldn’t really fathom how that worked.

Portsit Korda Shock!

He pulled at his arrow and brought down three bunnies.


The wolf on the other hand had cut three young deers. “These will do.”

He pat the wolf. He placed one deer across his shoulders, the bunnies in his hands. The wolf wanted to
start eating. “No, no. We’re going to pay those who I starved a visit.” The wolf wasn’t pleased.

“Sorry girl, I know I promised you a treat but instead I’m making you work.”

The wolf picked the deer in its mouth and they started their journey. It didn’t take long before they got to
the border of the cannibals. Damien’s eyes widened, and he involuntarily dropped the bunnies in his
hand. The fences he had built to hold the cannibals in had been broken down. By the cannibals?!!!