Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 92

The dual penetration was exquisite. Her fingers clenched on his shoulders as she rode him slow and easy, taking all of his cock, all of his finger, and milking them as she felt the pleasure burning over her nerve endings.
“God, you’re beautiful.” His voice was whiskey rough, dark and hungry. “So fucking sweet and hot, Lilly.”
Sweat eased down his temple, drawing her gaze as she felt his finger ease from h
er rear, gather more of her juices and penetrate once again.
“Travis. What are you doing to me?” Shudders of pleasure were tearing through her as she felt her muscles ease, relax, and welcome a second finger.
“Travis.” His name was a plea, a cry of such incredible pleasure she didn’t know if she could bear it.
His hand eased on her hip. Rather than holding her back, he let her free. She couldn’t hold still. She couldn’t stop the need to ride him hard and fast, to feel the fiery burn, the desperate sensuous rise of ecstasy.
Lilly felt her head tip back on her shoulders as it began to build, to tighten through her. She tightened her hold on him, her nails digging in, desperate mewls rising from her throat as electric intensity, white-hot fingers of sensation, began to radiate outward from both penetrations. His cock filled her, stretched her. His fingers fucked inside her rear, sending flames shooting along previously untouched nerve endings, triggering a flame that built, that rose, that overtook her in an explosion so sudden, so blinding, she screamed his name.
He was thrusting hard and deep beneath her, one arm wrapped around her, holding her close as his fingers drove deep, his cock drove deeper, and he groaned her name and stiffened beneath her.
Fiery bursts of release erupted inside her. She felt it, throbbing, pulsing, filling her as her pussy clenched around him. Her head fell to his shoulder as she felt herself crying, shuddering, hard tremors raking through her body as the pleasure tore through her over and over again.
She couldn’t contain it. She couldn’t fight it. She had lost any measure of restraint when it came to Travis long ago. So long ago. When he was bound to another woman, when she was barely a woman, on a dance floor surrounded by others, she had given him her heart.
He had always held her, and she had never realized it. He had filled her fantasies as Lord Dermont. Then he had filled her deepest desires as Travis Caine.
And now, now he filled every dream, every emotion she had thought she would never be filled. The lover she had never believed would be in her life.
Breathing heavily, she collapsed against him, shudders still racing through her body as the aftershocks of pleasure continued to pulse through her. The wildly exciting penetrations of her body left her exhausted, left her mindless. She could do nothing but hold on to him now, to pray that for this moment, he would continue to shelter her, that he had the strength to hold her as she fought to catch her breath.
As she felt his fingers ease slowly from her a small moan escaped her lips. The pleasure was still brutal. The feel of his fingers retreating caressed those nerve endings, so sensitized she could barely catch her breath from the added caress.
“Easy, baby.” He sounded sated, relaxed, as his hand smoothed down her back. “Give me a second here and I’ll carry you to the shower.”
She had to laugh at that. A low, weak sound, but one filled with a deep satiation. “You’ll drop me.”
“Right now,” he agreed, his lips smoothing over her shoulder. “No breath right now.”
He gave a deep sigh, one that assured her that he had been just as satisfied, just as fulfilled as she was.
“That’s okay.” She snuggled closer. “I like being right here.”
“I like you being right here.” His lips pressed against hers gently. “Right here in my arms, Lilly. It’s where you belong.”
And it was exactly where she wanted to be.
It was still dark and Lilly lay pressed against his chest when Travis’s cell phone rang. Travis picked up his phone and looked at the display. He frowned when he saw “Harrington” on the screen.
He sat up in bed, careful not to disturb Lilly. She turned over with a soft murmur. “Hello.”
“Caine,” Desmond said. His voice sounded grim. “We have things to discuss. You, me and Lilly. If I make sure Angelica is not here will you both meet me at the house around noon? I really think you both need to hear what I have to say.”
Travis was silent for only a moment. Then he looked down at Lilly and said, “We’ll be there.”
Chapter 18
the limo pulled into the stately, oak-tree-lined drive that led to the house her family had taken for the summer. After pulling to a stop, Nik got out from the driver’s seat, came around the car, opened the rear door, and stood aside as Travis stepped out.
His eyes narrowed as the door opened, and rather than the houseman at the entrance, he instead saw Isaac, Desmond’s personal, chief bodyguard.
The dark silk suit he wore almost hid the bulge of the weapon he wore beneath his arm, but not quite. He was a formidable figure, if one wasn’t confident in their ability to stand against him.