Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 91

He moved, sliding behind her as he lifted her before him. Lilly gasped as she found her head resting on his thigh, the heavy width of his cock at her cheek as it rose proud and flush along his stomach.
“There, love.” His hand stroked her breast, cupped it, petted it. “Show me what else you like while I play with your pretty nipples.”
Lilly could feel the perspiration gathering along her neck, her breasts. Fighting to breathe, Lilly felt his thumb and forefinger surround her nipple as he placed one of her hands on her midriff.
“Show me, Lilly,” he growled. “Show me what you want, sweetheart.”
What she wanted? She wanted his touch. She wanted his fingers stroking her, touching her, possessing her.
She stared up at him as his fingers worked her nipple, rolling it, plumping it, and sending electrical flames of sensation tearing to her womb.
Her fingers slid lower, ruffling the border of curls just below her abdomen. She could feel the folds of her pussy swelling, her clit pounding, as her fingers feathered against it.
“Beautiful,” he breathed out roughly. “Part those pretty folds, Lilly. Let me see your little clit. Let me see how you pleasure yourself.”
Lowering her other hand, she parted the plump folds of her pussy as she used the other to circle the tight bud of her clit. Pleasure was racing through her, excitement sizzling through her nerve endings, as she touched herself with her fingers, while Travis tormented her nipples with exquisite pleasure.
As she looked up at him, her gaze locked with his, and she watched his eyes narrow, darken, as her fingers circled her clit. The pleasure was incredible. It was like nothing she had ever known when she’d touched herself before. It was brutally intense, whipping through her system and sending her nerve endings rioting with exquisite pleasure.
Her fingers stroked through her folds, dipping into the slick dew, returning to run around her clit as his fingers sent waves of pleasure surging through her nipples to her pussy, clenching the intimate folds with brutal need.
Her hips writhed beneath her own touch as her head turned, her lips parting, her tongue licking along the shaft of his cock as it rose before her.
She needed the taste of him. The touch of him. She needed him.
She moved her fingers faster as a hard groan tore from his chest. Her head lifted, her tongue touching the head of his cock, licking over it, tasting it.
She felt as though she were dying of excitement. It was racing through her bloodstream, pounding in her heart. She couldn’t survive this. She was going to die from the intensity of the sensations, but she would die happy. She would die knowing no pleasure could ever be so great.
As her fingers dipped inside her pussy a gasp of tormented pleasure passed her lips. Her lips parted, surrounded the engorged head of Travis’s cock, and sucked him inside her mouth. She milked the hard, throbbing flesh, sucking it deep, laving it with her tongue.
Driving her fingers deep inside the hot depths of her own flesh, she angled herself higher against his chest, kept the hard crest in her mouth and slowly came to her knees. Her thighs tightened on her own hand for long seconds before slowly withdrawing them.
Lifting her head, she felt his hands tighten for a second in her hair before he allowed her to straighten. Licking her lips, Lilly lifted her fingers, still wet from her juices, and painted the heavy dew across his lips as they parted and he sucked two of her fingers inside.
The feel of his lips suckling her fingers had her pussy rippling in impending orgasm. She had never been so close to coming without actually being penetrated.
“I needed you,” she whispered as she straddled his thighs, staring into his eyes as he released her fingers, his hands moving to clench the mounds of her ass.
“God. Never again. Swear.” His expression twisted into lines of tormented pleasure as she gripped the shaft of his cock and rubbed it against the tortured knot of her clit.
“So good,” she moaned, her hips shifting, her pussy clenching.
“Fucking good,” he groaned. “Fuck me, Lilly. Stop teasing the hell out of me.”
She smiled back at him, shifting the engorged crest until it was poised at the entrance of her pussy.
Ecstasy began to pound inside her then. Moving her hips, shifting, pressing down, as she felt the wide, heavy length of his erection stretching her wide.
Pleasure-pain enveloped her, sending sizzling, heated currents of rapture racing across nerve endings so sensitive, she whimpered with the building exaltation. She couldn’t stay still. Her hips jerked against the hold he had on her ass, her need to race to completion beating inside her.
“Easy, baby,” he groaned, his fingers bunching in her ass, pulling the rounded flesh apart, sending additional sensations assaulting her nerve endings.
Sensations she had never expected to enjoy. The feel of his fingers dipping into the extreme wetness flowing from her pussy, around his cock. The feel of those fingers smoothing the slickness back, rubbing against that once forbidden, untouched area.
It was untouched no longer, because she didn’t have the willpower to stop him. Hell no, she wasn’t stopping him. She was pressing down, making the touch firmer, more invasive.
Her eyes flared open as his fingertip penetrated that hidden entrance. Heavy-eyed, intense, he watched her with increasing hunger as his finger continued to slip slowly inside as she pressed down, taking his cock deeper, his finger deeper.