Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 90

“You want to know what the hell this relationship is?” He came over her, looming above her like a dark shadow of sensual wrath.
“It would be nice.” Her voice was weak and breathy. She sounded like a damned sex kitten or something. Hell, she was starting to feel like one.
“This relationship is completely monogamous,” he growled as his hand smoothed down her shoulder, her arm, gripped her hip. “And I’m a possessive bastard, Lilly. Did I ever mention that?”
She shook her head. No, he hadn’t mentioned that at all. Perhaps he should have; she would have melted far sooner.
“So that would make this relationship fairly exclusive, wouldn’t you say?” He jerked the hem of her robe to her thighs. “That makes you mine, baby. No friends with benefits. No fuck buddies. Simply fucking mine.”
“Call next time,” she snapped.
“Fine.” His other hand gripped her neck, held her still and kissed her with enough force, enough hunger, to curl her toes.
It was like this with him. Like a fire blazing through the darkest night, stilling the rage and the pain and replacing it with hunger and a sense of emotional security. There was no true safety, not in their lives, not in their line of work, but there was this.
Deep, desperate kisses filled with hunger and heat branded her lips and her senses as pleasure began to wash over her in heavy, heated waves. Travis jerked her to him and Lilly found herself being lowered to the bed as he came over her, his hands tearing at the belt of the robe, at his own clothes. Through drugging tastes of her lips, his head tilting, his tongue thrusting against hers, he managed to divest himself of his clothes and to tear aside the edges of her robe.
She was all but naked now. The dark surrounded them, white-hot hunger and needy groans mixed with his own male growls of arousal. It was like having those ragged edges of her soul slowly repair themselves.
She wasn’t alone any longer. Travis was here. He was touching her, holding her. There was nothing, no one, that could harm her as long as she held his heart.
Heavily muscled shoulders flexed beneath her touch as his hands cupped her breasts, sending surging pulses of sensation rippling through her nipples when his thumbs stroked over them.
Lilly could feel the invasive pleasure throbbing through her pussy, swelling her clit. Her juices gathered on the intimate folds as her nipples swelled, ached, and lifted to his touch.
“I missed you, my Lilly,” he groaned as his lips moved to her neck. “I dreamed of your touch. Of tasting you, having you.”
His lips moved lower, his tongue stroking over a tight nipple as brutally hot fingers of sensation struck at her womb, her clit. Arching against his thigh, Lilly felt the desperate hunger unraveling inside her. This moment in time was hers alone. She didn’t have to share it. No one could invade it. There was no danger here, there was only this. His lips covering her nipple to suck it inside his mouth as his tongue flicked over it.
He drew on the tight bud, suckling it deeply, almost roughly, as she arched to the incredible sensation. From one nipple to the other he moved. The excruciatingly sensitive tip rioted with such extreme pleasure that she couldn’t hold back the whimpering little cry that tore from her lips.
It was i
ncredible. Her head thrashed against the pillow as he licked the hard nubbin, swirled his tongue around it, then sucked it inside his mouth again and fed on the arousal rising inside her.
Lilly’s hips arched as Travis’s thigh wedged between hers and pressed firmly against the mound of her pussy. Her clit swelled tighter, throbbed with pleasure. Her juices spilled from her clenching vagina, her body desperate for his possession, preparing it for the intensity of touch that she needed.
She wanted more than gentle touches, and that was what she was getting. She wanted more than easy kisses and slow caresses. And he would give it to her.
“Sweet Lilly,” he growled as he pulled back, reaching out with one hand to the bedside table and flipping on the low light there.
The soft glow washed over his naked, bronzed flesh. Muscles rippled beneath the skin, perspiration dotted his brow, his shoulders.
Easing back, he stared down her body.
“Touch your breasts,” he ordered, his eyes focused on the swollen mounds as he lifted her hands to them. “Show me, baby, what you like, what you want. Make me crazy.”
Make him crazy? Oh, if this was what he wanted, then she had a lot of experience in touching herself.
She cupped her breasts, her fingers clenching on the mounds teasingly. With her index fingers she raked her nipples, gasping at the pleasure of having him watch.
“Oh yeah,” he breathed out roughly, his eyes narrowing on her now. “Is that how you like it, baby? Slow and easy?”
A teasing smile curled her lips. With thumb and forefinger she pinched at the distended nipples, her breath catching at the thought of Travis touching her so firmly, with his fingers, his teeth.
She bit her lower lip to hold back another moan as she tugged at the tender tips, her shoulders shifting against the bed as pleasure tore through her.
“Ahh, so that’s how you like it, love,” he whispered. “Shall I do that for you, while perhaps you show me other things you might like?”