Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 86

Lilly took aim.
“Our boys have the narrow gray stripes on their shoulders,” Nissa hissed. “Don’t hit one of them. We enjoy the hot, lurid fantasies we have about them. Even though most of them are married now.”
Lilly gave a quick smile, then braced the rifle on a limb of the tree and took aim.
“They have a sniper at three o’clock. Looks like a spotter searching for you, sweetie.” Nissa pointed out the slightest disruption among the branches at the three o’clock angle.
Lilly aimed, checked the wind, calculated her distance and fired.
The first body fell. With the second shot his spotter followed suit.
As she narrowed her eyes and surveyed the trees for an additional threat, the whiz of a bullet slamming into the tree next to her head had Lilly freezing.
She calculated the direction, checked the distance, and waited.
“Where is he, Nissa?” she growled. “Sometime before he takes our heads off.”
“To the right of the first, third tree, halfway up at the seven o’clock limb. He’s going to be hard to hit with this wind, though.”
“See his spotter?”
“Haven’t seen him. Caught a leaf trembling at nine o’clock, though, if you want to take a chance.”
“I’m feeling lucky.”
She found the position, watched the leaves, and took the shot.
The body fell, but she didn’t track it—she watched the seven o’clock limb, waited, caught a gleam of black, and took the next shot. Another body fell as she quickly swung the rifle to the battle raging in the front yard. Somehow snipers had been in place before the attack. Someone had sent ten men to take out four women. They should have sent more.
She had taken out the snipers while the team below made quick work of the assailants that had rushed the house.
Below, the four shadows with their little narrow gray stripes were kicking some serious ass. Within minutes there were only two left, lying flat on the ground, hands raised in surrender as the dead bodies were being gathered.
Lilly watched as the team worked with perfect precision while the four women covered their backs. This was one of the reasons they existed, what they had been trained for.
She and Nissa watched for snipers, while the two women on the ground kept the perimeter clear and watched for any breaks or surprises.
“We have a clear.” Raisa’s voice came over the link. “I repeat, we have a clear. Two live ones on the ground. Stay in place and I’ll bring you your masks.”
Lilly and Nissa waited until they saw Raisa below them. Jumping to the ground, they took the dark masks, pulled them over their heads, and tucked their hair beneath.
“Stay clear of the live ones,” Raisa told them. “Black Jack and Live Wire want a clear field with no distractions.” She looked amused. “Live Wire seems to think you might be a distraction for Black Jack. Now, what would give him that impression?”
Lilly shook her head, her lips thinning. “They weren’t here to take out Live Wire, they were here to kill me. I think I have the right to know why.”
Moving quickly to the front of the house, the rifle cradled in her arms, Lilly strode straight to where the two men were restrained and laid out in the grass.
The four men standing over them moved aside as she came closer. Staring into the dark, fu
rious gazes, she handed her rifle to Travis, reached down and, with a quick jerk, revealed their faces.
She wished she hadn’t.
She stared into faces she knew. Into the eyes of men who had been hired by her father. Men she had known before her “death.”
“Do we need to interrogate them?”
Her head jerked to Live Wire. Jordan Malone.