Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 85

“Of course.” Nissa shrugged. “At least that’s what their commanders told them to do. Santos’s exact words were, ‘We were told to order you to do this’.” She laughed. “We rarely pay any attention to orders from Command.”
“And if Santos had given the order himself?” She looked up at the other woman.
Nissa shrugged again. “We would have ignored it. Lilly, we only have each other to depend on. One of these days you might be covering my ass again with that rifle of yours. I don’t want you pissed off with me if that day comes.”
“Where’s my rifle?” She remembered it now. The lethal sniper rifle that she had used to cover the asses of the agents she worked with. There was another in her storage shed, but it wasn’t her favorite.
“That I don’t know.” Nissa shook her head. “Santos retrieved it from the Land Rover when you were shot. I haven’t seen it since.”
But . . . There was another safe house, she thought as yet another piece of memory broke free. And that safe house was fully stocked.
“Company’s coming. Move!” Shea yelled from the kitchen.
Lilly moved. She didn’t stop to question anyone or ask for directions. She grabbed the holster and pouch of clips before racing to the next room and the window that looked out on the driveway.
She had time to buckle the belt and strap the holsters to her thighs. She checked the Glocks quickly, shoved the clips in and stood ready.
“No one called and warned us of a visit.” Shea raced into the bedroom and slapped a comm device in Lilly’s hand. “If we’re attacked, get out, hit the woods, and head for Friendly’s Tavern. Know where it is?”
Lilly nodded. “I know.”
“Someone will be there.”
Shea raced from the room as Lilly slid the device in her ear.
“Comm check,” she murmured.
“Comm check,” each woman answered in reply before Nissa reported. “We have a van moving in, dark panels, dark tint. Looks like we have a masked driver. Be prepared to jump and run. We don’t fight this out unless we have no other choice.”
Lilly pulled the Glocks from their holsters.
Her jaw tightened as the van moved slowly into view. She watched, silent, eyes narrowed as it came to a stop behind the Taurus.
A second later, all hell broke loose. The back doors flew open as four dark figures raced from the back, two from the doors, and all began firing.
The Taurus exploded.
The house shook, windows imploded, and shards of glass rained around Lilly as she tore through the bedroom for the back door, joined by the other four women.
“Stay to the trees!” Shea ordered her as they moved out the back door at the same moment the front door burst open in a rain of fire. “Run!”
As Lilly and the other women raced for the tree line only feet away, Lilly saw the shadows moving there. Dark, masked, though diffrent from the others. Her guns cleared her belt as she ran, keeping the trees between them. Suddenly those dark figures rushed past them.
“Take cover!”
Lilly stared, shocked, into his furious eyes as he paused to bark at her. “Stay back with the others! Cover our asses and make sure no one gets hurt.”
He shoved a rifle at her.
It wasn’t her custom-made rifle, but it was close enough.
Lilly holstered the Glocks, grabbed the rifle then ran up the rise to a tree that would give her the best possible view. As though she’d been born to climb, she shimmied up it as Nissa followed her.
“Spot,” she ordered the other woman.
“I’m an excellent spotter,” Nissa answered as they moved into position. “You have ammo for that bad boy too in your bag.” Nissa nodded to the bag Lilly had slung over her shoulders.