Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 78

A double agent.
Diego Fuentes was a CIA asset into the drug world as well as the terrorist influences invading it.
She had been on a mission.
There were other such pictures, but the one most telling was taken in the area where she had been shot. The picture had been taken in the winter. There was actually snow on the ground. Lilly was standing outside a warehouse talking on a phone. In the background she could make out a small sign that proclaimed the building holding the offices of Secure Escorts Etc.
This picture was taken before she was shot. Someone had been watching her, tracking her jobs, tracking her, until she had nearly been killed.
She slid the pictures inside the envelope, folded it, then shoved it into the waistband of her slacks at her back.
What was her uncle involved in?
She moved quickly to the computer, checked the progress of the files downloading to find they had finished, and quickly covered her tracks and shut down the computer.
As she was moving around the desk to make her way from the room, the slight beep of the security pad outside had her racing for cover.
It was daylight; hiding behind the curtains wouldn’t be wise. Just before the door opened, Lilly slid behind the ornate couch along one wall, flattening herself against the wall as she lay on her side and watched as the door opened.
Her mother entered the office and moved to the file cabinet.
“I can’t believe he forgot the files,” she muttered as another set of legs followed behind her.
“Do you need any help, Lady Harrington?” one of the security personnel that Lilly remembered her father employing when she was sixteen asked softly.
“I have it, Samuel,” she sighed. “He should know how important this is. Simply because he doesn’t agree with them, he thinks we should just toss it away. There are days I simply don’t understand that man.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Samuel answered noncommittally.
Lilly’s brow arched at the irritation in her mother’s voice as well as the fact that she was bitching so vociferously to what she would consider a servant.
“Something simply must be done about him.” Angelica’s voice sharpened, “It’s as bad as trying to deal with Victoria and her insistence on being called Lilly. Have you ever heard such nonsense?”
“No, ma’am,” Samuel answered.
Angelica sighed heavily again. “Shall we leave then? I imagine this is something else we’ll have to deal with ourselves.”
“I’ll take care of it, ma’am,” Samuel promised.
Lilly’s eyes narrowed as her mother and the bodyguard left the room, locking the door behind them.
Sliding from behind the couch, she dusted herself off, then stared at the door and shook her head in astonishment. Perhaps she should have paid more attention to her mother when she was younger. Spent more time with her or something. Never had Lilly known her to speak so familiarly with help. Not that she disapproved of it, she just knew her mother did disapprove of it. Highly.
The changes six years had wrought blew her mind.
Chapter 15
two days later Lilly moved through the house, her hands jammed in the pockets of the violet silk slacks she wore, a heavy frown on her face as her hand gripped the silent cell phone in her pocket.
She hadn’t heard from Travis since the morning he had left to take the metal and fluid samples he had found to Nik. She’d gone to the house, only to find it silent and empty. Even Henry the butler hadn’t been in residence.
There had been no voice mail, no letter, no text, no message sent via anyone to let her know where he was or what was going on.
“Lilly, there you are.” Her mother stepped from the sitting room, looking concerned. “I was wondering if you might like to go shopping?”
“Not today, Mother.” Lilly gave her a soft smile, hoping to soften the rejection, although she could see the edge of hurt and anger in her mother’s expression.
“You’re ghosting about this place like a restless spirit,” her mother accused, propping her hands on her hips and facing her with a frown. “Really, Lilly, perhaps you should see that psychiatrist the doctor recommded.”