Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 77

Living with her mother had not been easy, but Lilly had loved her. Just as she had loved her brother. She had adored her father. And through the six years she had been away from them, she had missed them to the point that at times, it had felt as though the pain would kill her.
Her eyes widened.
That was a memory.
She remembered that now.
She had ached to go home, to play with her niece and nephew, to watch them grow up, to protect them from her mother’s neurosis and to even argue with her mother when she had to.
She hadn’t missed the threats of being committed to the Ridgemore Clinic, though.
She almost smiled. Well, maybe she had missed the threats.
As she heard Desmond and her mother leave the house, Lilly rose from her seat and walked to the foyer to see Isaac trailing out the door behind them.
The house was eerily silent now. With her family gone, the servants were prone to congregate in the basement servants’ quarters and relax.
That left Desmond’s office deserted.
And locked.
Her eyes narrowed as she remembered the small, seemingly innocuous leather case in the items she had grabbed from her storage shed.
Making her way upstairs, she quickly extricated it from the luggage she had hidden it in.
Her lock-picking set.
And she remembered how to use it.
Getting into the office was simple. The electronic keypad security was bypassed and the
key lock simple to get through once Lilly began working. Within minutes, rather than the seconds it used to take her, she was sliding into the office.
Once there, she looked around, wondering at first where the hell to start.
Instinct was an incredible thing, though.
She moved to the computer, powered it on, and as she stared at the request for the passcode, that memory as well slowly emerged.
Once she was in, she was able to begin the download of the hard drive and the online vault into an account she had set up that morning herself.
As the information uploaded, Lilly turned her attention to the files in the room. The file cabinet contained mostly financial information that she was certain would be easy enough to find in the electronic files she was downloading. It appeared to be printouts of specific information used for business purposes.
Desmond, as her father had before him, did quite a bit of business while taking the yearly trip to the States.
There were other files scattered around the room, though. Going through them, Lilly found something she hadn’t anticipated finding. Tucked into a long, slender yellow envelope were pictures of her.
Those weren’t investigator’s reports.
She stared at one, her brow furrowing as she tried to remember.
Her hair was several shades darker, but her features were clearly the ones she was growing accustomed to now. She was dressed in a long, silken evening gown, her hair pulled to the crown of her head to cascade to her shoulders. It was a party of sorts, the older male she was standing with recognizable.
The leader of a Colombian drug cartel, Diego Fuentes. His hand rode low at her back, his smile clearly flirtatious as she laughed at something he said.
Her eyes narrowed as the ache in her head became stronger.
He wasn’t just a cartel leader.