Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 74

Lilly’s back arched. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter, her legs locked around his hips, and she swore she was flying in a world of sensation so intense that even the brush of air in the room was a caress against her flesh.
Travis’s erection burrowed inside her, stretching the sensitive walls of her pussy and sending her into a maelstrom of such intense sensation that it was all she could do not to scream.
In two hard thrusts he was buried to the hilt inside her, his hips pressed hard against her as the sound of their breathing became a ragged symphony of pleasure around them.
He didn’t stop, he didn’t pause. Once he had filled her he began moving with deep, hard strokes, shafting inside her as tender flesh and sensitive nerve endings began humming in pleasure.
The intensity of sensation began building. Electric fingers of ecstasy sizzled over her flesh, tightened her muscles and sensitized her clit until she was no more than a creature of sensuality. She could feel the ecstasy rising, brewing inside her. It built, burning through her, rushing into every cell until the conflagration hit her womb and exploded inward in a release so powerful, so deep, she knew she would feel the imprint of it for the rest of her life.
She felt Travis joining her. His cock throbbed in release inside her as he shuddered against her, his lips at her neck, his teeth rasping her flesh.
Her name was a growl, a curse, just as his was a pleading cry falling from her lips.
They were tied to each other. They were bound.
For the moment, they were one entity tied by pleasure, by hunger. By something Lilly feared could get them both killed.
Chapter 14
“we found a contact.” Nik strode into the makeshift communications room Jordan had set up in the small house they had rented for the operation.
The samples of fluid he and Lilly had found where the motorcycle had been parked were lying on the table where Jordan sat awaiting Nik’s expertise in testing it while Travis went over the reports that had come in from the other agents.
“Who?” Travis questioned him, his voice sharp as Jordan turned from the computer screen as well.
“David Fallsworth.” Nik strode to one of the other computers and began typing in commands. “London. He works in the warehouse district where Lilly was shot.” The file on the contact was pulled up. Picture, a rap sheet as long as Travis’s arm, and a documented history of information he had supplied to the Elite Ops in exchange for immunity from prosecution in several cases.
Travis moved and stared at the screen. “What does he have?”
“What he has is a possible description of our killer.” Nik straightened with a cold smile. “But he’s skittish on this one. He won’t discuss this online or on the phone. He’s willing to talk to a go-between, though. We promised we’d send one he could trust.” He grinned back at Travis.
“How do we know he actually has something?” Travis asked.
“There were two men, the day before Lilly was shot. They were asking around about Lilly Belle, flashing her picture. They heard she had contacts in the area and were looking for those contacts as well as Lilly herself. According to good ole David, he can point you in the direction of a few people these guys talked to. But even more important, the contact names they were given?” He shot a look between Jordan and Travis. “They were both found floating in the Thames days after she was shot. We weren’t notified of the deaths because the contacts weren’t ones Lilly had listed.”
Travis had taught her that. She had her official contacts, then she had those that only she dealt with. The fact that someone had found contacts that only Lilly dealt with hinted at the fact that someone had been damned thorough and efficient enough that neither the Elite Ops, nor Lilly, had been tipped off.
“Do we have anyone watching him?” Travis asked as he mentally began preparing a checklist for the flight out.
“We have a contact watching him until you arrive.” Nik nodded.
“I’ll have the plane prepped and ready to fly you out.” Jordan turned back to the computer and began typing. “Nik, you’ll be flying out with him and providing backup. We’ll have everything ready for you to test the fluid samples when you get back.”
“What about Lilly?” Travis turned back to him, concern unfolding inside him. “Whoever’s trying to kill her isn’t going to stop, Jordan. If they realize I’m out of town, or unavailable, they could strike again.”
“We have Wild Card on site,” Jordan reminded him. “He’ll stay in close proximity. I’ll have Maverick move in and cover the outside of the house in case of problems until you return.”
Wild Card, aka Noah, and Maverick, aka Micah, would ensure that Lilly was protected, Travis knew. They had their own women, they understood the fears riding Travis’s back where Lilly’s protection was concerned.
It was the best he was going to get and Travis knew it. He’d discuss Lilly’s protection with Wild Card and Maverick himself.
“The jet is prepping as we speak,” Jordan announced. “You fly out in an hour.”
Travis’s jaw tightened. There would be no chance to talk to Lilly, and calling her wasn’t going to happen. He couldn’t be certain the calls were secure.
“Fallsworth will be waiting at the Wharf Tavern, two blocks from the warehouse district at noon tomorrow,” Nik told them. “He’s usually pretty reliable. Let’s hope he is this time as well.”
“Find Lilly’s killer and we have a damned good chance of finding her father’s killer, as well as the person or persons who’s been targeting the savings, pensions and trust funds of the rich and famous,” Jordan grunted. “And we hopefully shut down a major contributor to a nasty little terrorist organization at the same time.”