Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 73

It was as though the walls that had come down between them had released something far more than just the truth. It had released emotions held in check too long. A hunger they had been unaware had been banked.
As he shed his jeans, Lilly’s hands were there. She gripped the thick shaft as she slid from the counter to her knees, staring up at him, allowing her tongue to flick out and lick the heavily engorged crest.
“Fuck. Lilly.” The sound of his voice fueled this particular hunger. It began to rage through her, to boil in her veins and cause her mouth to water for the taste of him.
Staring up at him she painted the heavy crest with her tongue, flickering over it, licking beneath it, teasing him with the touch of her lips as his hands buried in her hair.
“How bloody damned beautiful you are,” he whispered, the proper aristocratic English accent slipping past his lips. For her. He was giving her all of himself. In this moment, she held parts of Travis that no other woman ever had and probably never would.
The agent as well as the aristocrat. The man that had, for a few years, helped shape a nation publicly as well as covertly. The one that now only had the option of working behind the scenes.
Except in her arms. No part of him was dead now.
As her lips parted and sank over the engorged crown of his cock, Lilly knew that in this moment, she had all of him.
“Sweet, pretty Belle,” he growled as the hardened flesh seemed to thicken more, to tighten until it seemed as hard as iron. Like silk covering steel, thick enough that her lips stretched around it, hard enough that they felt almost bruised as he began to thrust in shallow strokes past them.
Her hands gripped his thighs, feeling the response of his body as she sucked, licked. The muscles tightened, flexed. A heavy groan passed his lips as she rubbed her tongue against the ultrasensitive spot beneath the head.
His fingers tightened in her hair as she moved one hand from his thigh to his balls. There, her fingers played wickedly, stroking the roughened sac, cupping it, flexing around it.
Oh God, it was so good. The feel of his cock filling her mouth, thrusting past her lips and heating her tongue, was incredible. She felt every response to the pleasure she gave him. There was no guesswork. It was there against her lips and tongue, just as the moans were filling the room, his as well as hers.
Travis stared down at her, watching as she sucked his cock into her mouth and laved it with her tongue. It was the most incredible pleasure he had ever known. Nothing could be so good as this, as watching her take him with such intimacy, such hunger that flushed her face and hummed in her throat with desperate moans. The vibrations of her sounds of arousal echoed on the stiff flesh of his dick and sent spiraling fingers of sensation to attack his balls.
It was like being immersed in pleasure. His entire body vibrated with it and he clenched his abdomen desperately with the effort to hold back his release.
Eyes closed, face flushed, her expression showed such sensual pleasure that Travis could barely hold on to his own control as he watched her.
Her silken lips, the wet heat of her mouth, the flickering of her satiny tongue combined to shred what little control he had left after committing himself fully to her.
He was hers. As surely as she belonged to him, he belonged to her now.
Groaning at the need to hold back just a little longer, he clenched his teeth against the ecstasy pounding through his body and realized that he was slowly losing his grip on the tightly held trigger of release.
“God yes,” he moaned. “Sweet Lilly. Your mouth is so damned good.”
Too good. He was going to come. Damned if he could hold it back much longer. It was ripping through him, tightening through his muscles, building until he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it back much longer. He couldn’t hold it back much lon
His balls tightened further, the length of his cock throbbed, pounded with the need for release.
“Lilly. I can’t hold back,” he groaned as his hands tightened in her hair to pull her back. “I’m going to come, baby.”
She moaned against the head, a soft vibration of hunger that had his cock spurting in warning release.
A cry sounded in her throat at the slight release, her suckling became harder, her tongue licking, probing, drawing in as much of the taste as possible as he lost that final thread of restraint.
Rapture washed through him. Ecstasy on a scale of complete soul-destroying pleasure tore through him as he felt the fierce, hot jets of come racing from the tip of his cock, spurting into her mouth. His body drew so tight he wondered if it would break. His head jerked back, both hands clenching in her hair as hard shudders racked his body and fed the deep pulses of seed from his balls.
And still, he wanted more of her.
Still hard, his cock so sensitive he knew he’d spill again soon, Travis pulled from her, jerked her to her feet, and lifted her to the counter once again.
“Wrap your legs around me.” He lifted her legs to his hips as he gripped the shaft of his dick and found the luscious, slick entrance to her pussy.
It was like fucking into silk and syrup. Tight muscles gripped the head of his cock as he pressed inside her, and the silken feel of her flesh wrapped around him like an intimate fist and sucked him inside, inch by inch.