Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 67

“Did anyone attempt to follow them?” Harrington barked.
“Yes, the investigator followed one while his partner moved in on another. They were professionals, Lord Harrington. My men weren’t able to keep up with them.”
Desmond cursed furiously. “Son of a bitch, what the hell is that girl going to get into next?”
“I’d be careful tempting fate by asking that question,” the bodyguard grunted.
Lilly peeked around the tire, bending to see beneath the Hummer to the SUV where the flashlight gleamed on both Isaac and Desmond as they stared at the floor of the garage beneath the Lexus.
“It’s a logical question.” Desmond harumphed irritably.
“It appears to me that the girl was into too much before her return as it was,” Isaac stated. “She should take a break.”
Lilly rolled her eyes at the rueful tone of the bodyguard’s voice.
“There’s a fluid stain on the cement.” Isaac didn’t answer the obvious question. “This isn’t from the Lexus either.”
“From the cycle?” Desmond asked.
“I’ll need to send a sample off,” Isaac stated. “There’s nothing else here, Lord Harrington.” The light continued to sweep across the cement.
“If someone messed with that damned death machine of hers, then this is the only chance they would have had,” Desmond growled.
Lilly’s brows lifted. So her uncle hadn’t been involved in this attempt on her life? Or maybe he was just acting in front of Issac. He could have assigned Issac to keep tabs on her, but that didn’t mean Issac knew he was trying to kill her.
“Just find out what that fluid is from,” Desmond ordered him. “Then see what your investigator can learn about that damned Caine. There’s more to him than we have so far, I can feel it.”
“What more could there be?” Issac asked. “I’ve worked with him. He arranges things, Lord Harrington. Is your business ally attempting a takeover? Don’t want to commit murder? Call Travis Caine. Need to build an army? Call Caine. Want to take over a small country—”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, call your bloody Caine. I get it,” Desmond snarled back as Lilly turned and lifted a brow in Travis’s direction.
A small country, huh?
He flashed a smile back at her. A rakish, wicked smile that had her stomach tightening and her clit swelling. He shouldn’t be able to induce such a quick, heated response. There was something just not quite right about that. Something that warned her that she was only going to end up hurting in the end.
Because she loved him.
Good God, just what she needed, to love a man that facilitated the invasions of small countries and the takeovers of cartels. No wonder her uncle was so bloody not excited over this relationship.
She grinned back at him. She was going to end up with a broken heart, there was no doubt, but damn if she wasn’t having more fun now than she had before he showed up.
“Hell, let’s get out of here.” The shuffle of bodies moving could be heard. “I need to reassure Angelica. She’s having a damned fit over this Caine situation. She called Jared tonight and he refused to even discuss his sister, which had only incited her further.”
Lilly jerked her head back, lowered it, and steeled her heart against the pain. What was that trick? She was slowly learning it, or was she simply slowly remembering it? There was a way to keep it from hurting. Especially where Jared was concerned. There was a way to block the pain, a place to put it where she could take it out and deal with it only when she had to. She didn’t have to deal with it now.
“I have to agree with him in a way.” Issac sighed heavily as they moved away. “She’s not the same woman that disappeared six years ago. She changed.”
“What created those changes, though?” Desmond asked. “That’s what I want to know, Isaac, and I want the truth this time. That report was so pat it sickened me. Victoria was no call girl. She was no terrorist’s girlfriend. There’s something that stinks about this entire deal and I want to know what the hell it is. And I want to know quickly.”
Lilly seconded that motion. She wanted to know herself what had created her, why she had become the woman she was.
The door closed behind the two men, and the lock snapped into place.
“Jared took one look at me in the hospital and sneered,” she said softly. “He told Mother, ‘That’s not my sister,’ and he walked away.”
She remembered watching the back of his head as he left the hospital room and crying. She had cried like a little child because her brother didn’t love her.
She wasn’t crying now.