Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 66

“You have another of those bags? Tweezers?” She was tense, her light trained on a metallic glimmer as he pulled the required sterile bag and the tweezers from his back pocket.
“At least one of us came prepared,” she murmured as she accepted the items.
Travis watched as she picked up the metal and slid it into the bag before sealing it and handing it to him.
“Nik gets that?” she asked, nodding toward his hand where he was tucking the bag in his pocket.
“He’ll take good care of it,” he promised her.
“Interesting.” Her expression, from the dim light he had to see by, was equal parts confusion and suspicion.
“Interesting in what way?” Travis asked, often intrigued by the fact that Lilly was more open now than she had been during her years as an agent.
She was still Night Hawk, but not as hard, not as distrustful as he had been over the past six years.
“Interesting in the fact that he seems a jack of all trades.” She shrugged. “Yet, none of those trades really ring true. Tell me, Travis, exactly who is Nik Steele?”
He grinned. “A jack of all trades, essentially. He’s a mercenary, in fact. I’ve been lucky to purchase his time over the past six years, though there are occasions when he takes other jobs to break the monotony of working with me.”
Suspicion filled her gaze now. “Sure, Travis,” she finally muttered. “That’s as good an explanation as any.”
It wasn’t a lie, exactly. That was Nik’s cover, and he was damned good at playing his part.
“Remind me to be sure to check any further facts you give me on my own life, okay? I have a feeling that the line between truth and lie with you can get rather blurred.”
There were times, he would completely agree with her.
He was in a hell of a position. He knew the truth, he had the answers she wanted. If she hadn’t remembered who and what she was, she at least suspected there was a hell of a lot more about her than she was being told.
How could she help but resent him for not telling her the truth? The truth co
uld kill her, though.
“Is it the explosive cap that was missing from the cycle?” she asked as she stared back at him.
“I’m not sure.” He shook his head, staring back at her. “I’m into negotiations, baby, not explosives.”
“I’m sure I knew that,” she said as she began to slide out from under the SUV.
They both froze at the sound of the small beep of the alert Lilly had programmed that signaled that the door into the house had opened.
He hadn’t thought about setting an alarm there, but she had.
That signal had most likely saved their asses.
“The cycle was parked over here,” Desmond’s smoothly accented voice commented harshly as the door closed. “Did you bring the flashlight?”
“I have it, Lord Harrington.” Light gleamed on the floor and moved closer as Lilly and Travis quickly rolled from beneath the SUV and moved several car lengths away.
They each took a position against a tire of a Hummer, crouched and listened closely.
“When did you hear about this?” Desmond’s tone was furious.
“I received the report an hour ago,” his bodyguard answered. “The man we had on her lost her once she left the house, but he had a fairly good idea that she was headed to Caine’s house. He arrived after the explosion and it took a while for him to learn the reason for the commotion after he arrived.”
“Were the police called?” Frustration and disgust filled Harrington’s voice.
“No, sir,” Isaac answered as they stopped next to the Lexus SUV. “No police were called, but a team moved in. Black vans and identities hidden by black masks, no identification. The vehicles they arrived in were registered as rentals, presumably still on the lots they were registered to. We were able to get no information on them.”