Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 63

For all her Irish heritage she could be as rude as any American.
“Is there a problem, sir?” Travis ignored the Elite Two co-commander as he turned back to the senator.
“Elite Command has received word that Jared Harrington flew to Russia last week in an attempt to meet with one of the other agents Lilly worked with, Nissa Farren.”
Travis’s brows arched. Nissa had been assigned to America’s embassy in Russia as one of the assistants working in the ambassador’s office.
“Why Nissa?” Travis asked.
“We’re not certain, but there’s no doubt it’s in connection to his sister. We’ve sent Shea Tamallen to England to connect with Harrington to learn how he found out about Nissa and exactly what he’s after.”
“How does that affect our operation here?” Travis asked.
“As a warning,” the senator informed him. “As well to let you know that should you or Lilly find yourselves in need, then I’ll be in town. You have only to contact me. Elite Command may be forced to make decisions that often seem cold or uncaring of individual agents, but we still try to do all we can to ensure not just your safety, but also your trust in us.”
“Trusting shadow groups that look at the money line rather than the personal line isn’t always easy, Senator,” Travis stated.
“We understand that,” the senator sighed. “But that’s what we’re aiming for.”
“Thank you for the information, sir, as well as the explanations.” Travis nodded. “If we’re finished?”
“We are indeed.” The senator nodded as well. “I have some things to discuss with Santos and Rhiannon if you don’t mind us using your limo. We’ll vacate the vehicle soon, though.”
“Take your time,” Travis offered as Nik opened the limo door and stepped out.
Moving to the house, Travis could feel an edge of wariness tightening his nape now.
“Get with our contacts in London,” he ordered Nik. “Find out what the fuck Jared Harrington is up to before Shea finds her ass on the line as well.”
“I’ll take care of it at first opportunity,” Nik’s voice was a growl now. “He’s moving up on my list of suspects, Trav.”
“Yours and mine both,” Travis all but snarled. “Trust me, Nik, yours and mine both.”
Chapter 12
it was closer to one before the party began winding down, as Lilly had predicted. The couples left were those spending the night in the guest rooms, and there were plenty enough of those to go around. The additional wings to the three-story mansion as well as the guesthouses behind it provided sufficient room for the large parties and crowds of guests who often stayed there.
He watched as Lilly quickly shed her ballgown for the black, snug jeans, T-shirt, and boots. His dick throbbed, hard as hell, as she slid a dagger into the side of her boot. Her hair was quickly released from the pins holding it, then scooped back into a ponytail that fell past her shoulders in a thick, sleek ribbon.
He was going to fuck her the minute he got her back to the her bedroom, he thought. He was going to put her on her knees, grip that damned ponytail, and ride them both to exhaustion. He should do it now, before she managed to get either of them into a mess tonight.
“I still highly advise against this,” he commented as he drew his t-shirt over his head before sitting on the bed and pulling the light hiking boots he preferred over his feet and lacing them.
“I’m certain you do.”
She kept patting her thigh as though she knew something was missing. The holsters she wore strapped to those sleek thighs were missing. She never went on a mission without going fully armed. The action was telling.
Santos and Rhiannon had watched her carefully after their meeting with the senator tonight, as had Ian and Kira Richards, and Jordan Malone. All eyes had been on Lilly, and everyone was seeing changes in her.
For those who had believed she had been dead, they watched her warily now, sensing that dangerous side of her. For those who knew the dangerous woman she was, they sensed the simmering volcano within her.
“Let’s go then.” Rather than going to the bedroom door, she headed to the wide French doors and the balcony outside.
And damned if he didn’t follow her. For six years one of the highlights of his life had been watching Lilly move while she was on a mission.
“I need my weapons.” She swung a leg over the iron railing of the balcony as she stared back at him. “We both know just how illegal they are, don’t we?”
The two modified automatic Glocks she wore strapped to her thighs were her babies. She was beyond armed and dangerous with those bad boys. Even more, she was beyond hotter than fucking hell. His dick got harder, if possible, just thinking about it.