Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

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She was so close to release. This fast, this easy, for him. She responded to him, she trembled in his arms, ached only for him.
His lips covered hers once again, his fingers parting the plump lips of her pussy further to circle the clenched, snug entrance that drew him like a magnet.
He circled the heated, slick entrance again, then dipped slowly inside.
He had to tear his lips from hers and grit his teeth as the tight muscles of her pussy gripped his finger, rippled around it and tried to milk it in deeper. It was the sweetest, hottest flesh he’d ever known in his life.
“Finish this,” she moaned, her knee bending, leg lifting along his thigh, to open herself to him.
He slipped a second finger inside her, feeling the tender tissue stretching around the impalement. It was the sexiest feel he had ever known. Lilly wasn’t the first woman he had touched so intimately, but damn if she wasn’t the most responsive, the sweetest. She was the one that made the blood boil in his veins, in his dick. She was the one that filled his nights with fantasies and kept his hungers on a sharpened edge day or night.
“Travis, you’re torturing me,” she moaned, a whimpering little sound that drew his muscles tight and left his balls throbbing with the need to get his cock inside her.
She was making him crazy for her. When Lilly was around, even the mission took a back seat to the woman.
“I need you,” she cried. A soft little wail had his fingers driving deeper inside her, feeling the snug flesh suck at his fingers as her hands tore at his pants.
God, if he didn’t fuck her he was going to die from the need. He had to get inside her. He had to fill her, pump inside her, feel the pleasure that exploded into complete nirvana when he came inside her.
Her silken, deft fingers stroked his cock, holding it firmly as it hardened to painful intensity.
Dragging his fingers from the tight grip of her pussy, Travis gave a desperate growl as he lifted her leg with one hand, her hips with the arm wrapped around them.
“Put your legs around me,” he ordered her desperately.
Whimpering cries came from her lips as he lifted her from h
er feet and felt her legs circle his hips as he guided the blunt head of his dick to the sweet portal between her thighs.
It was paradise. Pure ecstasy engulfed him as he began to press inside her, taking her, possessing all that sweet, fiery heat to warm the places in his soul that had been cold before her.
Lilly felt the iron-hard, white-hot entrance of his cock inside her. Her head fell against his shoulder, her arms and legs tightening around him as he shoved inside her, sending half the length of his erection powering inside her with a stroke of violent pleasure.
She wanted to scream but she couldn’t find the breath, the wash of sensations were too intense, too fiery.
She could feel the thick length of his cock stretching her, burning her, as her juices rushed to lubricate and prepare the ultrasensitive nerve endings exposed by the penetration. Nothing could have prepared them. She had to learn that. Each time he took her it was the same, so much pleasure she was lost inside it.
She could only hold on for the ride as she felt her back meet the wall, felt his hands clamp on her ass to hold her to him as he began to fuck her with hard, powerful strokes.
Each shafting entrance tore a cry from her lips and sent pleasure tearing through her as she fought to thrust back at him, her thighs tightening on him, her hands clenching on his shoulders as she let the exquisite sensation rule her.
The deep penetrating strokes stretched and burned, stroked naked nerve endings to a precipice of sensation so intense she was gasping for breath, begging, pleading.
When the explosion came, it hurled her through ecstasy. She felt as though she were a creature of pure sensation. A mass of sensual impulses that exploded over and over again, leaving her limp, breathless, and completely sated in his arms.
Chapter 11
lilly put the final touches to her makeup and applied the last sapphire-studded pin to her hair when Travis walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed in his black tuxedo. The dark blond and light brown strands of hair that grew long at the nape had been tied back. The short growth of beard and mustache was still present, neatly trimmed and giving his face a dark, rakish look.
He was too damned handsome, and too damned dangerous. There was no mistaking the fact that Travis Caine was a man that others would be careful not to cross.
What did he have planned tonight? she wondered. She didn’t believe in coincidence, and the presence of her so-called former employers at the party, as well as Travis, was a fairly good indication that something was up.
Or someone was trying to learn something. That suspicion was firmly implanted in her head now, and it refused to leave. She couldn’t help but believe that Santos Bahre and Rhiannon McConnelly were hanging around for the simple reason that she was some kind of threat to them.
Rhiannon McConnelly had assured her that she and Santos Bahre weren’t there to drag her back into whatever life she had lived for the past six years. There was a part of Lilly that actually believed that. So what else could they be after?
How far could she trust them? She had a feeling that trusting them was the last thing she should do.