Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 53

“It’s been a hell of a few months for you, hasn’t it, Lady Harrington?” he asked, his voice low, dark, and a bit amused.
“Seems so.” She popped the last piece of celery in her mouth and crunched before smiling tightly.
His head gave a small nod of sympathy. “Seems a shame. What could a pretty woman like yourself have done to piss someone off so bad?”
She swallowed, then inhaled slowly, evenly. “Perhaps it was because of my vocation,” she suggested with an edge of mockery. “A jealous wife perhaps? Who knew the life of a high-priced whore could get so dangerous?”
Silence filled the room. Every man there stilled, turned, and leveled their gazes on her. Even Travis. His gaze was dark, his jaw tight as she straightened and moved across the kitchen.
“I need a ride home,” she informed him. “I have a party to get ready for, as do you.”
She stopped in front of him, and for a second, just a second, her body became sensitized, her heart raced. She had been so close in that damned garage. So close to losing more of herself than she already had. She was losing more of her soul, each time he touched her. Her heart was already gone. It belonged to him, but now, she was risking the rest of her spirit to him.
For what?
What was she risking herself for? The man who loved her, or the man who would end up betraying her?
“Nik?” She spoke to the bodyguard as Travis stared back at her silently, warningly.
“Yes, Lady Lilly?” He was forever reminding her of her title.
“I need a ride to the house, please. It seems Travis is a bit tied up for the moment.” Her head turned, her gaze going unerringly to the intense blue eyes and commanding stance of the masked figure that stood on the other side of the room.
He hadn’t spoken much, and never in front of her.
Live Wire. His code name hinted at the dangerous personality she could be dealing with.
“Take her home, Nik,” Travis ordered, but his gaze never left her.
As she turned back to him, their eyes locked and emotions surged and twisted between them enough to make her chest tight, her heart heavy.
“I’ll be early,” he warned her. “Make certain you can find a private spot for us to discuss this.”
Lilly shrugged. “Never fear. I’ll just have the butler show you to my bedroom. It doesn’t get much more private than that, does it?”
She strode from the room, to the far hall and then out the side entrance of the house that they had fallen through as they escaped the explosion in the garage.
She needed to get away from the eyes watching her, the hidden thoughts, the suspicion. As though they were watching, waiting, poised to punish her for remembering whatever she had forgotten.
Memories that she hoped returned soon. The dual personalities were beginning to get on her nerves.
Travis turned back to the men in the kitchen as the masks came off and he faced the team that had come running at the first word of increased danger.
Jordan, John, Noah, and Micah watched him as he pushed his fingers through his hair and blew out a hard breath.
“That was Night Hawk,” John stated, his voice decisive. “You know, come to think of it, I haven’t seen much of the woman you described as Lady Victoria Harrington, Black Jack.”
Neither had he.
Once, he had belonged to England’s high society. London was his playground, royalty were his peers. He had drunk, partied, and done business with the world’s most elite social set.
He’d been the last of a family line that had been incredibly frugal with the inheritances that had been passed down. They had been built upon, saved, hoarded. Until Travis. Until he’d l
ost everything because of the deception of a faithless woman.
Travis had known Lilly then as Lady Victoria Harrington. He’d danced with her at parties, and fought against whatever it was that had drawn him to her at the time.
She had been so young, so innocent. Even then he’d found it hard to believe that her father was allowing her to participate in his activities with MI5.