Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 43

Her pussy rippled around him, the ultratight muscles clenched and gripping, milking him with ever-increasing little tremors that stole his mind.
He was lost in a world of such sensual pleasure that nothing mattered but the moment and the woman. He was bound to her, more than just physically, more than just his cock buried inside the tightest, sweetest pussy he had ever known. He was bound to her soul, and he knew there was no way to escape.
Flexing his hips, he moved, dragging the fiercely throbbing length of his shaft back before thrusting inside her. Slowly. He couldn’t go faster, not yet. One wrong move and he was gone. He’d never manage to feel her pulsing around his cock in release again, he’d spill into her without thought.
Without thought.
He shook his head. He fought to pull free of her.
There was a condom in his bag. Across the room. Clear across the room.
“Lilly.” He groaned her name as her legs wrapped around his hips and held on tight. “Baby. No condom. I forgot. Fuck.”
She shook her head as he tried to pull back again.
Her eyes opened, deep green eyes filled w
ith mystery, with promise.
“Fuck me, Travis. Harder. Oh God, I’m so close . . .” Her hips churned beneath him. “I’m so close.”
And she was. He could feel her tightening beneath him again, feel her pussy heating further, her juices slick and hot as her entire body seemed to flush beneath him.
“Lilly.” The protest was halfhearted at best.
Never had he had taken a woman without protection. Never had he filled a woman with his come, even the wife that had betrayed him. He had never given that much of himself.
Lilly already held all of him.
Throwing his head back, he gritted his teeth and let go the last measure of control he had held on to. Fucking her with desperate driving strokes, he felt his release building, heating, threatening . . .
Lilly exploded beneath him. A long, low wail of completion filled the cabin as he powered into her again, again, driving her through another orgasm as fierce, as deep, as the first.
Her pussy flexed around his shaft, stroked it tighter, gripped him, milked him, sucked his release from him with such a violence that he knew he had lost himself inside her forever.
Burying in deep, hard, he gave in to the fierce, white-hot spurts of semen as it began to jet inside her. The more he gave her the more her pussy tried to milk from him. It rippled and gripped, stroked and sucked at his cock until he was shaking, shuddering, certain he would never survive.
When it finally began to ease, as the strength seeped from their bodies and left him collapsed over her, fighting just to breathe, Travis began to wonder at exactly what point he had lost his heart to her.
With his head buried in the pillow next to hers, one hand gripping her hip, the other buried in her hair, he tried to tell himself he could control this, even though he knew he couldn’t.
He felt her lips at his shoulder, her breaths shuddering through her body, then he finally felt her relax. He knew the moment exhaustion took her, eased her into sleep, and left her completely vulnerable in his arms.
He had taught her years ago to never leave herself vulnerable to a lover. A lover could be a killer. He could be the enemy in disguise. He hadn’t taught her that he loved her. He hadn’t taught her that he could be her greatest enemy.
But there she was, slipping into sleep, as he eased away from her and forced himself from the bed. A mumbled protest left her lips as he padded to the sink, dampened a small towel in warm water, then returned and cleaned her gently.
Spreading her thighs, he ran the warm cloth along the swollen, reddened folds of her sex, cleaning her juices and his come from the tender flesh, amazed at the complete trust she gave him as she continued to sleep.
How long had it been since she had felt safe enough to sleep? he wondered. How long since Lilly had felt safe, period?
After cleaning himself he moved to the bag he had dropped at the door and pulled his weapon and a spare clip from inside. He moved back to the bed, eased her beneath the quilt, then slid in beside her and pulled her into his arms after tucking the gun beneath his pillow. She cuddled against him with an innocent trust he was certain he should lecture her about later. After all, he was supposed to be no more than the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The enemy posing as the lover.
Smoothing her hair back, he let his eyes close and let himself sleep. It wasn’t a deep sleep, not here, not yet. He didn’t know if there was security here, he didn’t know the area, but he knew Lilly and he knew she protected herself. For the most part.
Once they were dressed and ready to face the day, then they would have to discuss this night, and they would have to face the implications of what the night had wrought.