Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 41

The slender straps cleared her head as he jerked the material from her waist, up, baring her breasts, and tossed the top aside. He filled his palms with the swollen curves, his thumbs raking over the hard tips of her nipples and sending fingers of raw sensation to attack her womb, to heat her clit.
Lilly arched into the touch, a gasp passing her lips as her back met the wall, and her palm flattened against the bare skin of his chest.
Curling her fingers, Lilly raked them down his chest, just enough to feel the flex of muscles beneath, to relish the heat and hardness of his corded body.
Her fingers rasped to the band of his jeans where she found the snap and zipper of his pants and quickly released them.
She couldn’t touch him enough. She couldn’t get enough of his kiss. She wanted to feel all of him against her at once. She wanted all the pleasure at once. She wanted to feel alive, something she hadn’t felt for six months.
Alive. Living. A woman that had no part of her missing.
In Travis’s arms, there was only the woman, there was no past, no danger, and there was nothing to fear.
“God help me, I missed you,” he groaned as his lips tore from hers and moved to her jaw, her neck. “Missed seeing you, touching you.”
A moan echoed from her chest as her heart tightened in a realization that she had missed him as well; even though she hadn’t remembered him, she had missed him, achingly.
He was making up for whatever time they had lost though. His hands cupped her breasts, lifted them. His head descended, his tongue licking over the tight thrust of her nipples as shards of sensation began to tear over her nerve endings.
It was incredible. It was the fantasy that followed her when she slept, the one she awakened from, her body dampened with sweat.
This was Travis, and denying him wasn’t something she could allow herself to do. Not this pleasure. Not this incredible, blinding heat.
Her fingers stroked into his jeans and found bare flesh. No tighty-whiteys, no boxers, just the hard, thick thrust of his cock pushing into her hand. The wide crest was hot to her touch, slightly damp. The heat of it sent a rush of pleasure flexing through her pussy as she felt his hand smooth from her breast, down her stomach.
His fingers worked her jeans loose as her hands stroked and memorized the iron-hard width and length of his cock. The more she touched him, the more she wanted.
Looking down, Lilly lost her breath as she watched his cheeks draw in, watched him suckle at the hard tip of her nipple. His eyes were slitted, staring up at her, the spark of green in the golden brown more intense now, glittering in his dark face.
/> Her knees were getting weak. Standing wasn’t as easy as it had been when she first walked into the cabin, or when she had first seen him in Hagerstown. It made her wonder what she had felt when she had first met him, six years before.
Just when she doubted she could remain upright, his head lifted. He licked her nipple, first one, then the other. His expression was tight with hunger, with sensual pleasure, as he stared up at her, need glowing in his eyes.
Then he straightened to his full height, lifted her in his arms, and strode to the large bed with its old-fashioned quilt and large fluffy pillows.
Her head fell back on the pillow as Travis’s hand moved beneath her back and cupped her shoulders, pressing her breasts firmly into the heat and hardness of his chest as his lips moved over her neck and breasts in heated, nipping kisses.
Arching beneath him, Lilly felt her blood boiling as pleasure heated her flesh and left her trembling. Within seconds he was moving down her body, removing her boots, his own. He shed his jeans, then smoothed hers down her legs, leaving her dressed in nothing but the contour-hugging soft cotton panties she wore beneath the jeans.
Standing at the bottom of the bed, he let her look her fill. He stood before her as her gaze roamed his hard body and paused at the jutting length of his cock.
Before he could come down to her, Lilly was on her knees. She saw the surprise in his face, though how he could truly be surprised she couldn’t explain. Surely he felt the wildness rising inside her, the hunger burning deep and hot?
Travis watched as she came to her knees like a sensual, sexual little cat. Her back arched, her head lifted as she crawled to him, her green eyes narrowed as she licked her swollen, sexy lips.
She was the most exquisite sight he had ever seen. The sexiest thing he had ever known.
His breath caught as she came level with his dick, her tongue peeking out, stroking over the flared head with a hot, luscious lick.
“Fuck!” One hand buried itself in her hair as the other caught the base of his hard erection.
He saw it in her now, felt it in her. She was as wild as the wind, the sexy, sensual creature he had known existed inside her.
Holding her firmly, he restrained that fire, controlled it, and watched it burn brighter inside her as her lips opened over the thick crest and took it into the burning heat of her mouth.
Clenching his teeth, Travis only barely held back the groan of complete ecstasy as the inexperienced wonder on her face held him entranced.
Innocent though she might be, she knew how to drive him crazy. Her tongue stroked around the too-sensitive head as she sucked at his cock hungrily. The heated licks were a hot counterpoint to the firm sucks, to the warm moisture he was delving into as she took as much of his dick as she could into the wet, velvet interior of her mouth.