Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

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“Stop.” He could see the pain glittering in her eyes now. “Jared wouldn’t do it. I know he didn’t because Father and I eliminated him and Uncle Desmond as suspects.”
Travis’s lips thinned. As far as he was concerned, Jared and Desmond Harrington were still at the top of the list.
“Stop!” She lifted her hand as his lips parted to argue further. “I’m certain I can easily prove Jared isn’t involved. But to prove it, I’ll first have to gain access to the family financial vault. It should be easy enough. I know Desmond and Jared share the online financial vault. I’ll see what I can find.”
But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt to do so. Travis moved to her, the need to comfort her, to ease the confusion and pain glittering in her eyes, was overwhelming.
“Lilly.” He drew her against him, his hands caressing her slender hips. “We eliminate Desmond and Jared and then go on from there. But make sure they have no contacts with anyone listed in that investigator’s report on the past six years of your life.”
His money was still on Desmond, but Jared was in the running.
“Check files and financial reports Desmond brought with him.” He wanted her to find the information Desmond had in the office. “Go through the online vault. Get the account numbers and I can go from there. We’ll do this together, love.”
He reached up, his thumb caressing her trembling lower lip. “You know how to do this.”
“Because you trained me?” Breathy, filled with sensual awareness now, the sound of her voice stroked over his senses.
“I trained you,” he agreed.
“You protected me.” She licked at his thumb, tempting him.
“I’ll always try to protect you.” His head lowered.
He needed a taste of her. A touch. For just a moment he needed to fill his senses with her.
Though he knew a moment would never be enough.
Chapter 7
it was almost a dream.
Lilly stepped into Travis’s arms, felt them come around her, felt his lips slant across hers and the world around her go up in flames.
She couldn’t have this man, and she knew it, but she knew she already belonged to him. She had somehow always belonged to him.
Lifting herself to his kiss, Lilly let her hands grip his hair, pulling at the coarse strands to deepen the kiss as she felt a raging hunger begin to burn inside her.
That wildness she remembered fighting all her life took control, she became a woman who instinctively knew what she needed and who she needed it from.
Never had arousal taken her like this.
Pulling her head back, she stared up at him, her breathing heavy, rough. “You were my first, weren’t you?” She knew it, sensed it.
“I was your only,” he growled, possessiveness raging in his tone and fulfilling some need she hadn’t known existed within her. A knowledge, that final certainty, that she hadn’t been the woman her uncle’s report alleged.
His head lowered again before she could voice any further questions, his lips took hers again, his tongue pushing past her lips, stroking over hers and locking her in a battle of desire that she knew she had no hope of winning. A battle she didn’t want to win. It was a triumph she wanted to share.
She was only his woman. She had shared herself with no other man, just as she had known instinctively, but the woman inside had needed more proof. She had needed the verification that only one man could give her.
Black Jack.
Her hands fell from his hair to his shoulders, then the front of his T-shirt. Pulling, tugging, she dragged at the material until it came free of his jeans.
He shrugged his jacket away, allowing the cool leather to fall to the floor before his hands returned to push her denim jacket from her shoulders.
She wasn’t moving her arms. She wanted that shirt off his back. She wanted to feel his flesh, naked and hot, against her palms.
He tore off the t-shirt then returned to her jacket, forcing her arms down and pulling the denim over it to reveal the sleeveless camishirt she had on underneath.