Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 39

“You suspect whoever killed Father and attempted to kill me six years ago managed to find me?”
“It makes sense to me.” Travis shrugged his jacket off and tossed it to a nearby chair. “The day before you were shot, the doctor who supposedly did your plastic surgery was killed in a fire that destroyed his office and all his records. Somehow, someone has learned too much information about you, Lilly.”
Picking up his drink, Travis watched as Lilly leaned against the counter, sipped her drink, and stared at him thoughtfully for long moments.
“Supposedly,” she finally murmured. “Does that mean he didn’t actually do the surgery?”
He inclined his head in agreement. “Certain steps were taken to ensure your identity was well hidden.”
“That’s a lot of trouble to go to for a high-priced escort,” she drawled sarcastically.
Travis merely quirked his lips in amusement. She knew as well as he did that she had never sold her body.
She had shared her body with him, though. She had given him her innocence and formed a bond between them that he still didn’t completely understand.
Finally, when he said nothing more, Lilly shook her head before finishing her drink with a small grimace.
“Then I need to find my father’s killer to find my own,” she stated. “I imagine that killer is also the person behind the embezzling Father was investigating six years ago?”
Travis nodded. “That’s what I think. I suspect the killer has been tracking you for the past six years.”
Lilly’s quick little exhalation, a mocking sound, had Travis almost grinning. That sound normally indicated a flare of irritation.
“Father drove himself crazy searching for the person responsible for the embezzling.” She pushed away from the counter and paced across the room, a thoughtful frown marring her brow. “And I have no doubt MI5 has continued the search.”
“No doubt.” Travis’s gaze focused on her ass beneath the snug leather pants as she paced. The sight of it was enough to steal a man’s breath.
“If Mother suspects I’m investigating what happened six years ago, then she’ll have me hospitalized for sure.” She shook her head, the silken strands of dark hair rippling against her shoulders, tempting his fingers.
“Did your father have any suspects?” Travis asked, attempting to pull his attention back to the subject.
“Several,” she admitted as she turned back to him. “He just hadn’t given me names. I was still being trained. Certain information MI5 was hesitant for me to have. Father followed those dictates.”
“Did you have any suspects?” he asked.
Lilly paused at that.
“Lilly, now isn’t the time to hold anything back,” he warned her.
Her arms crossed over her breasts defensively.
“There was no one person that tied into all the accounts targeted,” she answered, her expression mutinous. “My original suspicions were way off base because of that.”
“And they were?” Travis pressed.
“My uncle, Desmond, and my brother. Other than my father, they had access to the Harrington funds that were targeted but not to the other targeted accounts.”
“Your brother Jared works for a very exclusive law firm,” he pointed out. “The clients targeted were also represented by that firm.”
Jared Harrington as well as his uncle Desmond were still suspects as far as the Elite Ops were concerned.
“Yes, but not all of them. At least three other families who had no such connections were targeted as well,” Lilly said. “Besides, Jared wouldn’t have done such a thing. He especially would have never killed Father.”
“Yet you suspected him of embezzling,” he pointed out. “He and your father argued often about the business as well as about the title.”
“Jared wouldn’t kill Father . . .”
“You’re defending a man who essentially disowned you.” Anger surged through Travis at her defense of the other man. “Perhaps he wants you dead, Lilly. With you out of the way, he doesn’t have to share the Harrington inheritance.”