Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 38

She turned to Travis, staring at him silently as he removed his helmet and set it on the small table by the door.
“Nice.” He looked around before his gaze came back to her. “Have you ever stayed in the winter?”
Had she?
She lifted her shoulders in a heavy shrug. “I don’t remember.”
She was staring around her, knowing where everything was hidden. Cash, ammo, weapons, and clothes. IDs, phone numbers, a laptop, and disconnected satellite and cell phones.
There were canned goods in a tiny, narrow cupboard by the stove. There was a fresh underground spring that fed water into a well. There was hot water, clean towels, fresh water, and a measure of safety because no one had known about it but her. And now Travis.
She pulled the helmet from her head and stared around curiously. Who was the woman who had needed this refuge?
She turned to Travis. “A high-priced call girl wouldn’t have a safe house, would she?”
She watched, her heart heavy, as he turned away and stared around once again.
“You’re not going to tell me anything, are you? Can you tell me this? Why are you here? What hound do you have in this hunt, Travis?”
She watched his lips quirk. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that phrase.”
Her father had often used it.
“That doesn’t answer my question,” she told him.
He shook his head before staring back at her, his golden eyes dark now, concerned. “I can’t answer your question.”
“Who can, then?” she asked. “Somehow, I don’t think my former employers can.”
He snorted at that. “I wouldn’t ask them.”
She nodded slowly. “I’m in danger then.”
“Someone tried to blow your head off, Lilly, what do you think?” he asked quietly. “You’re in danger, there’s no doubt about that. What sort of danger you’re in is the question.”
“And you can provide no answers?” she guessed.
“No,” he finally said, sighing.
“It’s a bloody messy situation,” she bit out with a hint of the anger building inside her now. “Everyone’s watching me, yet no one is willing to help me. What sort of threat do I represent, at least?” she demanded.
“The threat isn’t the problem, at least not yet.” He scratched at his jaw thoughtfully as he watched her.
“The assassin and the reason why he attempted to kill me is the problem then, correct?”
Travis nodded slowly. “If you remember, Lilly, if you remember anything, for both our sakes don’t allow anyone but me to know it.”
“Why you?” Lilly moved across the small room to the cabinets over the stove and pulled free a bottle of her favorite whisky.
Turning, she lifted the bottle to him in invitation. At his nod Lilly took two glasses from the cabinet, rinsed them, then poured the drinks.
“You didn’t answer me,” she reminded him as she handed him a glass. “Why should I trust only you?”
Travis stared back at her, seeing Lilly rather than Lady Victoria as she stared at him, her green eyes flat and hard.
“Because if you think about it, if you remember or suspect anything about the past six years, then you know there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was the one to betray you.”
She sipped at the whisky, her gaze never leaving his for long moments as she considered his answer.