Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 31

How had she forgotten this? How had she lived without it for the past few months?
She couldn’t live without it again. She needed him. She ached for him. It was like a ravening beast inside her, a hunger she couldn’t deny any longer.
“So good,” she whispered, a low wail of unsated desire echoing through her voice as her clit began to throb in hard demand.
Her juices spilled from her pussy, dampening her panties beneath her slacks, causing her to rub herself tighter, harder, against the muscular thigh pressed against it.
His tongue rolled around the extended tip of her breast, his teeth raked against it, sending an incredible storm of sensation racing through her bloodstream.
One hand cupped the swollen curve of the breast he was suckling while the other smoothed down her side, to her hip, then her stomach. Deft fingers released the hidden button to her slacks, then rasped the zipper down slowly.
She could almost feel the heat of his fingers moving closer to the needy flesh of her pussy.
His body shifted, the hard pressure of his thigh easing as his fingers slipped past the elastic band of her panties. The callused tips rasped the soft curls between her thighs, then with exquisite care parted the heated, wet curves that ached for his touch.
“Oh yes,” she breathed out roughly, her hips arching. “I want your fingers, Travis. Please . . .” Her head ground into the cushions of the couch beneath her. “Please, fuck me with your fingers.”
A hard groan tore from his lips. His fingers delved into the slit of her pussy, then two pressed together and thrust firmly into the clenched, tightened opening.
Travis was dying of lust. The feel of her pussy, so hot and wet, gripping the tips of his fingers, was almost more than his dick could bear. He wanted inside her, then and now. He wanted to tear the clothes from her body, slide between her thighs, and fuck her until they were both screaming in ecstasy.
Instead, he was feeling her snug sex as it clenched around his fingers and her juices flowing to meet the shallow thrust.
Twisting his wrist, Travis began burrowing deeper, stretching the tender portal open, amazed at the near-virgin snugness as the delicate tissue and muscle clenched tight around his fingers. How much better would it be when he finally managed to get his cock inside her?
Pushing in deeper, Travis forced himself to release the captive bud of her nipple to draw in a hard, deep breath. Then, he simply watched her face come alive as he began to fill her pussy with his fingers.
Stroking inside her with tight, forceful thrusts, Travis found himself entranced by the emotions washing over her expression. She had always kept herself in such tight control in the past that it was often impossible to know what she was feeling, if she was hurt, angry, or happy.
There was no mistaking the pleasure on her face now. Her neck arched with it, her eyes were slitted, staring back at him in pleasured agony as he fucked the sweet portal of her pussy with two fingers while raking around the delicate bud of her clit with his thumb.
She was more responsiv
e now than she had been so many months ago when he took her virginity. She was arching beneath his touch, driving his fingers deeper inside her, her hips flexing, grinding into each thrust he made inside her.
The snug depths of her sex milked his fingers as he stroked inside her, rippled around them. Her juices flowed like sweet, hot honey, slickening his fingers with each thrust.
Taking her like this was agony and ecstasy. He could watch her face, watch the pleasure that darkened her eyes and tightened her expression. But his cock was raging, demanding, throbbing inside his jeans with a voracious desire nearly impossible to control.
He had so very little time with her this afternoon. The first test of her memories that the Elite Ops was demanding would begin here, today. They knew she would end up back here once she read the report Desmond Harrington had been given by the investigative firm he had hired. She was being watched. The second she had left her home and driven toward his house, the plan had been put into effect.
What he hadn’t expected was to have her walk into his arms and take what had been on his own mind since the night before. The passion burned brighter between them now than it ever had. It had always simmered, burned, but now it flamed with a white-hot heat he couldn’t avoid. As though Lilly had decided for herself what she wanted, and how she was going to take it. She was a woman tired of waiting, whether consciously or unconsciously, and a part of him realized he had been dying for her to reach out and take it. Unfortunately, now that she had, he didn’t have the time he needed to revel in it.
“Damn.” The groan was ripped from his throat as he pulled back from her, sliding his fingers slowly, so slowly, from the incredibly hot depths of her pussy.
His cock throbbed in objection, his balls were drawn agonizingly tight beneath the shaft of his erection.
“Travis.” Silken hands gripped his shoulders, sharp little nails pricked against his flesh. “What the hell is your problem?”
It was almost laughable. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her silly, but he was damned if he’d do it in front of an audience. And unless he missed his guess, they’d be there any second—
“Travis, you have company.” Nik knocked on the door, the sound causing her to flinch as Travis shot a murderous look toward the entrance.
Hell, this was just what he needed right now. His woman lying hot, silky wet, and willing beneath him and company on the other side of the door.
Grimacing, Travis pushed himself to his feet and stared down at her as she hurriedly fixed her clothes. Her face was flushed, breasts heaving; the hard points of her nipples were easy to detect beneath the thin silk blouse she wore.
Her soft lips were swollen, her hair mussed around her face. She was so damned pretty he had to clench his back teeth to keep from going back to her.