Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 30

For four months she had seemed to exist within a void. She had been lost, too uncertain, too confused. Until Travis had dared her to come to him, she’d had no idea how to face each day.
She’d had no idea who or what she was.
The memories were still hidden, but that part of her she hadn’t understood finally made sense. The part of her that ached for touch? Because she missed her lover.
The part of her that seemed restless, imprisoned? Because she sensed a freedom that didn’t exist within the life she had led before six years ago.
She wasn’t Lady Victoria Lillian Harrington any longer.
She wasn’t the person in that investigator’s report either.
She was Lilly Belle. And Lilly had waited far too long to claim the man she ached so desperately for.
As Travis’s kiss consumed her, his tongue stroking across hers, his lips sealing hers, Lilly felt emotions surging inside her that she wasn’t certain what to do with.
Heat and hunger held her now. As his hands moved beneath the thin sleeveless top she wore, his callused palms and fingers stroking against her flesh, she knew she might not survive the day if she didn’t get more.
So much more.
She wanted to lie beneath him. She wanted to feel him pressing her into a bed, his body covering her, his possession of her burning through her sex.
Feeling the material of the silken shirt dragging over her breasts, Lilly lifted her arms, moaning as he released her lips to pull the silk over her head.
It was tossed aside negligently as her fingers attacked the buttons of his shirt, quickly pushing it over his powerful shoulders as her lips went to his neck, his upper chest.
She could feel the muscles beneath her lips flexing as pleasure surged through his body. His hands were just as desperate as hers as they stroked over her back, then allowed one hard palm to cup her breast through the lace of her bra.
The pleasure of it drew her tight. She lifted closer to him, pushing her breast more firmly into his hand as his fingers began to pluck at the tight peak of her nipple.
“Travis.” She whispered his name imploringly as his lips moved to her neck, spreading stinging kisses along her flesh as he suddenly lifted her.
A second later she found herself on her back on the couch. The cool material of the cushions stroked against her shoulder blades as he came over her, his thigh pushing tight and hard between hers until it was wedged firmly against her pussy.
Her clit swelled and throbbed with impatience. Her juices dampened the swollen folds and the silk of her panties, the friction causing her to grind her sex against the hard muscle of his thigh.
This was what she needed.
Her neck arched as his lips moved to her breasts, his fingers pushing the material of her bra to the side until they encased the swollen mounds and pushed them closer together.
Tight hard nipples begged for his touch, his kiss. They ached for the stroke of his tongue and the suckling pressure of his hot mouth.
She had told herself on the drive over that she was coming here for answers, but that wasn’t all she needed from him.
This was what had haunted her through the long, lonely nights for the past months. This hunger, this need for the touch of one man.
“Damn you,” he growled, pressing closer to her, the hard length of his cock, separated by their clothing, pressing into her lower stomach as one hand gripped her hip and urged her closer.
His lips were at her breast, stroking over a nipple, heating it with the slight velvety rasp of his lips as Lilly shuddered beneath him. The pleasure was like a stroke of electric heat along her nerve endings as it raced to her clit to flare with vibrant sensation.
“Damn me?” she groaned back at him, her fingers burrowing into his hair. “You tortured me all night. This was all I could think about.”
Well, the majority of it anyway. There was that pesky little detail that she was a suspected call girl, but that had only taken her imagination into other avenues. Avenues that had led directly to Travis’s arms.
“That wasn’t torture,” he breathed against her nipple. “This is torture.” His lips opened over her nipple, sucked it inside and sent her pulse racing.
His tongue was like a lash of pure sensation, licking, stroking, causing her body to arch as she fought to get closer to the incredible agony of pleasure.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, she was sure. She had never heard her friends describe sex in a manner that could have warned her it could be this damned good.