Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 27

“Not as far as I can tell,” he answered moments later. “She appears less than stable now that Caine has shown up.”
Travis’s brows lifted. He thought Lilly was very stable.
“I’ve advised Harrington to deal with the mistake,” he reported after another silence. “He seems a bit squeamish at the idea, though.”
Strange, Macauley’s reputation was impeccable. This didn’t sound like an innocent conversation, though.
“I’ll take care of it,” Macauley stated. “I’ll let you know when they arrive.”
The call disconnected.
Macauley stood still and silent for long moments afterward before replacing his phone and deactivating the blocking device he had used.
Replacing it in the desk, he turned and left the room, reactivating the security behind him.
Travis moved from the closet as Noah met him at the desk.
“Let me check this,” Noah hissed as he pulled the device free again. “This bastard will screw with my electronics.”
“Why here rather than his room?” Travis mused, wondering why Macauley didn’t have the device in a place he wouldn’t be caught using it.
“Security,” Noah stated. “Harrington obviously uses it. If it were found in his room, he’d have to explain it. Besides, these puppies are damned hard to acquire.”
Noah attached it to another device he had with him.
“Can you bypass it?” Travis asked.
“Maybe,” Noah answered. “I’ll try, but it sounds to me like we’re not going to have a lot of time here.”
“Then we better hurry,” Travis growled. “The next time, Lilly’s luck just might run out.”
And that he couldn’t allow to happen.
Travis simply couldn’t imagine his life without Lilly, which made her a very dangerous weakness.
A weakness he knew he could ill-afford.
“Got it.” Noah quickly replaced the device, then stored his own in a pocket of his pants. “Let’s roll.”
They left quickly and made their way back to Noah’s room. Travis left the house just as dawn began to brighten the sky and he couldn’t help but stare up into Lilly’s window.
The lights were on and he had no doubt she was reading the report Harrington had received.
And she was alone.
There was no one to soften the shock or the blow being dealt to her. He wasn’t there to hold her. He wasn’t there to make it easier.
No matter what the doctors said, he thought, Lilly would remember everything soon, and when she did?
There would be hell to pay.
Chapter 5
the next morning Lilly lay in her bed, the hefty report giv
en to her the night before still lying beside her, the pages scattered haphazardly across the bed.
She stared at the ceiling, dry-eyed, a frown pulling at her brow as she considered the information she had been given.